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There are several techniques that people use while cooking Japanese food or cuisine. Some of these techniques are- boiling, steaming, frying, and much more. Every technique is uniquely defined with proper details and an ingredient list. To learn more about these techniques, you need to watch some of the best Japanese Food YouTube Channels.

Whenever we hear the word food, the first thing that comes to our mind is delicious and various food categories like- Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Continental, etc. Also, it is true that Japanese and Chinese food are highly preferred by several people. 

Various Japanese Food YouTube Channels are there for every individual or family and the best of them are listed below-

YouTube Channel NameSubscribers
Yuka Kinoshita5.52 Million
JunsKitchen5.1 Million
Mosogourmet3.02 Million
Emojoie Cuisine1.87 Million
Kimono Mum862K
Tasty Japan596K
Japanese Cooking101421K

No need to worry, as every food channel involves great recipes and useful ingredients so that you won’t face any type of trouble while cooking in the kitchen.  

List Of The Best Japanese Food YouTube Channels

Top 8 Japanese Food YouTube Channels You Must Watch

I have listed down some of the best Japanese Food YouTube Channels according to their highest subscribers, views, and other things too. Some of them have fewer subscribers or views but they provide you good content with proper instructions. 

Yuka Kinoshita

This food channel has been hosted by Yuka Kinoshita since 2014. She started her YouTube channel with some indulging and simple recipes. She involved some unique food categories in her videos like- rice, soup, eggs, desserts, seafood, meat, noodles, and many more. Besides this, she usually adds her food-eating videos like Mukbangs. Her channel runs with 2.1K food videos and has 5.52 Million subscribers till now.

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  • Channel Link
  • Views– 2 Billion 
  • Videos– 2.1K
  • Joined Date– 21st of May, 2014


This amazing Japanese food channel has been hosted by Juns since 2012. His channel is filled with traditional and modern Japanese recipes. Till now he has 5.1 Million subscribers with 3 billion views overall. He involves some daily used ingredients in his recipes like- beef, meat, fish, eggs, milk, grain, and much more. 

  • Channel Link
  • Views– 3 Billion
  • Videos– 33
  • Joined Date– 12th of November, 2012


On this food channel, you all will come to know some amazing facts about Japanese cooking. This channel provides you with some unique dishes with exciting themes like- Halloween dishes, Apple pies, Desserts challenge, Easter Party Cupcakes, and many more. Mosogourmet food channel runs with 1.5k videos and has 3.02 Million subscribers till now.

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Source: YouTube
  • Channel Link
  • Views– 159, 728, 243
  • Videos– 1.5K
  • Joined Date– 23rd of January, 2009

Emojoie Cuisine

Emojoie Cuisine is one of the best food platforms where you can easily learn some basic cooking skills with proper instructions. This channel is filled with pastry recipes and you will definitely love these desserts. This channel has 1.87 Million subscribers in total with 171 food videos overall. Some cool and exciting recipes of Emojoie Cuisine are- Mille Crepe Cake, New York Cheesecake, etc. 

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  • Channel Link
  • Views– 158, 092, 762
  • Videos– 171
  • Joined Date– 21st of July, 2014


This super-delicious Japanese food channel provides you easy homemade recipes with some basic cooking techniques. The main agenda is to create good and quality-based content so that viewers will enjoy her cooking. Her channel runs with more than 800 food videos and has 917K subscribers overall.

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  • Channel Link
  • Views– 137, 688, 297
  • Videos– 850
  • Joined Date– 27th of April, 2007

Kimono Mum

This Japanese food channel has been hosted by Moe since last year. She involved some astounding and marvelous dishes with a pinch of spicy and sweet touch in them. Most of the time she cooks her food with ingredients like- veggies, fruits, nuts, grain, noodles, and many more. Her channel runs with 862K subscribers and has 66 food videos in total. 

  • Channel Link
  • Views– 51 Million
  • Videos– 66
  • Joined Date– 22nd of February, 2020

Tasty Japan

Most of us know about the Tasty food YouTube channel, right? Based on its concept and style, Tasty Japan involves some indulging food recipes with lots and lots of flavoring and amazing textures. This channel runs with 596K subscribers and has 1.4K food videos overall that are filled with a sweet and spicy touch. 

  • Channel Link
  • Views– 70 Million
  • Videos– 1.4K
  • Joined Date– 12th of October, 2016

Japanese Cooking101

This channel has been hosted by Noriko and Yuko since 2012. They both involved some delicious and mouth-watering recipes with easy-made cooking styles. This channel includes 302 videos in total and has 421K subscribers overall. If you guys want to taste restaurant-type Japanese food, then do follow this amazing food channel for the best dishes. 

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  • Channel Link
  • Views– 30 Million
  • Videos– 302
  • Joined Date– 7th of January, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What are traditional foods in Japan?

1. Unagi
2. Sushi
3. Udon
4. Onigiri
5. Tempura, etc.

What is the popular Japanese food?

Rolled sushi, sushi with rice, and hand formed sushi are the most popular Japanese food.

What is a typical Japanese lunch?

Rice bowl with noodles is the typical dish that Japanese eat during lunch.

Final Verdict

All the above-mentioned Japanese Food YouTube Channels are the best to follow and their cooking technique is very easy and understandable. If you want to give your best shot in the kitchen, then do subscribe to these channels. 

Hopefully, all your doubts get cleared after this action. Do share your thoughts with me in the comment box.


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