Lincoln High School students and parents protest graduation changes

Lincoln High School students and parents protest graduation changes

SHINNSTON, W.Va.- Students and parents at a Shinnston high school held a protest on Thursday morning about a change made to the upcoming graduation ceremony.

Traditionally, Lincoln High School students who are members of the National Honor Society wear gold caps and gowns to graduation while other students wear either white or brown. This year, administration made the decision to allow all students to wear gold at graduation. Administration has also decided to permit any senior student currently failing to complete six assignments in order to receive a passing grade.

“Most of my friends are in National Honor Society and I just feel as if them getting the gold stripped away from them and given to everybody is not right for them and all the work they’ve put in since their freshman year here. Getting the hours in, getting good grades and actually applying for this type of stuff,” said LHS student Wayne Baker.

As a result, students and their parents protested before school to tell staff that they wanted honor students to be recognized for their accomplishments, especially during a year when so many other changes had to be made.

“Our senior year has just been ruined this year. This is just another thing to add on to the list of things that have gotten taken away from us this year,” said student Dana Westfall.

“We haven’t had one prom, we haven’t had a senior trip, we didn’t get homecoming-anything. The least they can do for us is honor our achievements.” added fellow senior Louis Rodina.

These seniors and parents want to use this protest to bring attention to what they feel are unfair changes and gather support from the community.

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