Kitten frozen to truck tire in Denver rescued, given shelter

COMMERCE CITY — A kitten has been rescued in Denver after it was frozen to a tire on a semi-trailer at a tire shop, an animal shelter and humane society said.

The Dumb Friends League said the 5-week-old kitten was found on Monday hanging off the side of a tire with her paws and tail frozen to the metal surface, KDVR-TV reported. It is unclear how long it was stuck.

Shelter officials said a man gently warmed and freed the kitten by splashing warm water on the areas stuck to the tire. The Good Samaritan, who remained unidentified, said it took about 20 minutes to free the kitten.

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Officials said the kitten was then taken to the Dumb Friends League where it was examined and given food and shelter.

The Dumb Friends League said the kitten appears to be healthy and a veterinary team will monitor it for a few days before going to a foster home until it is 8 weeks old and ready for adoption.

Officials said the kitten likely would not have survived without intervention.

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