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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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With the advent of social media, we connected with people we had never physically met virtually. They share their interests and lifestyle, inspire people in many ways, and encourage them to follow their hearts. Therefore, they are influencers in the social media terminology. We have also come across influencers categorized based on their gender preferences as LGBTQ Influencers. 

Those influencers have shown that the world constantly misinterprets them and demeans their talent due to their gender preferences. They also explore social media and are actively seeking relationships. They use social media platforms to educate and inspire people and bring a change in people’s minds regarding their passion.

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Here we have curated a list of influencers who have taken the baton of inspiring people on social media through their skills and talent. Please check our list below and judge for yourself how unique they are.

10 Best LGBTQ Influencers to Follow in Pride Month

We have gathered the list of LGBTQ influencers based on the content they produce and are not afraid to open up about their gender status and preferences. You would be surprised to know a few and even follow them in the future. 

1. Peppermint 247

Miss Peppermint is a famous LGBTQ influencer who goes by the name Miss Peppermint among her fans and is also known as Ru Paul’s Drag Race. She shares her views on Pep talks, a series viewed on Twitch every week. 

In addition, she gives snippets regarding her interview with a famous actor, writer, and director John Cameron Mitchell. She is vocal about the right of transgender people and has also been concerned about political issues. She also had her verdict regarding the Chauvin trail and supported the BLM. 

Peppermint on Instagram

2. Once Upon a Journey

Roxeanne and Maartje are the couples who travel the globe and share their travel stories on their Instagram handle. Their love story influences people to travel abroad to unknown and exciting places. 

After leading a nomadic life for three years, they settled in the Netherlands in 2020 due to the pandemic. But, before the pre-pandemic days, they traveled the world with awe-inspiring images of the beautiful landscapes and the couple. 

They even maintain a blog named once upon a journey, where they document their experiences and online travel resources, which are extremely popular among lesbians. They traveled to 45 countries worldwide; some are LGBTQ-friendly, and some are not. 

They are LGBTQ influencers in the true sense of the term as they inspire many LGBTQ travelers around the globe who have the same preferences and help them think bigger. 

ROX + MAARTJE on Instagram

3. Sabine Maxine Lopez

10 LGBTQ Influencers People Adore in 2022 | Follow Them Now

They are black and non-binary femme who is the owner and the creative director of a clothing brand named A tribal called queer. They sell items with messages like immigrants are the backbone of America, Femmes can be Thems, and many more such taglines. Based in Los Angeles, Sabine hopes her messages improve the lives of people around her who have preferences like her. 

As an LGBTQ influencer Sabine even posts the images of her clothes on their social media handles with mental health content based on racial equality and gender. This LGBTQ influencer believes her clothing would create conversations with individuals facing such issues. They would even positively impact the people around them and create awareness about such matters. 

Sabine Maxine Lopez on Instagram

4. Kenny Ethan Jones

He is pretty famous among the LGBTQ influencers. Being a model, activist, and entrepreneur, he was the first transman to spearhead a period advertising campaign which started his career as an activist. After that, there was no stopping, as he continued with campaigns like body politics, menstruation, mental health, and intimacy. All the details are available on his Instagram handle. 

Due to his work, Instagram contacted Kenny to provide consulting education regarding deadnaming and misgendering. While implementing these policies on Instagram, Kenny was chosen as the key figure to share his experiences about this issue on this platform and find ways to help people like him.

His social media handle has selfies, but his captions are the main inspiration as they are mostly advice for people with preferences on gender.

Kenny Ethan Jones on Instagram

5. Chella Man

One of the most loved LGBTQ influencers translates popular songs into American Sign Language through his popular YouTube channel. Being a successful model and actor, he also fights for the equality of the Chinese- American and the deaf community.

2020 was an eventful year for him when he became the face of Calvin Klein for their limited edition pride collection. Apart from sharing his fashion images, he also sheds light on the importance of disabled actors, constructing a proper way for them, and breaking stereotypes.   

Chella Man on Instagram

6. Nikkie Tutorials

The name behind the famous Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube is Nikkie de Jagger. Nikkie is among the LGBTQ influencer who went vocal in 2020 in a video titled “I am coming out” and advised her followers to live their life without any restrictions, just like the way she does. 

Most of her videos on YouTube are about makeup tutorials. Nikkie de Jagger has more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube, including celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Lauren Conrad, and Selena Gomez. Selena and Lauren even appeared in one of her videos.

Nikkie Tutorials on Instagram

7. Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe is the first transgender model from the U.K. She shares images of her fashion shots and views on global politics and social unrest issues. Munroe Bergdorf is not afraid to call a spade a spade! When she openly criticized LOreal in 2017.

Due to her comments on racism, she got chucked out of one of their campaigns. Later LOreal offered her a spot on their diversity board which she politely welcomed as she said sharing her views on a campaign for black, queer, and trans models was much more critical for her. 

Munroe Bergdorf on Instagram

8. Ready to Stare

The LGBTQ influencer is a plus-size model. She uses her website and Instagram as platforms for campaigning for LGBTQ rights. Her page remains colorful, with beautiful photos in funky colors, bold designs, and her signature red lips. She never shies away from taking on current issues as an LGBTQ influencer. She celebrated International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia with powerful messages. She addressed the issues faced by transgender individuals in day-to-day life and their daily struggles.

Ready to Stare on Instagram

9. Anna Zoe Quirke

Anna Zoe is one of the lesser know LGBTQ influencers who have spoken on mental health issues and eating disorders. She identifies herself as a queer femme and has many photos of the vibrant colored outfits and her impeccable style on her Instagram handle.

Sharing her experiences as an autistic person and talks about her recovery from eating disorders. She even offers hope through her social media handles for autistic individuals like her. Her tips for neurotypical people to help them handle neurodivergent people come quite handy among her followers. 

Anna Zoe Quirke on Instagram

10. Erika Hart

The list would be incomplete without including Erika as one of the most liked LGBTQ influencers. She is a breast cancer survivor and posts her mastectomy scars very confidently. She is a black queer and non-binary femme to encourage individuals to come out and talks about their experiences and creates equality and support for all.

Her posts depict interior designs, which are the inspiration for millions. She even shares gender, race, sex, health, and gender posts. She motivates black women to break the norms and inspire people just as they are.

Erika Hart on Instagram

Wrapping up

Our list of LGBTQ influencers includes individuals who never shy away from opening up about their gender preferences. They even expressed their skills, talents, and views globally. Some of them even vouched by prominent brands in the industry. They have left a mark on the fraternity of influencers and individuals like them to follow their hearts and never be afraid to move ahead and inspire others. 


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