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Suvarcha Pawar
Suvarcha Pawar
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If you are a medical student and are confused about the top medical Schools in San Francisco, then you have hit the right place. Though the education system in San Francisco is a little left of center when compared with the rest of the country, it has pretty good, but very few medical schools for the medical aspirants. 

Here’s a list of few Medical Schools in San Francisco which are amongst the prestigious medical schools of the country:

UCSF School of Medicine – Best Medical Schools in San Francisco

UCSF Establishes UCSF Fresno as a 'Branch Campus' of the UCSF School of  Medicine | UC San Francisco
Source: UC San Francisco

The University of California, School of Medicine is a medical school in San Francisco, located at the base of Mount Sutro. It was established in 1864 by Hugh Toland, the oldest medical school in California.

It aims at advancing human health through a fourfold mission, which includes:

  1. Education
  2.  Research
  3. Patient care
  4. Public service

It is ranked among the top colleges of the US as it earns its greatest distinction from its outstanding faculty, among which are five Nobel Laureates, along with many other prestigious award holders.

 UCSF is affiliated with various hospitals, including Children’s hospital Oakland

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The Faculty of UCSF have also treated patients and trained students at Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Centre.

It claims to exhibit critical thinking and spirit of inquiry to all the health care challenges by its learners, once they become a part of their institution, as it provides with the best expertise from all over the world.

To reduce the sufferings for the patients and to improve the health of communities, this medical school provides outstanding support to develop, innovate and improve the quality of education provided to its students. 

They train their future physicians to address and eliminate the health care challenges of the 21st century. 

They thrive to prepare their medical students with all possible forms of knowledge about their subjects, so that they can draw conclusions based on their own rational thinking. 

Stanford School of Medicine – Medical Schools in San Francisco

About Stanford Medicine | About Stanford Medicine | Stanford Medicine
Source: Stanford Medicine – Stanford University

Stanford Medicine School is a leader in the biomedical revolution, and has a long tradition of leadership.

 It has pioneered research in various fields, creative teaching protocols and effective clinical therapies.

Stanford School of Medicine is a research intensive medical school which promotes diversity and does not discriminates on any grounds. It empowers future leaders with the skills they need to adapt in order to bring about a change in the medical field.

 It offers various programs to the medical students, which require hard work and passion to complete. It focuses on enhancing the critical thinking capacities of the students thereby giving them world class classroom facilities and opportunities to work with real life experiences. 

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The Stanford School of Medicine offers various programs such as the Masters programs, PhD, MD programs and many more. It offers a flexible MD Program with multiple pathways and wide range of dual degree opportunities across the schools of Stanford University, especially the medical school. It also offers PhD programs in various fields such as Bioengineering, Biosciences, Epidemiology and Clinical Research, Health Policy and many other topics on which the students would want to work upon.

Stanford Health Care Centre ranked among the top hospitals in the nation for innovative programs in cancer treatment, cardiac care, neurology, organ transplantation, orthopaedic surgery and many other services, making it one of its kind.

Being a research intensive institution, this institution focuses on making its learners learn not only through the classroom lectures but also from the real life researches they conduct, as the sole purpose to conduct a research is to learn new and undiscovered things which would mark you different from others.

Stanford School of Medicine is amongst the hardest medical schools to get through in the world. You really need to be firm in your mind and work hard for being one of the toughest, yet one of the most prestigious college in the world. 

Though, there are not as many medical schools in San Francisco as you may find in other parts of the country, but the few which are there are also amongst the top medical schools in the world, in which you can get a seat based on your merit, knowledge and your overall personality. If you wish to get through theses medical schools, start by improving your scores in your under graduate level as they would also matter to get you an admission in any medical college along with the entrance tests conducted by various universities.


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