Letter: A time to rebuild – Must Read Alaska

Letter: A time to rebuild – Must Read Alaska

Hello and Happy New Year to friends, neighbors, and constituents,

With 2020 in our rearview mirror, we can see the New Year as a chance to rebuild what has been dismantled through a combination of illness and poor public policy. 

Vaccines will be a game-changer here in Anchorage in the coming weeks. With our most vulnerable vaccinated, there should be no reason we cannot get our commercial and education sectors fully open, and very soon. We cannot let perfection become the enemy of progress. As always, I will support people’s right to choose whether a vaccine is right for them.

My goals for the coming year will focus on our economy in Anchorage. Government normally should be careful about trying to “create” an economy, when the creativity of the private sector is always much better. But this year is different, with government policies having had such a big part in our current situation. There may be better ways that local government can operate, and I’m open to hearing about them, and bringing them to the Assembly for consideration.

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Thus, I’ll be hosting small-group meetings throughout the New Year and will be seeking your ideas about how we can kickstart our economy in Anchorage. Please put on your thinking cap and let’s work this problem together: How can we best get our economy back on its feet, and how can we get our children back to school? What are other communities doing that are practices we can quickly adopt?

I’m proud to represent Chugiak – Eagle River on the Anchorage Assembly. Since being sworn in on April 21, these months — during the worst period of our city’s history — have taught me so much, especially that local government needs all of us to get involved, so lawmakers don’t go off the rails and become overbearing in people’s lives.

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I’m optimistic that here in Chugiak – Eagle River , we will weather this storm. I’m so proud of all of our residents for standing strong, for helping our neighbors in need, and for being the best of what Alaska represents. This is the year we in Chugiak – Eagle River will shine and lead the way.

May God bless you with prosperity and much happiness in the New Year! (Please drive safely and be sure to return home to your family in one piece!)


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