Lead Qualification Service: Steps to Automate Lead Qualification

Lead  Qualification Service: Steps to Automate Lead Qualification

You might also be one of those who might be tired of slaving over a hot lead qualification funnel every day. It is very sickening to spend hours manually prospecting and qualifying leads only to be hit with an email response rate lower than the failure rate. 

 To do away with this irritating and disturbing task, we’ve developed our revolutionary lead qualification service, designed to free up time, eliminate the guesswork, and make the process of prospecting easy.

This article is just about telling how step-by-step automated lead qualification can be just like magic that can work wonders. In this article, I will try to explain how in five steps, you can optimize your lead qualification process powered by automation.

Steps To Automate Lead Qualification:

Leave aside the manual lead qualification. We are out there with an automated lead qualification. In the most simple terms, I will try to explain how in mere five steps can, automated lead qualification be set up. Given below are the steps explained.

1. Attract Prospects:

The best way to entice potential leads into your sales funnel is to create a lead that can’t be resisted. All it means is that your lead should be something special and unique. The best way to do this is to harness the power of creative webinars and commercial events. This will captivate your prospects and give them a chance to glimpse what a relationship with your company is like.

Reports that showcase exciting research guides on solving a buyer’s pain point and promotional offers for first-time buyers are all great examples of the valuable offerings you could include in your lead magnet. 

 2. Bring Them Along To Your Lead Qualification Process

Nobody can underestimate and undervalue the power of online forms. As per the sources, 74% of companies rely on them for their lead generation process. 49% believe that they bring the highest conversion rate. So, there is no way to miss this opportunity to rule out your lead capture process.

 Social media automation is a great way to seamlessly drive prospects into your funnel and get you the necessary information to start engaging immediately. All it takes is setting up an automated lead capture form and giving prospects access to your lead magnet. By automating, your marketing team won’t have to lift a finger.

3. Set up a Work Flow: 

In order to get attract the perfect prospects for your product or service. You need to ask the qualifying questions and set out a workflow in order to separate them from the crowd. You need to start by asking specific questions aimed at pinpointing real sales-qualified leads( SLQs)

Think of an ideal persona, and compose a list of inquiries pertaining to their business role, job title, company, size, industry, the budget you offer, and the time frame they have for making a purchase decision.

Once you get the data required to qualify each potential lead, send them through direct messages, or you can take advantage of their direct contact info like an email address or telephone number. To ensure that everyone gets his desired product or service, assign automated tags after they receive the lead magnet. So you can nurture leads and ensure no one fails to get what they require and not twice!

4. Identify Your Qualified Leads

Now, the fun part begins since you have done all the hard work to collect some great leads. Now work your magic to bring down those elusive stars.

Once you have all your leads in place, all you have to do is separate the solidly promising leads from the weaker prospects. Identify those who fit your ideal buyer profile and are likely to convert into paying clients.

Mark it that it is important to fragment them and flag them as high-quality leads that ought to be given special attention.

5. Loop your sales team:

In the sales world, it is important to contact the right person quickly and efficiently at the right time. You must keep yourself informed of the qualified leads with a streamlined approach that includes looping in your sales team and automatically notifying them when new, promising opportunities come up upThis strategy helps ensure your salespeople are fully prepared to capitalize on every opportunity, turning prospective leads into satisfied clients!

Wrapping Up

To have good and healthy sales and in order to generate more revenue for your business, it is important to have a good lead qualification process which is key for these factors. It is not that difficult to implement a lead qualification service, but it surely requires some planning and forethought. As explained above, use these steps to free up the time for the sales team to focus on closing deals while making sure that leads are correctly qualified.

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