Lies Of P Nose Weapon | Where To Find Golden Lie Weapon

Lies of P Nose Weapon

Lies of P is a fun-filled game that runs on two major aspects: Lie or Truth. In this article, I will unveil everything concerning Lies of P Nose Weapon and where you can find it. Follow the steps mentioned below and get your hands on the secret weapon we all have been struggling for. Go on!

Whether it’s about striving for Rosa Isabelle Street location or recharging Wishstone Cube, Lies of P never fails to surprise us with endless challenges and rewards all along. Here, a player can get their hands on many general weapons and special weapons. One of them is the Golden Lie Weapon.

Let’s delve deeper through this page and learn where the Nose Weapon is located in Lies of P and how the Portrait of a Boy and the length of a nose judge the Humanity level of a player. Dive in to know more!

Where to Find Nose Weapon in Lies of P | Golden Lie Location

Lies of P Nose Weapon isn’t some sword weapon that you can get from the wandering merchant. A player would have to follow a tough grind to get their hands on the Lies of P Golden Lie weapon. The very first thing one needs to do is find the weapon in the game. Head on and learn about the step-by-step process to do so.

Steps to Find Nose Weapon in Lies of P:

1. Never Say Truth

Lies Of P Nose Weapon | Where To Find Golden Lie Weapon

The very first thing one needs to keep a check on is never to be faithful in the game. Lies of P are based on two major points: either tell the truth or lie in the game. There is an invisible stat, ‘Humanity,’ that tracks at what degree Pinocchio is turning into a real boy. The more he lies in the game, the greater the increase shoots up in Humanity.

The very first instance is in Hotel Krat. As a player heads there, he is asked if he is a puppet or not. Every statement of a player will impact the ending of Lies of P.

2. Locate the Portrait of a Boy

The next main thing a player has to do is find the ‘Portrait of a Boy’ painting. You will face the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood in the game. After conquering them, you can navigate to the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout.

In the Black Rabbit Brotherhood hideout, you will find the painting there. Pick it up, head back to the Hotel Krat, and hand it over to Geppetto. You can find the portrait of a Boy on one of the hotel walls.

This painting is important for two major reasons: Firstly, it is because here you will find the Golden Lie afterward, and secondly, it will depict whether you are a puppet or a human.

As you tell a lie in the game, the noise of the painting will get longer, and if you tell the truth in the game, the nose will shrink shorter.

3. Defeat Simon Manus

Lies Of P Nose Weapon | Where To Find Golden Lie Weapon

After keeping the painting in the hotel, head on through the game. After gaining substantial Humanity, proceed through the game and find Sophia. You should choose to give Peace to Sophia before heading to the final section of the game.

To unlock the nose weapon in Golden Lie, you must defeat Simon Manus, the hulking monster of a man. Here, one has to fight fairly and beat Simon Manus to death. After he is killed, choose ‘I Liberated Her’ in your conversations and look for the mastermind behind Krat’s downfall death.

You can earn your last bit of Humanity by fighting the Nameless Pippet. For this, you would have to refuse the request of Geppetto while he is asking for your heart.

Make sure you don’t get into the new game + as you still have to strive to get the Golden Lie weapon in Lies of P.

4. Listen to All Your Records

While playing the game, players will find the records, which they can listen to in the Hotel later. Finding all the records ensures the players that they will get the weapon, anyway.

After getting all the credits, head back to Hotel Krat and listen to all the records.

5. Enjoy the Nose Weapon

After heading all the records in Lies of P, make your comeback to the Portrait of a Boy. Here, instead of a long, wooden nose, you will spot a glowing rod. Acquire the weapon from the painting, and that’s it! You have got your weapon, finally!

This is the message your screen will show after acquiring the golden lie weapon:

“A mystical wooden rod obtained from the boy’s portrait.
Fascinatingly, it extends and retracts at the whim of Geppetto’s puppet.
“There are two kinds of lies. Yours is the lie that makes your nose long.”
The boy loved the fairy tale about the wooden puppet’s adventure.
At least the wooden puppet’s father was kind.”

Lies Of P Nose Weapon | Where To Find Golden Lie Weapon

Golden Lie Weapon Stats

Further are some of the facts of the Golden Lie weapon. Check them out:

  • Blunt weapon
  • Base Weapon Durability of 84
  • Base Damage of 94
  • C-ranked scaling for both Motivity and Technique
    • Can be changed using the game’s various Cranks
  • 9.50 rating for charging Pulse Cells
  • 379 Fable Charge
  • Two Fable Arts
    • Storm Attack
      • Three consecutive forward attacks
    • Furious Golden Hits
      • Swing the weapon to both attack and defend. Holding the attack button makes you continuously swing.

Wrapping Up

This was all about Lies of P Nose Weapon. Read through this page, follow the steps mentioned above, and grab your secret weapon in the game. Golden Lie is one of the amazing weapons in the collection that has greater durability and damage level.

Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and I will get back to you ASAP.

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