Liverpool fans respond to Allardyce comments after West Brom draw

Liverpool fans respond to Allardyce comments after West Brom draw

“We weren’t lucky”.

That was the message from Sam Allardyce after watching his West Bromwich Albion side grab a draw at Liverpool.

An unexpected result in the eyes of many, but Big Sam wasn’t surprised.

He stated: “Everybody is talking about it as if we’ve been lucky, but that wasn’t Sam Johnstone making save after save. I don’t think he had that many shots today.

“That shows you how good we were at limiting one of the best attacking teams in this country, if not the best attacking team in Europe.”

We took a look at what the Reds fans made of his claims after the game.

Twinkle Toes: No, as a LFC fan, we must admit we were pathetic and they defended well! End of. Hope we learn something about yesterday!

AhijahB: It wasn’t luck because Liverpool played right into their hands but I’m not having people praising this guy and buying into the Sam narrative.

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Peter Negri: Of course not, it was all down to your genius, Sam.

Chris Symons: He didn’t expose anything lots of managers and opposing teams try what he did yesterday, which is show no ambition and park the bus. Liverpool 1st half wasted numerous chances. Second half they got complacent. Fair play to West Brom for hanging in there and nicking a goal in a set piece. It’s happened to Liverpool before and I’m sure it will happen again.

Grahame Lea: West Brom deserve credit for going with a plan and playing it out perfectly! They deserve credit and fair play to big Sam!

I thought we were very poor, especially in the second have! No temp, no rhythm and no real intent! We fell into their trap and it was then too late to step it up!

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We got it wrong and It’s as simply as that! I expect Newcastle to adopt a similar approach and we’ll see what the outcome is there, but I doubt you’ll see a similar performance!

Matthew Atherton: Not rocket science and nothing to do with Sam Allardyce tactics we simply couldn’t finish yesterday. We should have been at least 5 up at half time and cruising.

Muhammad Aminu Aliyu: The same result Bilic was sacked for against City, is the same result that Allardyce is hailed for.

Allardyce, who must now prepare his players for a Hawthorns double header against Leeds United and Arsenal in the coming week or so, knew that Albion had to step things up in the second half if they were to have any chance of claiming a share of the spoils. They did just that.

“I think we’ve got a point against Liverpool that nobody outside of our dressing room believed we would. When the first goal went in, everyone was thinking how many it’d be, especially after they put seven past Crystal Palace,” Allardyce said.

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“We talked at half time that we couldn’t just keep sitting deep as we did. I told them not to waste the possession they got, make the right decisions and try to get the ball forward quickly. We got better and better in the second half, one of the chances was taken by Semi.

“Credit to them trying to break forward as the game went on. I think they sensed they could get something.

“The players were so good at holding their discipline, at defending in a pack and as a team, and in that second half they were better at finding a way how to attack Liverpool when they got an opportunity.”

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