12 Best KissAnime Alternatives in 2023 That are 100% Legal

12 Best KissAnime Alternatives in 2023 That are 100% Legal

If you are an Anime fan like me, you will know KissAnime very well. In our lives, we have visited KissAnime uncountable times. I watched all 500 episodes of Naruto Shippuden on KissAnime. You can even download Anime from KissAnime. Then why KissAnime alternatives?

In 2020, the .com version got shut down because of copyright issues. There is a .ru version available right now, but that site might not be legal in some countries. You can always use a VPN and assess kissanime.ru, but I won’t recommend that. So what to do? Well, I am an Anime addict. When I have legal ways to watch Anime, I will definitely share them with you.

The KissAnime alternatives that I am going to talk about are completely legitimate and work in almost all countries. You might not get all your favorite Anime on a single platform, but you will get it on one of these platforms for sure. So, without further ado, let me give you a list of the top KissAnime alternatives of 2023.

Top 12 KissAnime Alternatives for 2023

KissAnime Alternatives

Let me tell you that after popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime started including Anime movies and shows, the accessibility of this exotic animation art became widespread. Now you can watch Anime in the most uncouth way from anywhere in the world.

Anime was once only accessible to the Japanese audience. In mainstream western television, Anime shows were scanty. Times have changed, and you can easily savor the ecstatic Anime viewing experience online. Thanks to sites like KissAnime. Below are hands down the best KissAnime alternatives that will not let you miss KissAnime.

1. Crunchyroll

KissAnime Alternatives: Crunchyroll

(14-day free trial, Subscriptions: $7.99/$9.99/$14.99 per month)

Crunchyroll is as popular as Senpai is amongst Anime-lovers. I had to put it in first place among KissAnime alternatives solely for its legitimacy and collection of content. Crunchyroll is as old as the Anime streaming game itself. Crunchyroll has singlehandedly brought this Japanese popular culture to the west. The platform is reputed and has licenses to flagship Anime and Manga properties.

Some of the movies and shows are only available in premium subscription, whereas others are available for free. Crunchyroll gives you daily news about the Anime world and Anime streaming and downloading facilities. You can comment under each video on Crunchyroll and have global discussions on your favorite shows. You can subscribe to Crunchyroll today and get the latest updates on show information, news, and more. Crunchyroll also has a store where you can buy Anime merch from.

You can access Crunchyroll on iOS, Roku, Android, Playstation 4, Amazon Fire TV, and many more.

2. Funimation

KissAnime Alternatives: Funimation

(Free with Ads, Subscriptions: $7.99/$9.99 per month)

The second KissAnime Alternative would be Funimation, a Sony-owned entertainment company. It has a great amount of anime series. Funimation is a company remembered for bringing a dubbed version of Dragonball Z to the cartoon network back in the ’90s. Funimation has also syndicated anime like Beyblade and Pokemon in the west. With no surprise, Funimation has eventually made a move to video streaming.

Funimation has an eccentric interface. The anime titles are categorized into genres, making navigating through the site easily. It has more than 13000 hours of original Anime substance.

Funimation also features a store that deals in Manga and Anime merch. You can also buy anime games on the platform.

There are plenty of devices where you can stream Funimation. They include every device you can imagine at home.

3. AnimePlanet

KissAnime Alternatives: AnimePlanet

(Free to watch)

AnimePlanet is one of the old sites to watch anime for free. It is also legal. Well, at least till now. And these are boxes to be checked to be listed in the list of KissAnime alternatives.

There are over 45000 anime episodes and 45000 titles on this site. If you are sweating over finding Naruto: Shippuden after you have watched Naruto on Netflix, Anime-Planet is your destination. AnimePlanet is a free website and has been legitimate until now.

AnimePlanet gives you access to character ranking platforms and forums to keep you updated and connected with the world of Anime and its lovers.

4. Tubi

KissAnime Alternatives: Tubi

(Ad-supported free streaming)

Tubi is one of the streaming services that was launched in April 2014. It is an American-based ad-supported streaming service. It is based in San Francisco, California. You can watch a big list of movies and television shows free of cost.

In addition to a plethora of movies and TV shows, Tubi also boasts a rich collection of Anime. You can watch both contemporary and vintage Anime on the streaming service. Tubi is one of the free Anime streaming sites that I am fond of. And so, I couldn’t help but put it here in the list of KissAnime alternatives.

Tubi is supported on Android, iOS, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Xfinity X1, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Sony Smart TVs, PlayStation, and the web.

5. AnimeNana

KissAnime Alternatives: AnimeNana

(Free Streaming)

AnimeNana is one of the best sites to watch Anime. It is my go-to place for anime that I can’t find on Netflix or Amazon Prime. It has a massive collection of amazing anime from around the world. Don’t be fooled by the home page layout that looks like an amateur web page. The site is content-rich. AnimeNana is an absolutely free website. AnimeNana is a real KissAnime alternative owing to the fact that it is free of cost.


KissAnime Alternatives: HIDIVE

(7-day free trial, Subscriptions: $4.99 per month/$47.99 per year)

HIDIVE is a hub of amazing Anime content. It offers some premium Anime movies and shows. Based out of Houston, Texas, this platform was created in 2017. HIDIVE streams dub of selected titles two to three weeks after the initial release in Japan. If you want to stream exclusive titles from Sentai and Section 23 legally, HIDIVE is your destination.

There are plenty of devices where you can watch HIDIVE. You can stream HIDIVE on iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire, and AppleTV.

7. Netflix

KissAnime Alternatives: Netflix

(No free trial, Subscription: $6.99/$15.99/$19.99 per month)

Does Netflix need an introduction? Well, Netflix is really inclusive. Along with a rich and high-quality collection of films, series, and documentaries, its Anime collection is ever-growing. And that is why Netflix is on the list of legal KissAnime alternatives.

Although it does not consist of all the cool Anime in the world, keep an eye out for your Anime on Netflix because Netflix does have Anime like One Piece, Monster, Naruto, and many more. Moreover, you are most likely to own a subscription to Netflix, and you don’t want to underuse that.

There are plenty of devices where you can watch Netflix. They include Smart TVs, Game consoles, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows, Macbooks, etc.

8. Hulu

KissAnime Alternatives: Hulu

(Subscriptions: $7.99/$14.99/$69.99 per month)

Hulu is an American streaming platform. It has a wide variety of television series and films. Hulu became the first platform to add Plus to its name in the year 2010. Hulu’s parent company is Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution. But how is Hulu a KissAnime alternative?

Hulu has over 75 live and on-demand channels like BET, Bravo, Lifetime, MTV, OWN, TBS, TNT, etc. Hulu also offers many subbed and dubbed Anime titles. Just like its other movies and series, Hulu maintains the quality of its Anime collection.

There are plenty of devices where you can watch Hulu. They include iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Samsung, LG, VIZIO, Xfinity, etc.

9. ConTV

KissAnime Alternatives: ConTV

(Subscriptions: $7.99/$19.99/$69.99 per month)

Popular among Comic Con fans, ConTV is rich in a wide range of movies, series, and comics. Along with these, ConTV also has a separate section that caters to Anime fans. That makes ConTV a potent KissAnime alternative.

10. HBO Max

KissAnime Alternatives: HBO Max

(Subscription: $14.99 per month)

HBO Max is a streaming platform; it displays all the HBO along with the must-watch web series, hits, and super hits movies. Also, it has Max originals. It is available in English, Spanish, Swedish, and many more languages. HBO Max was launched in May 2020.

Coming to the Anime collection of HBO Max, you should know that Ghibli Studio content is exclusively available on HBO Max. Since both are under the same parent company AT&T, HBO Max also offers select Anime from Crunchyroll and thus secures a place in this list of KissAnime alternatives.

There are plenty of devices where you can watch HBO Max. They include Smart TVs, Game consoles, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Windows, Macbooks, etc.

11. Retrocrush

KissAnime Alternatives: Retrocrush

(Subscriptions: $4.99 per month/$14.99 per year)

Wondering where to watch Anime from the classic era? Retrocrush claims to be dedicated to the Golden Age of Anime. The platform has some of the best old classic Anime. The libraries of Retrocrush are divided between Anime from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Retrocrush is available for iOs, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire, AppleTV, Android TV, etc.

12. Amazon Prime Video

KissAnime Alternatives: Amazon Prime Video

(Subscriptions: $8.99/$14.99 per month and $139 per year, student membership: $7.49 per month/$69 per year)

Again, Prime Video needs no introduction. Amazon has a great collection of Anime too. Here you can watch Anime like Inuyashiki, Re: Creators, and Kokkou without buffering and adware. Amazon Prime Video is slowly becoming one of the best sites to watch Anime. Amazon Prime Video also has exclusive Anime titles and is the last on my list of KissAnime alternatives.

Amazon Prime video can be accessed on a whole bunch of devices. They include iOS, Android, Playstation, Xbox, Roku, Amazon Fire, Comcast X1, Cox Contour, Dish Network, Nvidia Shield, Roku, Prime Video VR for oculus, Tivo, AppleTV, Xiaomi TV, and almost all other Smart TVs.

Wrapping Up

So, you have all the KissAnime alternatives you can use without hiding from your ISP or government. Isn’t that a good thing? Now you don’t have to comb the search engine to watch an Anime of your refined taste. I know you have refined taste because you are looking for sites to watch Anime. I am proud of you and I hope this post is of help to you. Until next time, Ciao!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Streaming From KissAnime Safe?

Firstly, kissanime.com is no more. There is a proxy named kissanime.ru which requires a VPN to run in some regions of the world. In some countries, streaming from KissAnime might fetch you trouble.

Is KissAnime Still Online?

Kissanime.com is shut down. But there is kissanime.ru.

What is the best free site to watch anime?

The best free Anime streaming sites are:

1. AnimeNana
2. AnimePlanet
3. Tubi
4. Funimation

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