Lies of P Test Subject 826 Location & Record: Where to Find it?

Where to Find Test Subject 826 in Lies of P

Lies of P has the magical Storyline we’re all looking for in a strategy RPG. And with so many features, gestures, and records to explore, the adventure is fair but challenging. Need help looking for the test subject in Lies of P? In this article, you’ll find the location of Test Subject 826 and the guide to collecting the record. 

In chapter 11 of Lies of P, you’ll find Arche Abbey, which has some interesting elements waiting to be unraveled. You can find an exciting gesture with a record from the collection that you’ll find easily with my help. It’s easy to get distracted and confused in the alleyways, but Path of EX has your back.

Ready to explore, collect, and lie in Lies of P? Let’s take a look at the Arche Abbey and Rosa Isabelle Street to interact with Test Subject 826. Stay till the end to get the record you’re looking for at the entrance of Rosa Isabelle Street!

Lies of P Test Subject 826: Where is it & How to Get the Record?

Lies of P has sixteen record locations hidden throughout the game, and the last on my list is the one hidden in Rosa Isabelle Street, where you meet Test Subject 826. You can meet the Test Subject and collect the Fascination/Golden/Happy gesture and a record.

Lies of P Test Subject 826

Where to Find Test Subject 826 in Lies of P?

You need to know the location of Test Subject 826 in Lies of P to complete your record collection and collect gestures. Go to chapter eleven of Lies of P to find the test subject and interact with him. Here’s where to find Test Subject 826 in Lies of P:

  1. Go to Chapter 11, Arche Abbey Outer Wall, and see the Test Subject.
  2. Inside Arche Abbey, keep walking till you find the key room to the Chosen One.
  3. Next, find the black cat in the large chamber found in the hallway.
  4. Move on to the next corridor, where you’ll find Test Subject 826

You can find the Fascination or Golden gestures here and collect them. Follow Test Subject 826’s gestures to interact with him. Now, let’s find out how to get the record from Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P to complete the sixteen record collection.

How to Get Record From Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P?

Getting the record from Rosa Isabelle Street in Lies of P is easy since you’ve found your test subject in Arche Abbey Outer Wall and collected the gesture. Once you’ve done so, you can follow the steps below to find the record from Test Subject 826:

  1. Compete with and defeat the next main boss
  2. Reach the entrance of Rosa Isabelle Street (using the shortcut gate.)
  3. You’ll notice a bridge above the street.
  4. Get on the bridge and find Test Subject 826 again
  5. You’ll now be able to buy the record from the test subject!

Wrapping Up

Arche Abbey’s exploration was a success, and Rosa Isabelle Street gave you everything you were looking for. From test subject 826 to rare game gestures, everything’s easy to find with the right guide. Happy with the results? Comment to let me know if you’ve completed your record collection and are ready for the next big challenge in Lies of P!

Happy Gaming!

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