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The game Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a cute game filled with fun and food. Wherever you move, it is only food themed. You have to control the cutest part of the game, which is Kirby. It is a bite-size piece of chunky, which would make you fall in love with it. News on Kirby’s Dream Buffet Review was the fun-loving thing to make. I enjoyed every bit of it. You will adore the Kirby Dream Buffet as much as I have enjoyed reviewing it.

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The game is entirely within your budget and does not require much time. Unlike other games, this game is not lengthy, and you can play it in short breaks. So, I know you are excited to know more about the game and decide how to proceed.

So, without wasting any more time, I would request you to read ahead and enjoy the details of Kirby’s Dream Buffet review.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet Review

kirby's dream buffet review

Kirby is as adorable as a cute puppy. The game is themed based on food. Although he is 30 but never stops being cute, he is ever hungry and always eating up everything around him. You have to control Kirby as he finishes his minigame for four rounds. Along with other players in the CPU bots.

Anyone can indulge in Kirby’s dream buffet, as each game takes around 10 minutes. You can quickly figure out your next move. So, it is fantastic for people who have never played any games in their lives. They can easily play the game.

How to Play Kirby’s Dream Buffet

run along with kirby to go level up

You are running around for food-filled obstacles or collecting strawberries during the game. You would find strawberries everywhere around this game. During the game, you must run around and watch out for obstacles from stacks of strawberries. You get a better advantage when you get 50 strawberries before other players.

The obstacles may become harder with each level. As you cross levels, you get into an advantageous position. You get power-ups that help you turn into a tornado or a fireball-shaped Kirby that can take out your opponents. The more strawberries you eat, Kirby becomes bigger. This helps you from getting knocked off by your opponent.

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Minigames in Kirby’s Dream Buffet

to balance out the kirbies they are weighed in scales

You would find other minigames where you would have to pick strawberries that are falling faster than your opponents. You can jump into teacups filled with strawberries. In the end, you would find a battle royale game but with strawberries.

You will be in an arena and have to collect as many strawberries as possible. You become more prominent when you reach this stage as you have already collected many fruits. You even come to an advantageous position.

To balance things out in the end, the Kirby’s are placed on scales. They are given bonus strawberries for reaching specific goals, collecting maximum strawberries, running for a longer period, and knocking down barriers. With time and expertise, you would focus on aims like running more, avoiding obstacles, and collecting more strawberries.

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Collectibles in Each Level

collectible in each level of the game

When you move up in the levels ahead, you get experience and unlock some cute collectibles. They are music tracks, Kirby colors, race tracks, and costumes. You get to unlock loads and loads of collectibles in the higher levels. You will never find much difference between the Kirbys, although they may be seen enough. You find it difficult to figure out your favorite one or even differentiate between themselves.

Planting Kirby’s Dream Buffet is fun, but you would not play it for hours. The name suits it well as it is a buffet, not a three or four-course meal. After some time, you may find it boring to play with CPU bots. It will go smoothly someday when you play the game, but it may not. The drawback of the game is the lag, which takes away all the fun of the game.

You can carry out the game as per your wish in two-player or three-player modes. You can play on the four-player mode when you have the four switches and four copies of the game among the players.

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Wrapping Up

All said and done, Kirby’s Dream Buffet is cheaper than all the other games. So start playing the game with other family members or friends. You can play for shorter durations. So, download and enjoy the game. I am sure you would love Kirby.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the game Kirby’s Dream Buffet?

The game Kirby’s Dream Buffet is a straightforward, affordable, and fun-filled game. You need to collect strawberries for the game and move up in the levels.

While playing Kirby’s Dream Buffet, do we need to collect only strawberries?

While playing Kirby’s Dream Buffet, you must collect as many strawberries as possible and cross the obstacles. It gets you into a more advantageous position.

What happens to Kirby when I collect the strawberries while playing?

Kirby gets bigger and bigger when you collect more and more strawberries in the game. It gives Kirby the advantage to knock down anyone and save himself from getting knocked out.


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