List of Best Medical schools in Philadelphia

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Getting a good medical college for yourself is extremely important for you to shape your medical career. Students who are looking for options in medical schools in Philadelphia have a look at some of the best medical schools in Philadelphia.

List of Best Medical schools in Philadelphia

Drexel University College of Medicine

List of Best Medical schools in Philadelphia

Drexel University College of Medicine was established in 1848 in Philadelphia, USA. Being as old as 172 years, this medical school has one of the largest enrolments for a private medical school in the entire nation.

The graduate school of Biomedical Sciences and Professional studies emphases real world experiences, giving students the chance to relate most of their theoretical understandings in real life.  The world renowned faculty and their effective academic programs leverage the strength of this medical school.

Recently, the medical school has added a new curriculum, called “Foundations and Frontiers”, which is solely designed to train medical students in this dynamic interdisciplinary healthcare systems.

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They offer various medical programs and are committed to train physicians and health care professionals with the latest techniques and education.

In order to get admission in the Drexel University College of Medicine, one needs to get good academic scores in under graduate level and should have prior knowledge of their subjects.

Perelman School of Medicine

List of Best Medical schools in Philadelphia

Established in 1765, Perelman School of Medicine is the medical school of the University of Pennsylvania. This medical school is the oldest medical school in United States. Being a part of Ivy League, this medical school ranks as one of the highest rated medical schools in the country.

Perelman School of Medicine has received many awards in the field of research, including the National Institutes of Health award.

It is committed to provide the most exclusive an explicit education to the students who seek admission in this college, and are determined to devote their skills and knowledge in the service of the needy.

Perelman School of Medicine is associated with many medical colleges such as:

  • Penn Presbyterian Medical Centre
  • The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
  • Chester County Hospital
  • Pennsylvania Hospital
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and many other.

If focuses on providing multidisciplinary learning to the students by providing various medical programs. It tends to improve the healthcare options and treatment methods, thereby training the best future physician leaders.

Sidney Kimmel Medical College

List of Best Medical schools in Philadelphia

Sidney Kimmel Medical College was established in 1824, is a part of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

This medical college aims to provide good quality education to the physicians who will not only lead the integrated healthcare delivery and research teams of tomorrow, but will also be a part in forming such efficient health care system.

Sidney Kimmel Medical College promises to train the students so hard that they would be able to discover new knowledge which will not only shape their career, but will also define the future of clinical care through investigation. 

This university has set a benchmark for all the medical colleges by its effective education programs. It has really set its bars high when it comes to get admission in this college. 

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Students need to have good grades in their under graduate level in order to get through the Sidney Kimmel Medical College.

The University is really compassionate in providing efficient patient care for their community and for the nation.

In collaboration with prestigious institutions of Italy, Thomas Jefferson University has signed an agreement to launch the world’s first ever dual-medicine degree program, in which physicians can practice medicine in both the United States and the European Union. This explicit feature of this medical college makes it as one of its kind. 

Their innovative curriculum is intended to prepare the future doctors to learn new things actively and think critically with their rational mind. This medical school prepares them to make positive, impactful, innovative and impactful changes in the healthcare sector, thereby serving the underserved communities.

Sidney Kimmel Medical School is not only a prestigious medical school in the US but all over the world, making it one of the hardest schools to get admission in. Students need to exhibit compassion which is direly needed out of the future generation of physician leaders, as they are the ones who will bring revolution in the medical sector.


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