Will There be a Lies of P DLC: Release Date & Contents [2023]

Lies of P DLC

Now that we’ve completed the most demanding challenges in Lies of P, it’s time to think about what’s next. With the noise about the future of Soulslike, fans have started discussing the Lies of P DLC and sequel. So, in this article, I’ve covered the expected release date of the Lies of P DLC, along with the prediction of what will be in it.

With Lies of P finally on Xbox, gamers are asking questions about the destiny of the thriving game. We learned the consequences of telling the truth and lying in Lies of P, but what if the sequel or DLC isn’t based on the foundation of Lies of P at all? Will the next step to Lies of P be a full-blown sequel or a short DLC to transition?

In this article, you’ll find exclusive information from associate director and game director H. Sun Choi and Choi Ji-Won about the Lies of P DLC. Read till the end to see what I predict is going to be in the DLC along with when you can expect the Soulslike Lies of P DLC!

Lies of P DLC: What it Will Be & Roadmap

The Lies of P DLC refers to the downloadable content of Lies of P outside the main or original game. The game’s Lies of P DLC could include exclusive season passes, new challenges, and extra stuff for the players to enjoy by paying an additional fee (probably.) Many people have been wondering whether there will be a Lies of P DLC now that most of them have completed the gameplay and found the Lies of P ending of their choice.

After the impressive gameplay of Lies of P, a sequel has become a must. Souslike directors have been very discreet about what the Lies of P sequel or DLC will be about or even when it will be released, so it’s up to us to find out what we can. Let’s take a look at the possibility of the Lies of P DLC and its release date, along with the predictions of what the Lies of P DLC will include.

Will There be a Lies of P DLC | Lies of P DLC Release Date

Reports from the associate director and game director H. Sun Choi and Choi Ji-Won say that the Lies of P DLC is a certainty and future plans have already been set in place, though they have yet to share any details. So, if you’re worrying if Lies of P is a standalone experience, you can rest assured that there’s more coming from Soulslike.

Although we don’t have a fixed date for the Lies of P DLC, one thing we can say for sure is that we will be seeing it at least in March of 2024.

Lies of P DLC Content: Predictions

Lies of P DLC

Since fans noticed signs such as the broken stargazer in Lies of P, they’ve wondered about its role and if it points to a possible DLC or sequel. But since we don’t have official reports from Soulslike stating what to expect from the Lies of P DLC, I’ve compiled a list of all the possible predictions fans and creators have shared exclusively and in forums.

Predictions of the Lies of P DLC & Sequel Contents:

1. DLC as a Teaser to The Lies of P Sequel.

DLC as a Teaser to The Lies of P Sequel. Some fans have predicted the DLC to be released as a teaser to the Lies of P sequel that might come out a few months after the DLC. But this isn’t all; many aspects of Lies of P point to Dorothy or Wizard of Oz. This suggests that there will be a Wizard of Oz-themed sequel, and the DLC will be the same theme, focusing on the Krat and the Pinocchio theme.

2. A 12-15 hr DLC

There’s a probability that the Lies of DLC will be a good 12-15 hr gaming experience instead of the expected 30-hour duration. While a 12-hour DLC might be disappointing to most, it’s not so bad because if we see a limited-duration DLC, we’ll see the much-awaited sequel shortly.

2. Lies of Paracelsus

Some fans hypothesize that in the sequel, we’ll be able to see Paracelsus as the villain in Lies of P, and you will play Carlo. This might seem like a long stretch for some, but some point clearly in the direction of a Paracelsus-focused sequel.

Wrapping Up

One thing we know for sure is that something is coming for us Lies of P fans in the summer of 2024, whether it’s the Lies of P DLC or a brand-new sequel. We could have the DLC of Lies of P as a transition between the original game and its sequel (which might be Wizard of Oz-themed!) I also predict that the Lies of P DLC will be a 12 to 15-hour gaming experience. What do you think Soulslike has planned for Lies of P fans? Comment to share your thoughts and predictions!

Happy Gaming!

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