10 Best LGBTQ+ Streamers & Twitch GayMers | Gamers That Came Out In 2022

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The gaming sector is growing massively across the LGBTQ+ community throughout the years, and to comply with the same, the Gay Gamers and Gay Twitch gamers are surely putting up their streaming talent upfront. Go along this page and you will learn some of the 10 best Gay Gamers, Gay Twitch Gamers, and Gamers that came out in 2022. Read through thoroughly and witness one of the best streaming experiences ever. 

While many streaming applications like YouTube and Twitch are taking up the whole fanbase with their huge platform for the LGTBQ+ streamers, many popular games like Valorant and League of Legends are also lending their support to the means of LGBTQ+ community by providing various goodies and rewards in their favor.

Twitch is a great interactive place for the LGBTQIA+ streamers to have fun and connect with gamers, musicians, and other streamers on a larger platform. Below are the 10 best Gay Gamers and Gay Twitch Gamers that came out in 2022 to help you out with the most thrilling time of your life. Ditch the Basic and move along to catch up with the best LGBTQ+ streamers working in 2022!

List of Best Gay Gamers / Gay Twitch Gamers of 2022

Time to celebrate this Pride month of 2022 with one of the best LGBTQ+ streaming communities out there. Continue to read further and encounter the top 10 Gay gamers and Gay Twitch gamers of 2022 that are a power package of enthusiasm, sudden screams, outbursts of laughter, and one hell of a ride: 

10 Best Gay Gamers / Gay Twitch Gamers Working In 2022

1. Adam Koebel

Starting off with the list of gay twitch gamers that came out in 2022, Adam Koebel is a pink-haired, beardy co-author of Dungeon World who runs its own YouTube channel and is a well-known gamer in 2022. He uploads multiple let’s play videos on his YouTube channel with some of the random occasional vlogs and is considered a queer in his Twitter profile. 

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

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2. Tye

The second LGBTQ gamer on the list of gay gamers in 2022 is Tye- An English teacher who usually goes well with the let’s play video and stands out as a warrior by hitting obscure titles like Goat Petting Simulator and Santa Makeover throughout his gameplay. 

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

#tbh He is a worthy candidate in LGBTQ games who is considered to be a great gamer if you are looking for the lesser-known queer indie games.

3. MrKravin

10 Best Gay Gamers / Gay Twitch Gamers Working In 2022

Looking for the best horror LPs? Well, MrKravin is a well-known gay twitch gamer in 2022 who hits the big names like Silent Hill and Five Nights at Freddy’s series and spots the good and bad indie horror throughout. Though you will always find him using a face cam, the fact is that, unlike other popular YouTubers, he doesn’t mug or scream massively. 

He works wonders with some goofy yet spooky stuff and will be a treat for the ones who wish to witness a big bearded bear jump. 

4. Justin_Nick

Justin_Nick, member of the Rainbow Arcade community is one of the Twitch Streamers in 2022 who holds a community of approximately 17K members and is highly popular for an amazing laugh. He streams games like Pokemon and Dead by Daylight four days a week and fans can always spot him on Discord, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

Justin_nick is one of the most playful Twitch streamers in 2022 who enjoys with his fans throughout his streaming and also happens to cook sometimes if the fans are living their lucky day. 

5. MermaidUnicorn

If you are looking for much more than video games in Twitch Streaming, the MermaidUnicorn will be the perfect choice for you today. MermaidUnicorn is a vocalist of a music instrumentalist who happens to pay more attention to musical streams and has played 40 musical instruments to date. This LGBTQ+ community has studied biomedicine and mental illness in college and wishes to create a safe and educational space for other joiners as well. 

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

If you wish to know about their streaming schedule then you must check out their Discord channel. MermaidUnicorn is a lot more fun than you assume it to be. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it. 

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6. Deere

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

Not so usual gay Twitch gamer that came out in 2022 is Deere- A fabulous makeup artist and a streamer with a new drag look every stream. Being a member of the Stream Queens, Deere holds an edge among an all-drag group of streamers. Deere is known for playing scary video games at first like Dead by Daylight, Among the Sleep, and others available and usually streams on Wednesdays and Fridays at 6 pm PST. 

If you are ready for new looks and a fresh, thrilling streaming experience, the Deere community is the one for you!

7. Brutalmoose

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

Feature another gay gamer in 2022, Brutualmoose YouTube channel is a wholesome nostalgia and a blast experience all along. With an absolute focus on retro PC games like Road Rash, pyjama Sam, and the Oregon Trail series; Brutualmoose has a large community of subscribers and is an extremely popular gamer in 2022 who holds a powerful editing team at the backend. 

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

8. Ellaguro

Ellaguro is another YouTube channel available among the other LGBTQ+ channels that is operated by Liz Ryerson- a gay gamer in 2022 that primarily focuses on early-90s FPS games and Doom. Other than just going along with the basic ritual of Let’s Play content, she goes a little deeper with her commentary and minutely streams on the design aspect of the current streaming game. 

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9. Heather Alexandra

A trans gamer in 2022, Heather Alexandra is a well-known streamer of games like Suikoden III, Skies of Arcadia, and Shadow of the Colossus. She happens to use a critical lens in her video games and also tries her hands on the short retrospectives of older and basically forgotten games throughout her streaming. 

10. Blizzb3ar

Last but definitely not least, Blizzb3ar is a queer, black streamer in 2022 who wishes to create a warm, healthy environment for his community of 3.1k followers and basically streams on games like Raft, Among Us throughout his streaming. He streams four days a week and usually is found to be playing on a PC. 

Gay Gamers/ Gay Twitch Gamers/ Gamers That Came Out In 2022 | Best 10 LGBTQ+ Streamers

Blizzb3ar can be found on Discord, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram so it is considered a win-win for his fans. 

Gay Gamers on YouTube like Heather Alexandra, Adam Koebel, Tye, Ellaguro, Brutalmoose, and MrKravin are surely stealing the spotlight with their epic streaming on the platform. And to provide a worthy space for the Twitch users, gay twitch streamers like Blizzb3ar, Justin_nick, Deere, and MermaidUnicorn are giving their every bit with one of the most engaging streaming videos ever. Overall, the LGBTQ+ community is growing and glowing with their bundle of talented streamers present.

10 Best LGBTQ+ Streamers & Twitch GayMers | Gamers That Came Out In 2022

Watch Gay Gamer/ Gay Twitch Gamer Video Play

Wrapping Up

Gay Gamers and Gay Twitch gamer streamers are trying out every possible way to make this Pride month of 2022 a huge celebration for their fanbase. This is your sign to stalk each one of the mentioned above-streamers and have the best time of your gaming life right now. You deserve this and you better try it!

I hope all of your questions regarding Gay gamers and Gay Twitch Gamers that came out in 2022 are answered well. Path of EX is open to every question and suggestion so do write it out to us in the box below and we will get back to you asap!


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