Jawazat Allows Expats to Renew Iqama from Outside KSA

Jawazat Allows Expats to Renew Iqama from Outside KSA

Saudi Jawazat has launched some new Abhsher services for its citizens, and expatriates which include the service to renew Iqama from outside Saudi Arabia.

This came on the official passport account via “Twitter” in response to one of the questions. the question asked regarding the residents who are currently outside the Kingdom, their residency expired and the exist and return visa ended. Is the residency renewal automatic or by submitting an application?

Jawazat explained that “the extension will be done automatically, in coordination with the National Information Center, for all expatriates covered by the royal order and what was received from the Ministry of Human Resources, and for whom the work permit has been extended.”

New Features for Expats in Absher

With the launch of the new features in the Absher platform, expatriates would be able to;

  • Renew Iqama from outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Extend Exit Reentry Visa from outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Change the Iqama profession from outside Saudi Arabia.
  • Issue a final exit visa during the probation period.

However, it is worth noting that only the Kafeel can renew Iqama or extend an exit re-entry visa and issue a final exit visa for working expatriates. You can renew Iqama or extend an exit reentry visa for your legal dependents.

New Features for Saudis in Absher

The newly added features in Absher allow Saudi citizens to issue and renew the passport of their children who are under the age of 15 years online.

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