What Does KiK Message Stuck On D Mean?

What KiK Message Stuck On D Stands For?

In the journey from Three dots to R., A message on Kik embraces several letters, like D, S, and R. Each letter symbolizes the travel journey of your message sent. In all this, what Kik message stuck on D stands for.

Kik is one of the most popular social media and messaging apps that is quite extensively used by teenagers and young adults.  It offers a wide range of features private chat, group chat, and random chat features. Known for its diverse features, this app is held in high esteem by users.

The three letters S, D, and R connotes a journey and place where the message is stuck. Wherever the message is stuck, the letter will accordingly appear on the screen of a user in the left corner next to the message sent on the Kik app.

What KiK Message Stuck On D Denotes?

What KiK Message Stuck On D Stands For?

The “D” that appears next to the message sent by you connotes that the message has been delivered to the recipient but is yet to open and read it.

Besides, there are two other letters, S and R, alongside the Three dots occasionally. That implies a different meaning.

S, when you find the letter S next to your message on the left, it implies that the message is still sauntering somewhere in the server of the Kik and is yet to be delivered to the recipient.

R means that the message has been delivered and also opened and read by the recipient. When even D is replaced by R., it means the receiver has opened the message.

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What Does Three Dots mean in Kik?

What KiK Message Stuck On D Stands For?

When you find Three dots next to your message, it simply means that your message is stuck somewhere in Kik message purgatory. And is yet to reach the server. The Three dots usually appear for the slightest of the moment, as it doesn’t appear there for long.

Whenever you find the three dots, they usually appear due to a weak and poor network. It can be a connection issue as something wrong is going on with your phone.

Keep in mind that under normal circumstances, the three dots are there for just a second and then are replaced by S, S is replaced by D, and D is finally replaced by R. If the Three dots lingers for more time. You need to check where the problem has occurred.

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Wrapping Up

All one can say about the D is that it is just a letter that pops up automatically once your message is delivered to the recipient. It is an indication to the sender that the recipient has received your message.

This is not new; other apps do have their own symbols and ways to show up these features. Here in Kik, we have these letters. So it is amply clear what KiK Message Stuck On D means.

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