Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations | How to Play the Scavenger Hunt?

Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations | How to Play the Scavenger Hunt?

Are you ready for an action-packed adventure in Roblox Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt? Whether you prefer playing as a criminal or a cop, Jailbreak has something thrilling in store for you!

In this unique and immersive scavenger hunt, you will find yourself amidst the fascinating world of prisons, inmates, and hidden treasures. The scenario is set within a fictional penitentiary, where you assume the role of a clever escape artist determined to uncover a series of enigmatic clues leading to freedom.

Whether you’re an experienced escape room enthusiast or a newcomer to scavenger hunts, the Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt promises an enthralling experience for all. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt, learn how to participate, and discover the locations of all the hidden items. Let’s embark on this exciting quest!

What is the Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt?

Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations | How to Play the Scavenger Hunt?

As an ever-evolving game, Roblox Jailbreak constantly introduces new content, from weapons and vehicles to captivating locations. Among the recent updates is the Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt, a limited-time event that’s available from July 19, 2023, to July 26, 2023. Players have precisely one week to find six hidden items scattered throughout the Jailbreak map to win the coveted SpyGlass Rim.

This special mini-event celebrates the upcoming release of new toys in the game. With its limited duration, it’s essential to act quickly and participate to claim your valuable free item!

How to Play the Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt?

Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations | How to Play the Scavenger Hunt?

Participating in the Scavenger Hunt is an exhilarating experience. To get started, download and install the game from Roblox’s official website if you’re a new player. Once you have the game ready, follow these steps:

  1. Join Jailbreak: Enter the game and become a Jailbreaker.
  2. Find the Scavenger Hunter Announcement: Keep an eye on the game chat for the Scavenger Hunter announcement.
  3. Discover the Central Location: Head to the central location of the mini-event to learn which item you need to find. This location serves as the starting point for your Scavenger Hunt.
  4. Hunt Down Hidden Items: Proceed to the locations of the hidden items and begin your search. Once you spot a hidden item, interact with it to collect it.
  5. Collect All Six Items: Repeat the search and collection process until you have all six hidden items in your possession.
  6. Claim the Spyglass Rim: Once you’ve successfully gathered all six items, you’ll be rewarded with the prestigious Spyglass Rim.

Remember, using a map to navigate and seeking help from other players when needed can be invaluable during the Scavenger Hunt. Don’t hesitate to collaborate and explore every nook and cranny of these tiny, elusive items.

Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt: Locations of All Items

Jailbreak Scavenger Hunt All Items Locations | How to Play the Scavenger Hunt?

To aid you in your quest, here are the locations of all six hidden items in the Scavenger Hunt:

  1. GhillieRifle: Located in the Gun Store. Look for it on the wall.
  2. Ice Cream: Found in three different locations – the Donut Shop counter, the Cafeteria, or the Gas Station.
  3. ClownPistol: Climb to the top of the tower or visit the Crime Base to acquire this item.
  4. BabyBottle: Search for the Dog Store, where you can find the BabyBottle.
  5. BangGun: Obtain this item from the Museum, or you may already own it.
  6. Newspaper: Available inside the Police Station over the computer desk or within the Prison.

Feel free to explore the locations in any order that suits you. If you encounter difficulty finding certain items, consider checking different locations or restarting the server. However, remember that you must collect all items again from the start.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations on collecting all the hidden items! Your dedication has paid off, and you’ve earned the Spyglass Rim. Keep in mind that you won’t receive any notification once you’ve obtained the prize. Instead, manually navigate to the garage menu to confirm your triumph.

Remember, the Scavenger Hunt is a fantastic way to explore the Jailbreak map and acquire limited-time items. Embrace the adventure, collaborate with fellow players, and enjoy the thrill of the hunt in Roblox’s Jailbreak!

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