KKN Exports is Changing Drive-thru Cutlery Trends with Biodegradable Leaf Plates

Areca Leaf Plates from KKN Exports

Among all the strategies like Mobile ordering, kiosks, curbside service, and others, the most convenient is still the hole in the wall. The drive-thru first emerged in the fast-food business in the 1960s. It is still the most used and effective way of ordering. Many renowned food chains generate two-third of their business through the drive-thru. 

The off-premises strategy is here to stay. Restaurants are taking aggressive steps towards new technology for the growth of the brand. In a similar way, the fast-food chains are upgrading their drive-thrus by moving towards sustainable leaf cutlery. This is where KKN Exports comes in as a gamechanger. 

When everyone in the industry was using plastic and bamboo plates, KKN Exports came up with present-day Areca Leaf Plates. The brand is changing the cutlery trends with its biodegradable leaf plates. The biodegradable cutlery market is upcoming and experiencing healthy growth. KKN Exports has taken the cause into their hands, to bring growth with sustainability. 

What Does KKN Exports Offer?

KKN Exports offers 100% natural, organic, and biodegradable leaf cutlery products. The plates are made from the fallen leaves of the Areca plant. The plates are further given a particular shape with the help of heat and water, without any additional chemicals or wax. 

Partition Areca Plates by KKN Exports

The Areca Leaf Plates are an ideal choice over any other alternative in the market. The motive of the company is to produce and distribute organic and eco-friendly products worldwide. These elegant disposable leaf plates are an environment-friendly alternative to conventional disposable plates. 

The Areca Leaf Plates come in different shapes and sizes. The brand offers various plate sizes. You can buy round, square, or rectangle-shaped areca leaf plates from KKN Exports. You can move towards leaf cutlery without compromising on the choices. 

How KKN Exports is Changing the Drive-thru Cutlery Trends?

Increasing consumer awareness towards the use of non-biodegradable products is a key factor to why the need for sustainable dinnerware is growing. Sustainable dinnerware like bamboo plates, paper plates, and areca leaf plates is more in-demand. Also, the implementation of the government regulations for not using plastic tableware is a boost for eco-friendly dinnerware. 

Many restaurants and fast-food chains are moving towards the Areca Leaf Plates. The drive-thru culture requires a constant supply of disposable cutlery. KKN Exports is an industry leader in the manufacturing of areca leaf plates. Some important points on how the brand is contributing to the change are: 

1. Biodegradable

All the products by KKN Exports are biodegradable. This becomes an essential point for the drive-thru businesses to make sure that the cutlery used must not harm nature. The Areca Leaf Plates are made from the fallen leaves of the palm trees. This makes it easier to decompose these cutlery products. 

The most interesting part of the manufacturing process of the areca leaf plates is that no plant or tree is harmed. The natural process of shedding leaves is the initial step of the manufacturing process. 

The areca leaf plates can be easily decomposed. Unlike the plastic plates and the bamboo plates, these plates can be beaten into pieces and you can decompose them even at your home. 

2. No Leakage

One of the biggest problems, the drive-thru services face is the leaking of the food. With the areca leaf plates, this problem goes away. The plates are manufactured in such a way that they do not leak or crumble. 

This is a huge problem with paper plates. They tend to leak, crumble, and heat up with the temperature of the food. Whereas, the leaf plates provide no leakage. This factor is very important, especially in drive-thru businesses. Shifting towards leaf cutlery is the need of the hour. 

3. Odor

Round Plates by KKN Exports

While serving food on disposable plates, the most essential point to keep in mind is the odor. Plastic plates tend to leave toxins and foul odor after a certain time period. The areca leaf plates, on the other hand, are organic and natural and do not leave any odor. 

The main reason behind this is the manufacturing process. The leaf cutlery is made without any additional chemicals, wax, or polish. Thus, they do not leave any odor or toxics. 

4. Taste of the Food 

It is important to make sure that the cutlery you use, does not hamper the taste of the food. This is one of the main contributions made by the KKN Exports. The company is heading towards a healthy food industry. 

The plastic plates and the bamboo plates spoil the food after a certain period of time. But, the leaf plates do not hamper or spoil the food. The unadulterated and nonchemical factor helps the food to be fresh for a longer time.

5. Drying Ability

No one would ever bring paper plates or bamboo plates in contact with water. However, the KKN Exports make sure that their leaf cutlery has a good drying ability. Using the areca leaf plates will let you serve curry products from your drive-thru in a more easygoing way. 

The most important feature is that the leaf plates take less time to dry in comparison to other alternatives. The good drying ability helps the cutlery to last for a longer period of time. If the bamboo plates get wet, they cannot be used for more than an hour or two.  

6. Health Benefit

The biggest concern while serving food is the health of the customer. Using Areca leaf plates not only preserve your food but also looks after your health. It is believed that eating in leaf plates is beneficial for the eyes and even cures acidity. 

Final Thought

The areca leaf plates are the new future. The use of the products by KKN Exports will not just help your business grow but will also look after a sustainable nature. It is an up-and-coming trend, especially in the drive-thru business field. 

The food industry can be a great contributor to an eco-friendly business culture with the help of the areca leaf plates. Let us all move towards bringing a change with brands like KKN Exports. 

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