The Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2 Tablet: 5 Best and Useful Features

The Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2 Tablet

Amazon and ReMarkable are back yet again with their new lineup of e-readers, The Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable Tablet. It’s a piece of welcoming news for the e-readers who have been holding back from exploring the new range of e-reading devices. Both companies have developed a new wave of features to impress their e-book consumers. Thanks to the Almighty, the convenience of using phenomenal devices can change the perspective of reading and writing on the devices. Let’s cover Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2 comparison.

The Kindle Scribe is an E-Ink Kindle that lets users read and write on its digital documents. This happened for the first time after the launch of the first Kindle in 2007. Now we are even getting a stylus along with it, which is just fabulous! Whereas the ReMarkable 2 Tablet is a tablet that literally feels like a piece of paper and allows the users to write notes and print documents by replacing the traditional notebooks.

Both of these are distinct devices with different sets of features. It will be enthralling to see the difference between the Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 Tablet. The difference shown below is completely a personal consideration and can vary according to your use of the devices.

Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2 Tablet

How powerful is the world of technology, waiting to be unleashed by the gods of Tech Nerds? (don’t worry, it’s a compliment) Every single day, we get exhilarating news about technology making us more excited about it. Technology is something we use all day and all night. We can’t skip a day without utilizing it in our daily life. We start our day by reading newspapers, browsing media content, some magazines, and other itsy-bitsy stuff. 

In this section of the article, I will discuss the most prominent and alluring features of both devices in a detailed manner. Make sure to point out all the key features of the devices that may help you purchase one of them. Let’s distinguish the features of The Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 Tablet.

The Kindle Scribe vs ReMarkable 2 Tablet

1. Build and Design

The build and design of The Kindle Scribe look premium and solid throughout. The Kindle Scribe is built from recycled aluminum and can charge the device via a USB-C cable. It is just 5.8 mm thin. It does not include any charger and requires a 9-watt power adapter to charge up the device.

The Kindle Scribe comes with a beautiful stylus that can be magnetically attached to the side part of the device. Amazon introduces two different types of pens: a basic pen and another that falls in the premium pen category. The premium pen has a dedicated rubber at the end and a short-cut button that lets you switch between the pen and highlighter. It has a thick bezel on the left side of the device and small bezels in other dimensions. 

However, The Remarkable 2 Tablet looks fantastic as a slim grey slate that seems to be solid throughout. The USB port is placed on the bottom left of the device. Four small pieces of rubberish are attached to the device’s four corners to prevent the tab from falling off the table. It comes only in one color option. Remarkable 2 Tablet has a thick portion of the bezel that lets you hold the tablet without bothering about touching the display. Ths Tablet induced a Paperweight technology to create digital notepads.

2. Display

Here comes the beautiful part, The Display of the device. The Kindle Scribe has an aesthetic paperwhite 10.2 inches glare-free display with 300 pixels per intensity and big font size for a personalized experience. The Display is large enough to read and write in the comfort of your own.

You can jot down this beautiful display by adding thoughtful sticky notes with the basic pen that comes along with the device that doesn’t require any charging. It is larger than the Kindle Oasis 7 inches display. It comes with an auto-adjusting front light that enhances the user’s reading experience.

Remarkable tablet 2

On the other hand, The ReMarkable 2 Tablet comes with 10.3 inch E-Ink display. The company calls it a “Canvas Display.” Needless to say, it is a more polished version of Amazon Kindle. It has a screen resolution of 1872*1404 with 226 pixels per intensity. The Remarkable 2 tablet lacks the Backlight feature. It doesn’t matter until you are using it in the dark. However, The readability of the device looks quite good, even in dull and shady environments.

3. Performance and Software

In the performance department, the Kindle Scribe consists of the MediaTek chip that works on a Paperwhite. Amazon said that its new boy Kindle Scribe could run up to 2 Giga Hertz in some applications requiring high-end performance. It looks like this device can easily handle many performance-based applications. Amazon has offered the latest streamlined software on Kindle Scribe that allows the users to share the files via the kindle app, website, or email.

On the other hand, The ReMarkable 2 Tablet comes with a Linux-based custom user interface. It is an operating system with a closed ecosystem blend called Codex. The Tablet allows you to steer your e-Books, PDF, and Notes. You can create a new Notebook and opt from a variety of 50 templates. You can use the Blank page, grid paper, and ruled paper. This whole new experience of using templates is phenomenal once you enter the Notebook. Now you can copy and paste across different layers of the device, which was not available in the older version of ReMarkable Tablet, giving you a fresh breath of air.

4. Battery Life

The company claimed that the battery life in the Kindle scribe could go for upto weeks, and you dont have to worry about it. It could reasonably last for a month with minimal usage. However, we have recognized that the Scribe will have unlimited access to the Kindle Store for buying ebooks directly on the tablet and will come with a 4 subscription to Kindle Unlimited, just like the company’s other e-readers.

However, the Battery life in the ReMarkable 2 tablet comes with a 3000 mAh battery life. It can easily work for about a full day of writing down notes and sketching or doodling with 3 percent remaining on the device. But if you are using it for about an hour or half an hour, it can easily last for upto weeks before it needs a power charge.

5. Pricing and Availability 

The Amazon Kindle Scribe launched at a phenomenal retail price of $339.99. It’s available for preorder, and users can place the order immediately without waiting a moment. It will be available in three storage variants, i.e., 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. It comes with two pen options; a Basic pen and the other is a premium pen. The kindle Scribe offers a premium pen at the cost of $59, while the basic pen comes free along with the device.

Whereas, The Remarkable 2 Tablet gears come on the market at a price of $279 without any pen. The company gives the option to the users of buying the markers separately, which costs around $79 for the standard marker and $129 for the marker plus in the marketplace. So the price can elevate significantly and become an extra expense in users’ pockets.

Who Wins: Kindle Scribe or ReMarkable 2 Tablet

After discussing the all-new and upcoming features of The Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 Tablet. I have concluded that you can opt-out of the Kindle Scribe if you need an overall package of e-reader and writing tablets as it allows you to read and write documents at any point in time on one device.

In contrast, the Remarkable tablet does support PDF and ePUB file formats. The Amazon Kindle Scribe can assist you in creating sticky notes in Microsoft word, whereas the ReMarkable 2 Tablet can not do these things currently. In the coming year, Amazon said that it would introduce a feature where you can send documents in the kindle scribe in Microsoft word.

Wrapping Up

The hot discussion about the new Kindle Scribe and ReMarkable 2 tablet made us think about what should be the best buy in terms of a bundle of features. It would be awesome if you shared your thoughts on these two newly introduced devices by Amazon and ReMarkable.In the comment section, let us know your thoughts and views on your favorite device and the features you want to try and explore.

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