Lies Of P Motivity Vs Technique | Meaning & Difference

lies of p motivity vs technique

We all know every weapon is scaled on different stats perimeters in every game. But what about Lies of P? The two terms that define the whole dynamics of weapons in Lies of P are Motivity and Technique. Read further and learn everything concerning Lies of P Motivity vs. Technique here. Let’s go!

Developed by Neowiz Games and Round9 Studio, Lies of P is an adventurous, thrilling soul-like with quartz locations and challenges throughout the gameplay. Here, a player has a wide range of characters. It also has an extensive list of weapons, where some are categorized as heavy, weak, and balanced.

Let’s delve deeper and learn how these two factors, Motivity and Technique, scale the weapons differently. Go on and get detailed information on the Lies of P Motivity vs. Technique. Head further!

What is the Difference Between Motivity and Technique in Lies of P?

Motivity = Strength
Technique = Dexterity

lies of p motivity vs technique

In Lies of P, Motivity is defined as Strength, and Technique is known as Dexterity or skill, depending upon the form of your game.

As either of the stats increases, every weapon on the list gets affected. However, various weapons scale better based on different stats. Heavy weapons opt for Strength (Motivity), whereas weak weapons prefer Dexterity. Some balanced weapons scale equally with both the stats.

And that’s the meaning between Motivity and Technique. Both terms are the means to scale different kinds of weapons in Lies of P. Go on and see which one comes out as a better option in different cases.

Motivity Vs. Technique | What to Choosing While Dodging, Blocking, & Upgrading

There is a greater confusion observed among players concerning which one is a better option to choose while Dodging, blocking, and upgrading. Go on and grab the in-detailed difference.

DodgingMotivity is not a good option while dodging due to heavy weightsTechnique is better with Dodging as it keeps you lighter
BlockingMotivity can be chosen while blocking, as weight doesn’t play a major role here, and heaviness works as a bonus point. Technique cannot be used while blocking
UpgradingUpgrades physical ATK of your weapon, Legion Arm’s Physical ATK, and DEFUpgrades the physical ATK of your weapon, Legion Arm’s Physical ATK, and DEF

Wrapping Up

With this, our discussion on Lies of P Motivity vs. Technique comes to an end. Check out the above guide and learn how these factors scale up the weapons. Also, do let us know if you have any further queries. Path of EX is an open space. Come along if you have any doubts, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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