Led Zeppelin were set for tour after 2007 reunion concert

Speaking to Classic Rock magazine, he added: “But then there has not been any discussion about any tour ever since – nor will there be. So there you go. It’s just one of those weird, odd things in the world of Led Zeppelin, really, another part of the Led Zeppelin phenomenon.”

The 76-year-old musician admitted he was keen to perform for two nights of the tribute, even though the group were initially approached to only play for 30 minutes, because he was keen to override memories of their disastrous previous reunions shows, at Live Aid in 1985, which was marred by a lack of rehearsals, and three years later for the Atlantic 40th anniversary, when he had rowed with Plant shortly before going on stage.

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He explained: “The idea was that we would do a half-hour set. But I said, I’m not rehearsing to do a half-hour set! We’ve got Live Aid… and the Atlantic fortieth.

“I thought, ‘We’re gonna go out there and stand proud,’ you know? So that means we’ve got to do a proper set. And that’s what we did. So yeah, a second night would have been really, really good.

“In fact, the following day I started to get really jittery at 7 o’clock and I thought, I know what it is, it’s because I’d paced myself towards doing the O2 and now there isn’t an O2 to do.”

This article originally ran on celebretainment.com.

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