15 Best Linktree Alternatives to Manage Your Link-in-Bio

Linktree Alternatives

Looking for a tool to build a landing page to add all your links but don’t want to use Linktree? Aah! Not a big deal. As you know, nothing is perfect, neither you nor I, and it is the same with the Linktree app. And there is nothing wrong if you do not like using Linktree. But the question arises which tool to use if not Linktree. Worry not! Because today I have with me a list of the 15 best Linktree alternatives just for you. 

But before starting, you know there used to be a time when people used to complain about traffic. And nowadays that everyone wants traffic and is trying hard for it.  Hey! Don’t get confused; I’m talking about the traffic every growing or established influencer wants on their sites and pages these days to widen their reach. And if you are one of them, you must be well-versed with the Linktree platform. Right?! And also, you must be aware of the fact that this platform has its own loopholes like indirect traffic, the issue with URLs, etc. but never mind!

So if you are bored or not satisfied using Linktree and are finding its alternatives here, I am with a list of the 15 best Linktree Alternatives to choose from. So let’s begin.

Top 15 Linktree Alternatives

So here is your list of the top 15 Linktree alternatives to choose from, just go through this list and choose the tool that best suits your needs.

1. SeedProd

SeedProd: Linktree Alternatives

SpeedProd is the best drag-and-drop WordPress website builder plugin. It is one of the popular Linktree alternatives. This platform helps its users to create customized pages for their sites. It’s the fastest and easiest way to create Websites and landing pages without you actually being a designer or a developer.

The best thing about this platform is that you get to use your own website at your custom URL as your single link on your social media account. This is a far more comprehensive tool and offers its users more advanced customization options than Linktree. The drag-and-drop feature lets you edit minute details, including background, buttons, text, color, etc. All this brings SeedProd to the list of 15 best Linktree alternatives.


  1. In-built template for personal links page.
  2. You can create a link in bio using your domain URL.
  3. Drag and drop feature enables easy and quick creation of pages.
  4. Allows you to add a contact form in your link page.
  5. Landing page and theme solution for WordPress sponsored sites.
  6. Can create on-site links in bio landing pages.
  7. Freemium plugin.
  8. Pro version starts $39.50/year

2. Taplink  (formally ContactInBio)

Taplink: Linktree Alternatives

Just like Linktree, this platform allows its users to host links in bio using Taplink as your third-party platform. But unlike Linktree, it has ample great features which can be added to your links on the bio page. You can add videos, images, and payment links to your landing page. This means you can share your content and receive payment from the links displayed in your profile. Using this platform, you can also create an e-commerce store for yourself and sell your product on your landing page.


  1. Ample of advanced features and customization options.
  2. Audience tracking and retargeting through integrated Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  3. Post your e-Commerce store products directly on your link page.
  4. Direct payment link options available.
  5. Allow messenger links on your landing page so that people can connect through various apps(WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype etc)
  6. Free plan available.
  7. Paid plans start at $3/month.

3. Tap.Bio

Tap.Bio: Linktree Alternatives

The main difference between Linktree and Tap.Bio is in the accessibility of features. In Linktree, you find the vertical scroll feature, and in Tap.Bio you find swipe left and right arrows to access different sections of the cards. These cards, also known as Profile cards, are this platform’s main feature.

You can use these profile cards to display your social links and many more elements for your Instagram link in your profile. This feature makes it easy to organize various elements, like links, videos, images, etc, in different cards. The only feature which can annoy you a bit is limited customization options. But still, we can count this tool in the list of best Linktree alternatives.


  1. A very simple and subtle interface that comes with profile cards for a more organized display.
  2. Audience tracking and retargeting through integrated Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  3. The free version allows only one profile card.
  4. Paid services to unlock other features start at $3/month.

4. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio: Linktree Alternatives

This could be the best option for someone who has several profiles on various platforms and wants to link them all in their bio landing page. Almost all tools in this platform require separate login and passwords to sign in. Only Instagram can be operated without separate login as it uses Instagram API. One amazing thing about this app is that you can also embed your music and videos on your bio page with Lnk.Bio. And to use the customization features, you need to buy a subscription.


  1. Audience tracking and retargeting through integrated analytics and pixel.
  2. Unlimited links on all subscribed plans.
  3. Super easy to signup process without a separate login.
  4. Allow you to embed music and videos on your bio page.
  5. Free plan available with unlimited links.
  6. Paid platforms with pro features start at $0.99/month.

5. Shorby

Shorby: Linktree Alternatives

Shorby is one of a kind bio link tool that stands out among other platforms when it comes to connectivity features. This platform allows you to link your messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Email, and Viber. Someone who wants their followers to contact them directly can use this feature.

This platform has many customization features with a drag-and-drop interface, making it one of the 15 best Linktree alternatives. Again integrated Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel make it easy to track audiences and redirect them and also make it an obvious choice in the list of 15 best apps like Linktree.


  1. Messenger integration for direct connection between audience and creator.
  2. Audience tracking and retargeting through integrated Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.
  3. No free version is available.
  4. The paid version starts at $12/month.

6. Bio.fm

Bio.fm: Linktree Alternatives

Bio.fm is the most advanced platform on the list of Linktree alternatives. This platform is basically a content aggregator tool specially designed to curate your feeds from different social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc, in a single place. And this platform goes far beyond simply linking it can also add polls, GIFs, and forms for Email collection.

If you are someone who has already established yourself on the web, then there is no better option when it comes to Linktree alternatives.


  1. Customized themes support
  2. Can embed GIFs and polls on your bio page.
  3. Freemium bio managing tool.
  4. The Premium version of this platform starts from $5/month

7. Linkin.Bio

LinkIn.bio: Linktree Alternatives

If you use your Instagram account to advertise your products or collaborate with others to sell certain articles, then Linkin.Bio is the best platform for you. This tool creates the same page with your feeds in your bio landing page, and there you can tag each post with a custom URL which will take your audience to your product page. So if you are thinking of creating an e-commerce store to sell your product online by promoting it on your Instagram page, this is the tool you should try, as this is one of the best Linktree alternatives.


  1. Enable you to convert your insta posts into shoppable custom links.
  2. Can create up to 5 custom links for each post.
  3. Allow you to integrate with Google Analytics and UTM tracking.
  4. Free plan for growing and small influencers.
  5. Business plans of Linkin.Bio starts at $8/month.

8. EverLinks

Everlinks: Linktree Alternatives

The animation features of EverLinks make this platform stand out among all others. With this animation feature, you can draw much more attention to the most important link on your page. And with this platform, you can add unlimited links and even videos and images to your bio page. This platform is super easy for you in comparison to Linktree. Also, it provides you with ample useful features to manage your bio link effectively. All these features make it one of the best Linktree alternatives.


  1. Link scheduling feature to allow certain links to appear at certain time or day
  2. Can embed videos and images on your bio page.
  3. Rich text editor for adding good text.
  4. Unlimited free plan with restricted features
  5. Paid plan of Everlinks starts at $7/month.

9. Campsite.bio

Campsite.Bio: Linktrree Alternatives

The main highlight of Campsite.bio is the add image to your link buttons option. And in comparison with Linktree, it offers far more customization options for your micro landing page.

This can be a great tool for customizing your bio page branding by changing colors, icons, and fonts and making it far more appealing than its standard form. The extensive customization option of this platform keeps it amongst the top Linktree alternatives.


  1. Integrated with CRM and email marketing platforms like Mailchimp
  2. Detailed reporting of your link statistics and also provide insights.
  3. Ample number of customization option for branding your bio page.
  4. Offers both free and paid plans.
  5. Paid plan starts at $7/month.

10. Linkpop

Linkpop: Linktree Alternatives

This one is specially designed for e-commerce stores. And this is one of the platforms which is completely free of cost, but you need a Shopify subscription to add a link to sell your product. As it integrates with Shopify, you can actually monetize your bio link page with the links of orders for your products. Also, this app comes with a good number of analytical tools which allow you to measure your links by unique visits, clicks, and click-per-visit analytics quite easily. This brings Linkpop to the list of 15 best Linktree alternatives.


  1. Product shopping links within your bio.
  2. Easy to use and execute.
  3. Free of cost platform.
  4. Need a Shopify subscription for adding shoppable links to bio page.

11. ContactInBio

ContactInBio: Linktree Alternatives

Like other platforms in this list, with ContantInBio, you can create one link that contains all the information and elements like contact, video, and images. With this app, you get many features to sell your product by advertising them on your Instagram page. Until now this app has 200,000 users, which makes it a trustworthy platform. With features like integrated Google Analytics, this platform becomes a more appealing tool compared to Linktree.


  1. Integrated google analytics.
  2. Allow users to add video, photos and contact details.
  3. Free plans available
  4. Business plan starts at $4.55/month
  5. Plans for the Agency starts at $18.20/month.

12. ShortStack

ShortStack: Linktree Alternatives

One of the best landing page builder software for those of you who regularly need to create customized market campaigns. This software is trusted and used by thousands of Fortune 500 brands, small and growing businesses, and marketing agencies. Not just used to create landing pages and websites and to share coupon codes, collect user-generated content and create online contests like hashtags giveaways. This way, you can increase engagement on your Instagram page, which is necessary for growth. So this can prove to be one of the best Linktree alternatives.


  1. Create customised market campaigns
  2. Allow user to share coupon codes
  3. Allow users to create online contests. 
  4. Free version not available.
  5. Paid version starts at $99/ month.

13. Link in Profile

Link In Profile: Linktree Alternatives

When it comes to the Link in Profile app, the first thing is that it is super easy to use and is really quick to set up. You just simply need to permit Link in Profile to access your Instagram account and add your dedicated landing page to your profile. For this, you can either add your links via the dashboard or simply paste the URL into the caption of your Instagram post. As this platform is solely designed for Instagram only. And this brings Link in Profile to the list of 15 best Linktree alternatives.


  1. Easy and quick to set up.
  2. Free version not available.
  3. Plans starting at $9.99/month.

14. Carrd

Carrd: Linktree Alternatives

Carrd is popularly known for building one-page sites for almost anything, like portfolios, personal websites, landing pages etc. It comes with in-built templates, so you do not need to worry about creating your page from the very start. This platform comes in free as well as in 3 paid versions.

In the free version, users can build up to 3 sites per account and can use all the core features for free. Paid versions come under the names Carrd-Pro Lite, Pro Standard, Pro Plus. All these things make this tool an obvious choice in the list 15 best Linktree alternatives.


  1. Ample of templates to choose from.
  2. You can embed Widgets from third-party services.
  3. Free plan available.
  4. Paid plan starting at $9/year(Pro lite), $19/year(Pro Standard) and $49/year(Pro Plus).

15. Smash Balloon

Smash balloon: Linktree Alternatives

Smash Balloon is a WordPress plugin that works a little different from the other platforms which I have discussed. This plugin allows its users to add their content from various social media sites to their own site. And this happens automatically and you don’t need to manually add your content to your site as it synchronises your website with your social media handles. It also comes with really good customization tools so that you can make your website appear as you want. So this brings Smash Balloon to this list of 15 best Linktree alternatives.


  1. Good no. of customization tools.
  2. User- friendly interface.
  3. Free version available.
  4. Paid version starting at $49/year.

Wrapping Up

With this, I come to the end of this blog, and I hope now you have a fair idea of a good number of Linktree alternatives to choose from. Just be specific about the feature you don’t want to compromise with and select the tool which best meets your needs. And make your site grow more than ever and fulfill your dream of becoming a renowned personality on the web. So till then, Bye! Bye!

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