Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Attempt Goes Viral on TikTok | Fans Take a Spin on Footloose Trend

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Shivangi Gupta
Shivangi Gupta
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Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Attempt goes viral on TikTok. Kevin Bacon along with Kyra Sedwick attempted to do the Footloose challenge. The video went viral on TikTok. Fans were delighted to see their take on the challenge. Even after all the years, it was amusing to see him do the dance.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick’s attempt at the trend has inspired millions of fans to follow. TikTok is now flooded with videos of fans trying to do the Footloose challenge. You can watch fans of all ages trying to do this challenge. With people from different backgrounds giving the trend their own spin.

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick did the dance on TikTok. Read on to know what the fuss for Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Attempt Goes Viral on TikTok.

Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Attempt Goes Viral on TikTok

For many of you who don’t know Kevin Bacon is the leading actor in the movie Footloose. He tried the viral challenge with his wife Kyra Sedwick. The Footloose challenge has been popular on TikTok. But it rarely happens that we see actors doing their own challenges. Especially the trends that have been altered with the changing times.

The Footloose challenge that is so admired on TikTok isn’t a part of the original choreography. The leading star himself confirmed this. However, the dance routine viral on TikTok of Footloose is really challenging to follow. But it was definitely a pleasure to see the stars of the fan-favorite Footloose movie do the challenge on TikTok.

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Wrapping Up

It was pure bliss to see Kevin Bacon dance with his wife Kyra Sedwick after so long. So now you know what the fuss for Kevin Bacon’s Footloose Attempt Goes Viral on TikTok was about. Till we come back with the latest trending stuff, keep visiting Path of EX!


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