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Muskan Gupta
Muskan Gupta
Muskan has walked a long journey through literature and poetry to finally find a home in words. Mystery and Drama are the two words that best describe her. She makes sculptures come to life, turns noise into solace, improvises ordinary to extraordinary through her words. You'll feel her presence in her art. With her whole heart open wide, she invites you to look at the world through her mind.

‘I had to dig deeper through my filthy mind today’ is the first thought in my mind every morning. Lewdle always crawls itself to my hands which is quite weird yet too amusing, lol! Anyways. Following is the Lewdle Answer of 28 March, 2022. Read along to be the most lewd one in the group today.   

Who wants to sane when you always have an option to be filthy, isn’t it? The day I make the instant guess for lewdle answer for the day ought to be my cheerful day, indeed. I am pretty sure that you are eagerly waiting to know the lewdle answer today. I say: Go on and save yourself!

Further are the clues and spoilers concerning Lewdle Word of March 28, 2022, Monday. I dare you to skip this. Move and do check out the filthy spoilers too. Fix your Win!

What is Lewdle?

Lewdle is a game, inspired by Wordle, to provide a dirty platform for all of the players. Wordle owns more than half of the internet population with its repetitive challenges and rawness. But, a dirty word with Wordle is never a correct Wordle Answer. Whenever a user tries his attempt in something naughty, that is always an incorrect answer. Well, Lewdle is a once for all solution now. 

Lewdle was originated by a screenwriter named Gary Whitta, with an intention to provide Lewd Words only. This means that there are no basic 5 letter words in Lewdle. Lewdle Words are all rude, lewd, and naughty. If a player attempts a non-rude word, there will be a pop-up message asking you to choose a word in their ‘Dictionary’. 

A player has to guess a 5 letter word in six Attempt guesses available. If the player wins the Lewdle game for today, this defines the filthy mind of a player. If he loses somehow, he always has an option to try another day. Binge Lewdle everyday and upgrade your filthy mind. 

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Hints for Today’s Lewdle Answer of 28 March 2022

1. 5 letter Words Starting with NU

The first and major hint for Today’s Lewdle Answer of March 28 , 2022 is that the first two letters of Lewdle Word today start with letters N & U. Take a deep breath and think smart by going through the following list of random 5 letter words that start with the same. Lewdle word for the day will be yours:

  1. Nurse
  2. Nutty
  3. Nudge
  4. Nudie
  5. Numen
  6. Nutsy
  7. Nudzh
  8. Nucha
  9. Nubby
  10. Nubia
  11. Nuder
  12. Nudes
  13. Nuked
  14. Nukes
  15. Numbs

2. 5 letter Words Ending with ES

Last but not the least hint for the day is that The Lewdle Answer Today, 28 March 2022 ends with E & S. Think what could be the lewdle answer for today by considering the list of words further. You will kill it!

  1. Times
  2. Lives
  3. Taxes
  4. Jones
  5. Bases
  6. Tries
  7. Nudes
  8. Tales
  9. Wives
  10. Nukes
  11. Skies
  12. Cries
  13. Piles
  14. Spies
  15. Fries

Lewdle Answer of Monday 28 March 2022 

Spoiler Flash! 

Rule this space,Lewds! Head on and Check out the  Lewdle Answer of 28 March 2022, today.

Lewdle’s answer on 28 March 2022, Tuesday is ‘NUDES’

Lewdle Answer of Monday 28 March 2022 
Lewdle Answer of Monday 28 March 2022 


NUDES- A naked human figure without any layers, depicted as a painting, sculpture, or photograph.     

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Wrapping Up

As it is said, ‘Small victories leave us with meaningful learning’. Lewdle Answer of 28 March 2022 surely upgraded our filthy mind to another level. Nevertheless, I hope we could serve you right today with our hassle-free clues and spoilers for Lewdle Answer for the day.  

Path of EX will be flashing again on your screens tomorrow with a new lewdle answer for the day. Do come along to grab the lewdle hints for the day. See ya! 


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