30 Badass LGBTQ Characters in Movies and Shows | Fun & Goofy Gay Characters on Screen

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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When I was young, there used to be very little representation of the LGBTQ community on the screen. If a gay character was introduced, it was to add quirky laughter to the plot. Now that we have grown up we know how important representation is. Seeing a person like you on the screen can mean a lot. So, if you are searching for LGBTQ characters on screen, let me give you a list of some fun, goofy, and badass LGBTQ characters.

It’s Pride Month! Yayy! Let’s celebrate love. June is the month to show our solidarity toward the LGBTQ community. While Pride parties are a great way to show your support, what matters more is representation. Having LGBTQ characters in books and movies can help normalize homosexuality. Well, it’s 2022 and it shouldn’t be that hard to accept the fact that everyone has the right to love anyone. 

This June, wear your best Pride outfit and carry the Pride flag to march out. And while you are home, you can celebrate by watching these LGBTQ characters on your screen. While a lot of improvement is needed in the representation of the LGBTQ community, there is no denying that we have come a long way. So, scroll down to check the list of some goofy and badass LGBTQ characters. While you may love some of these characters, there will be some that you hate!

1. Gay Disney Characters

Disney LGBTQ Characters

Disney has always been our comfort since childhood. It has everything from beautiful princesses and handsome princes to their love stories and a happy ending. However, as you grow up, you realize the lack of representation in Disney. From racial to sexual, Disney has very limited character representation. While it is trying to introduce new LGBTQ characters in the movies and shows now, their screen time is limited to just a few seconds or in the background. 

Let us have a look at the list of Gay Disney characters

1.1. Oaken and His Family | Frozen, 2013

Disney LGBTQ Characters

Oaken is a character in the 2013 Frozen movie. In a two-second-long scene, we see Oaken saying hi to his family who are in the sauna. The family looks like a man surrounded by four children. Well, Oaken’s sexuality has never been discussed. However, we can assume that the man in the scene was his husband. 

1.2. Bucky and Pronk | Zootopia, 2016

Disney LGBTQ Characters

Bucky and Pronk are Judy’s neighbors in Zootopia. They are a queer couple. While they are not seen much in the movie, the directors confirmed that they are a married gay couple. 

1.3. LeFou | Beauty and the Beast, 2017

Disney LGBTQ Characters

This is one of the better LGBTQ characters represented by Disney. While LeFou did not come out in the 1990 Beauty and the Beast, the character was shown in its full glory in the 2017 movie. LeFou is in love with Gaston. We even see Gaston dancing with a man at the end of the movie. 

1.4. Officer Spector | Onward, 2020

Disney LGBTQ Characters

Officer Spector is a lesbian character in the Disney movie Onward. She is an openly gay character. In a line, she says “My girlfriend’s daughter got me pulling my hair out.” It is only this single line that throws light on her character’s sexuality.

1.5. Artie | Cruella, 2021

Disney LGBTQ Characters

Artie is the owner of a clothing shop in the movie Cruella. While there is no such character in the original 101 Dalmations, this character seems to have been created just for the sake of LGBTQ representation. 

It’s 2022 and Disney needs to wake up! We need more representative movies. Keeping an LGBTQ character just for show is not going to work. Skip these baby steps, Disney, and give us an actual meaningful LGBTQ character.

2. LGBTQ Marvel Characters

Marvel LGBTQ Characters

While Disney owns Marvel now, I didn’t want to put them on the same list. While Marvel holds a special place in my heart, I have to agree that it lacks LGBTQ characters representation. However, Marvel is taking steps to go in the right direction. In the past few years, Marvel has introduced some gay characters, let us have a look at them.

2.1 Loki | Loki, 2021

Loki is a fan-favorite character. While the God of Mischief is represented as bisexual and genderfluid in the Marvel comics until 2021 his sexuality was not explored in MCU. Last year, Loki was confirmed as a bisexual character in the series Loki. It had been long overdue!

2.2 Sylvie | Loki, 2021

Marvel LGBTQ Characters

Sylvie is Loki’s variant from another universe. You can call her Lady Loki. Sylvie is also bisexual like her counterpart Loki. She is the one that starts the conversation about sexuality. We hope Marvel explores more of these two in the future.

2.3 Phastos | Eternals, 2021

Marvel LGBTQ Characters

Phastos is a new character introduced in MCU. He is a part of Eternals, immortal beings that have lived on Earth for thousands of years He is the first openly gay hero in the MCU movies. We wish to see more about this eternals’ LGBTQ character in the future.

2.4 Deadpool | Deadpool, 2016

While Deadpool is not yet a part of MCU, we hope to see him with our favorite superheroes soon. Deadpool, played by Ryan Reynolds is a pansexual mercenary. This character’s sexuality has been portrayed on the screen very openly without any judgements. 

2.5 Yukio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead

Marvel LGBTQ Characters

Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio made their debut in the movie Deadpool 2. Deadpool will soon be a part of MCU, which means that there will be two new LGBTQ characters added to MCU. 

While there are other LGBTQ characters in the Marvel comics, they have not been openly portrayed in the MCU. Ayo is lesbian and Korg is gay in the comics. Not to forget Valkyrie. There are many speculations that Valkyrie is bisexual. Let’s see if Marvel explores their sexuality in the future.

3. DC Gay Characters

DC LGBTQ Characters

When it comes to the representation of LGBTQ characters, DC comics have been ahead of everyone. For decades, DC has shown a large number of gay characters through their comics. However, the movies based on the DC comics fail to adapt these characters in all their glory. Let us look at some of the DC LGBTQ characters, that deserve to be represented on the big screen.

3.1 Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn

DC LGBTQ Characters

Harley Quinn was Joker’s Sidekick for several years. Poison Ivy was Batman’s enemy. Both of them represented the first queer relationship in the mainstream comics. They have been paired together for decades but did not share a kiss until 2017. While the audience loves this queer couple, they are yet to be represented in a live-action movie.

3.2 Wonder Woman

DC LGBTQ Characters

Wonder Woman has been raised on an island without men. While her main love interest is Steve Trevor, canonically Wonder Woman is a bisexual character. In Wonder Woman: Earth One, love between women has been depicted as a common practice. She is seen sharing a special relationship with Kaisa.

3.3 Apollo and Midnighter

DC LGBTQ Characters

Apollo and Midnighter are a part of DC’s Wildstorm universe. They are both a part of the organization called Stormwatch and a team called ‘the Authority’. These two are openly gay characters who are in a relationship and later get married. These characters were introduced in the 90s when others were afraid of even talking about sexualities. So, props to DC for such an inclusive universe.

3.4 Dr. Victoria October

DC LGBTQ Characters

Dr. Victoria October is not a superhero. She is an ally to Batman in the DC comics. Victoria October is a transgender woman. She is an expert in bio-weaponry. She has been a Batman ally for years. Dr. Victoria is not just a common LGBTQ character. She even talks about transgender issues in the comics. She talks about the transitioning and the power of pronouns in the comics.

3.5 Constantine 

DC LGBTQ Characters

John Constantine’s sexuality was first explored in 1992, in the comic Constantine the Hellblazer. The comic shows his sexuality as one of his personality traits. Constantine is a bisexual character and dates both men and women in the comics. There have been many lovers of Constantine in the comics.

DC gets extra points for the representation of different sexualities over the years. For decades these comics have been in the forefront of sexual representation. DC has always been ahead of its time. It has been representing LGBTQ characters since the 90s. However, I hope these characters also find a place in live-action movies.

4. Game of Thrones LGBTQ Characters

Game of Thrones LGBTQ Characters

Game of Thrones is a cult favorite fantasy fiction. Well, at least it used to be! No matter the end, this show gave us some of the best characters. The characters were complex and each character had a story arc that impressed the audience. Brownie points go to this show for its LGBTQ representation. Let us have a look at some of the LGBTQ characters in Game of Thrones.

4.1 Loras Tyrell

Game of Thrones LGBTQ Characters

Loras Tyrell, the Knight of the Flowers, is one of the LGBTQ characters in the show. Most women in the show want him, however, he doesn’t want any of them. He has his eyes set on Renly Baratheon.  These two men depict a healthier relationship in the series. They are not together for money or family gains. They both genuinely love each other. They care for each other. That is why we have Loras on the top of the list of LGBTQ characters in Game of Thrones. 

4.2 Renly Baratheon

Game of Thrones LGBTQ Characters

Renly is a character that is loved by his people. He is the youngest brother of the king. Renly is the kindest of the Baratheon brothers. His relationship with Loras is something admired by all the Game of Throne fans. However, one thing that bugs everyone is how they kept it hidden. 

4.3 Olyvar

Game of Thrones LGBTQ Characters

Olyvar is a prostitute and a steward to Loras Tyrell. He accompanies Loras after Renly’s death. They get close and we find them hooking up on the screen in no time. Olyvar is shown as a cunning character who manipulates Loras to get information and then gets Loras imprisoned for being homosexual. 

4.4 Oberyn

Game of Thrones LGBTQ Characters

The Red Viper of Dorne. Oberyn is one of the fan-favorite LGBTQ characters. He is in an open bisexual relationship with Ellaria. Both of them choose a person of the same gender to sleep with. They have a loving relationship with each other and are comfortable being non-monogamous. 

4.5 Yara Greyjoy

Game of Thrones LGBTQ Characters

Yara Greyjoy is a bisexual character from Game of Thrones. While she was not important to the plot, in the beginning, it was in the later seasons that she takes the center stage. Her bisexual side is revealed when she visits a brothel with her brother and selects a concubine for herself. She is also seen in a sex scene with Ellaria. 

5. Euphoria Gay Characters

Euphoria LGBTQ Characters

Euphoria has been making rounds all over the internet this year. It has been considered a groundbreaking show by many for its depiction of LGBTQ characters and drug addiction. Many people get uncomfortable while watching this show. It can be attributed to the reality this show depicts.

5.1 Rue Bennett

Rue Bennet is a fan-favorite character. Played by Zendaya, this character battles depression and drug addiction from a very young age. It is after some uncomfortable encounters with boys that Jules realizes she is a lesbian. She is open about her sexuality.  

5.2 Jules Vaughn

Euphoria LGBTQ Characters

Jules Vaughn is a transgender character. Her sexuality is unlabeled in the show. She expresses herself through her outfits. At the start of the show, she is shown sleeping with men to conquer her femininity. Being a transwoman is hard for her and she feels a man’s validation is the only way to feel like a woman. However, by the end of season 2, Jules says “she’s no longer interested in men.” Jules is one of the most complex LGBTQ characters portrayed on a television screen.

5.3 Cal Jacobs

Euphoria LGBTQ Characters

One of the worst characters on the show. This man makes you want to get into the screen and punch him. While Cal Jacobs is a bisexual character, he has been deemed as the worst by the internet. The writer’s attempt to redeem this character by showing his past has been considered more harmful than useful. 

5.4 Nate Jacobs

Nathaniel Jacobs, popularly known as Nate Jacobs is another character in the show that people hate with their hearts. He is an arrogant person who gets what he wants. In the series, he is shown in a relationship with women only. However, his ex-girlfriend Maddy finds dick picks on his phone and he confesses that he is “confused”.

5.5 Elliot

Euphoria LGBTQ Characters

Elliot is introduced on the show in season 2. When Jules asks if he is straight, Elliot replies “ Kinda”, when she asks if he is gay, Elliot again replies “kinda”. Elliot says that he has not thought about his sexuality in a rigid way. 

Euphoria represents LGBTQ characters in one of the best ways on the television screen. There are people who have explored their sexuality and are comfortable with it. There are characters who are not comfortable with their sexuality and are still stuck in an endless loop of hatred. There are also characters that don’t find sexuality very confusing. All in all, Euphoria is packed with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and genderfluid characters!

6. Gay Characters in Modern Family

30 Badass LGBTQ Characters in Movies and Shows | Fun & Goofy Gay Characters on Screen

Modern Family is a cult favorite show. It was released in 2009 and ran for almost 11 years. This show represented the LGBTQ community at a time when their representation was not that common. At a time when homosexuality was used for adding laughter to the plot, this show humanized gay characters and showed them with all their flaws and glory. Here are some of the gay characters of Modern Family

6.1 Cameron Tucker

Cameron Tucker is a sassy character. He is bubbly and has a big personality. Cam’s sexuality is no question in the series. He is in a happy and loving relationship with Mitchell. This character is over the top. He meets the love of his life at a party and the rest becomes history. 

6.2 Mitchell Prichett

“I had to actually come out to my dad three times before he acknowledged it. I’m not sure if maybe he was hoping he heard it wrong like I said ‘Dad, I’m grey.’” 

Mitchell Pritchett is Cameron’s husband. They both are totally opposite from each other. While Cam is over-enthusiastic and goofy, Mitchell is serious and high-strung. Well, opposites attract!

6.3 Gil Thorpe

Modern Family LGBTQ Characters

Gil Thorpe is shown as a stingy man for most of the show. He is a real estate agent that keeps bugging Phil and makes sexual jokes about Claire. In Season 10, Episode 8, it is revealed that Gil Thorpe is gay. 

6.4 Pepper Saltzman

Modern Family LGBTQ Characters

One of the sassiest gay characters ever! Pepper Saltzman is overly melodramatic and insensitive. He is rich and cocky. He always finds a reason to comment on Mitch and Cam’s life and how they are poor. He is shown as a control freak. He is shown to be in a relationship with Ronaldo and they even adopt a kid together. 

6.5 Martin Sherman

Modern Family LGBTQ Characters

One of Cameron’s nemesis. Sherman is first seen in the episode Knock ‘em down. While he makes an appearance only twice in the show, the portrayal of this character leaves an imprint on the audience. He is part of a bowling team that competes against Cam’s team. Cam tells him that Jay is interested in him throwing Marin off his game. 

Modern Family has to be given credit for its portrayal of gay characters. It has shown the issue of legalizing gay marriage, adoption by gay parents and so much more. This show has overthrown many age-old stigmas. It deals with so many societal issues in a light-hearted way. 

Wrapping Up

It is time to wrap up! In this article, we have looked at some LGBTQ characters from movies and TV shows. Some of these characters are goofy, while some are badass. These characters portray the LGBTQ community in all different forms. These characters throw light on society and how it is represented. While you may love some of these characters, you may even hate some. Let me know your favorite LGBTQ characters portrayed on screen!

I hope you liked this article. For more such content, keep visiting Path of EX!


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