Lament Dial Puzzle Solution: How To Reach Lament Boat In Remnant 2?

How To Reach The Boat In The Lament Dungeon | Lament Boat in Remnant 2

Hello, gamers! Are you striving to learn the Lament Dial Puzzle solution? Your struggle ends here. On this page, we will unveil how you can solve this puzzle and further reach your destination. Let’s go to learn more!

Ramnent 2, with its epic puzzles, weapons, and challenges, has always kept our fun in check in every possible way. If you’re in search of a concealed treasure within Remnant 2, your journey should lead you to the enigmatic Lament dungeon situated in the world of Yaesha.

Without further due, let’s make your way through this page and learn everything in regard to the Lament Dial Puzzle solution and how to reach the Lament boat in Ramnent 2. Dig in!

What Is The Lament In Remnant 2?

Lament Dial Puzzle Solution: How To Reach Lament Boat In Remnant 2?

The Lament is an intriguing and hidden dungeon within Remnant 2, a thrilling third-person action role-playing game set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Residing on the lush planet of Yaesha, the Lament dungeon stands out as one of the game’s most challenging and puzzle-filled adventures. Instead of extensive combat, players are required to rely on their wit and timing to escape traps and solve riddles.

One of the dungeon’s best-kept secrets is a boat housing a precious artifact – the Lodestone Crown. This artifact takes the form of a flashlight helmet, capable of revealing hidden mysteries in the darkness.

How To Reach The Boat In The Lament Dungeon | Lament Boat in Remnant 2

Lament Dial Puzzle Solution: How To Reach Lament Boat In Remnant 2?

The boat in the Lament dungeon is a clandestine section that holds the Lodestone Crown, an exceptionally rare treasure.

To access the boat, seek out an illusory wall near the entryway of the room featuring floating platforms. By navigating behind this deceptive wall, you’ll find your way to the boat.

It’s fascinating to note that the Lament dungeon is believed to serve as a burial site for the Pan, a humanoid animal race residing in Yaesha. According to their beliefs, the Pan’s spirits embark on a journey to the afterlife on boats, thus making these boats a significant presence in the dungeon.

Lodestone Crown in Lament Dungeon in Remnant 2: How to Get It?

Lament Dial Puzzle Solution: How To Reach Lament Boat In Remnant 2?

There is a hidden area in the Lament dungeon that houses the Lodestone Crown, an incredibly rare treasure. This area can be accessed by the Lament boat.

The Lodestone Crown is a unique armor component in the gaming universe of Remnant 2. Given the Pan’s profound belief in their souls sailing to the afterlife on boats, the Lodestone Crown plays a crucial role in their culture and history.

This green crown emits considerable light, making it ideal for dark environments. Apart from bolstering elemental resistance, it also enhances damage dealt to enemies who utilize fire, ice, or lightning attacks. With a weight of 31 and a base armor value of 5, it’s a formidable asset.

How To Get The Lodestone Crown?

To acquire the Lodestone Crown, venture into the depths of Yaesha’s Lament dungeon. Be wary as this dungeon is renowned for its riddles and traps.

The crown can be found in a secretive hallway accessible after solving the door puzzle in the checkpoint chamber. Roll through some vases in the corner of the room to discover a hidden hole leading one story down. Head right, descending to a small pool with a waterfall. Behind this waterfall lies a tunnel leading to the coveted crown.

Wrapping Up

Explorers who meticulously navigate the Lament dungeon will be rewarded with the boat and its hidden treasure. Symbolically, the boat embodies the struggles, history, and cultural beliefs of Yaesha and the Pan, adding depth and excitement to the gaming experience.

The journey to uncover the boat and the Lodestone Crown is both challenging and gratifying, elevating the game’s substance and allure. So, gear up for a memorable expedition through Remnant 2’s Lament dungeon, and claim the extraordinary rewards that await you.

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