Kobo’s Clara 2E | The Sustainable & Eco-friendly eReader Announced

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Kobo will be launching its newest eReader soon. Kobo’s Clara 2E is different from the eReader by Kobo. You can now listen to audiobooks. This new device is designed with consideration for its impact on the environment. But this is not another device that is just eco-friendly.

Kobo eReaders are well known for its lightweight and glare-free reading screen. Their eReaders reduce the strain on your eyes with options for daylight mode and night mode. Along with that, the eReaders have an HD display. With options to store audiobooks on your device, the devices have impressive in-built storage as well.

So, when can you try this new eReader? Here is when is Kobo’s Clara 2E launch. So stay with me and know why is this eReader better than other eReaders available.

When is Kobo’s Clara 2E Launch?

Kobo's Clara 2E

Kobo has announced the launch of Kobo’s Clara 2E. The new eReader is waterproof with a compact design. The device will be launched on September 22nd. It is priced at $129.99. You can pre-order yours right away. The new Kobo Clara 2E is on a mission to give tough competition to Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite.

While there is no competition to Kindle Paperwhite, let’s see the features and specs of the new Kobo’s Clara 2E.

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Kobo’s Clara 2E Features and Specs

Kobo's Clara 2E

Kobo Clara 2E is better than the previous eReader from Kobo. This new eReader is waterproof with upgraded storage as compared to Clara HD. So how is it better than its competition? The reviews have been complimenting the features and specs of this device. Though some readers found the size of the Clara 2E difficult to hold without it slipping. Let’s know the brief information about the features and specs of this eReader.

Kobo’s Clara 2E has a 6-inch display with a glare-free screen. You have the option to reduce blue light exposure with night mode. This eReader unlike its predecessor, the Clara HD, supports Bluetooth. You can also take the advantage of audiobooks as well. Clara 2E also has 16GB of device memory. So, don’t stress yourself by accumulating many e-books or audiobooks.

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What is different with Kobo’s Clara 2E?

Now, you know about the features and specs of Clara 2E. What makes this new eReader different? Let’s go through the brief information. Kobo’s Clara 2E is a sustainable e-reader. It is not just about saving trees but is suitable for the environment as well. This new e-reader is made of 85% recycled plastic. Which changes the carbon emission of Clara 2E significantly. Kobo’s aim is to reduce carbon emissions right from production to the shipping of the product to a solid 100 percent.

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Wrapping Up

While maintaining the compact design along with great features, Kobo’s Clara 2E is a new-age e-reader. Sustainable, eco-friendly, and in tune with the newest technology. E-readers with Bluetooth connectivity and great storage are preferred by all.

Let me know in the comments if you will be trying this eReader. We will keep coming up with all the latest updates in technology. Keep visiting Path of EX!


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