Breaking: What is The LG Stretchable Display? The First Display in The World That Can be Stretched by 20%

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Smriti Razdan
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LG had created a 12-inch stretchable display that can be extended to 14 inches. The LG stretchable display is made with a focus on the ability to display messages on irregular surfaces like clothes. Supposedly, this is going to be of great help to the first responders. Their uniforms will be able to bear messages.

The LG stretchable display can be pulled, twisted, and bent. LG likes to call them “Free-Form Displays.” There are other flexible displays that can be bent and folded like the ones used in Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, but they are not stretchy. These are actually micro LEDs. And the LG stretchable display surpasses the OLED technology (the seemingly future of screens and displays).

While the price of mobiles will keep rising, the display and screen world will need more durable displays to justify the cutthroat prices. LG is one step closer than the rest of the companies to make screens the toughest part of a touchscreen device.

What is The LG Stretchable Display?

The Stretchable Display panel can display full-color RGB images. It has a resolution of 100PPI. Although the resolution is a bit behind compared to the screens of the likes of iPad Pro, which hit 264PPI, the LG Stretchable Display is way more robust and durable than the iPad Pro’s display.

The engineering behind it is unique. The LG Stretchable Display uses microwire structures that are in the shape of an S. They work like springs to make the display stretchable. According to LG, the newly developed microLED display is easily attachable to curved surfaces like skin, furniture, clothing, automobiles, and aircraft. LG believes that this technology can revolutionize gaming, mobility, wearables, and fashion.

LG Stretchable Display

LG writes, “The stretchable display’s revolutionary technology offers next-level versatility for various daily scenarios.” You can read the full article here. LG has been working on the stretchable microLED display since 2020 and expects to conclude research in 2024. LG Stretchable Display patent was approved by the US Patents and Trademarks Office (USPTO) in September 2020.

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LG Stretchable Display Release Date

The Korean conglomerate and display giant has been working towards surpassing the foldable and rollable display technology since 2020. And finally, on November 8, 2022, LG came up with the unveiling of its cutting-edge stretchable display. The firm hasn’t mentioned any date as to when people would be able to buy it, but I will update the article as soon as that happens.

How to Buy an LG Stretchable Display?

Although LG has announced the release of the all-new stretchable display, the new launch hasn’t made it to the market yet. I will update this section once LG announces it along with the LG stretchable display price.

The 12-inch LG Stretchable Display (Video)

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Wrapping Up

What I am most excited and contented about is the fact that in the near future we will be able to buy phones that are going to be undoubtedly expensive but will come with displays that don’t break with the gentle touch of the sidewalk. The LG stretchable display is the harbinger of that hope. I will update this article whenever another update about LG’s flexible display comes up. Until then, Ciao!


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