Jake Paul’s Betr is Here! He Turned Down $40 Offer & Raised $50

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Jake Paul, one of the amazing trending social media stars, is making the rounds on Twitter and other social media platforms. He introduced a new venture Betr. Just only one week after his enticing clash with Hasim Rahman Jr. that started at Madison Square Arena on August 6 Jake Paul’s Betr was announced. The reason behind the fighting was Hasim Rahman was having difficulty keeping within the 200-pound load capacity.

When the Paul canceled match with KSI. They both tussled blows, and it gave rise to the long clash. However, it seems it does not stop Jake Paul from discouraging him from earning money. Jake Paul along with Joey Levy is all set with their new sports venture Betr.

Jake Paul’s Betr is making the people crazy about whether the venture will be successful or not. So, let’s see and know what type of sports content will provide by Betr.

Jake Paul’s Betr & Everything About The New Venture

Jake Paul's Betr- A New Announced Venture|Turned Down $40 Offer & Raised $50

Betr is a new micro-betting sports company and the Miami-centered company raised around $50 million. This new company will offer a new type of making bets that provides immediate satisfaction to the sports fans by making separate betting services accessible during big moments in American sports, such as innings and other moments in football games.

The two segments of Betr are media and betting. Paul will handle the media division, that aims to provide innovative social events and advertisements for youthful sports fans. While Joey Levy who is the co-founder of Betr will run the betting division of the company.

Jake Paul’s media BS show will start its first episode on 9th August. Betr will come up with lots of opportunities and possibilities. After all, Jake Paul has turned down a $40 offer and raised the new sports content factory worth $50 million.

The first multimedia project from Jake Paul Betr venture is BS With Jake Paul. The former worker of Bleacher Report will be the manager of Betr media. Moreover, the $50 funds raised from different sources like-

  1. Florida Funders.
  2. 8vc
  3. Aliya Capital Partners.
  4. Traviss Scott.
  5. Ezekiel Elliott.
  6. Richard Sherman.

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What Is All About The Jake Paul’s Betr

If you want to know about the Jake Paul and Joey Levy will announce a new sports venture Betr. To know more about this, go through the video below-

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Wrapping Up

So this was all about Jake Paul’s Betr. Let’s see how this sports venture going to cater to all the needs of the sports fans. Share your thoughts in the comment section and know whether Jake paul’s Betr will be successful or not? Explore Path of EX for all the trending stuff. Have a great day!


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