IU’s Age And Other Facts About The Kpop Star

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IU’s age is only 28 years old but she has already accomplished a lot in her career. She became a household name when she sang the theme song of the hit K-drama series Crash Landing On You.

The song became a hit within hours of it being launched. But before that, IU already had several hit songs such as Palette, Bbibbi, and Blueming. She also starred in a number of high-rating K-dramas, namely, Dream High, Scarlet Heart Ryeo, My Mister, and Hotel del Luna. Looking at IU now, you would think that she has always lived a charmed life. But the truth is, she struggled for a long time.

IU’s Age And Other Facts About The Kpop Star

Real fans deserve to know more than just IU’s age. One interesting fact about the famous Korean singer and actress is that she used to hate herself. It’s hard to believe that someone as beautiful and talented as IU, whose real name is Lee Ji-eun, was overcome with self-hatred during her younger years. But it’s true and she revealed it herself during a recent interview.

Her self-hatred must have stemmed from her failures in life. Before she became popular, IU struggled with her career. She was rejected 20 times before she finally had a break. She even got scammed by a fake agent.

Things only changed when IU turned 25. Another thing that fans need to know about IU is that she writes her own songs. There’s a line in her hit song Palette that goes, “I think I know myself now.” She wrote those lines to mark a turning point in her life. During that time, she was able to finally accept and love herself.

The previous feeling of disappointment she is feeling towards herself has already disappeared. She finally learned to truly embrace everything about herself, both her strengths and weaknesses. Indeed, it was a realization that needed to be celebrated.

If you’re a fan of IU, then you probably already know that a lot of her songs are about her age. This is because she is amazed by the changes that she sees in herself through the years. She said that the 18-year old IU is very much different from the 23-year old IU. And this is why she felt the need to document her life through her songs.

IU has just released her fifth album and it’s called Lilac. Here’s probably another fact about IU that you don’t know. She’s a very generous woman. To celebrate the launching of her latest album, she donated a total of 100 million won to two non-profit organizations under the name IUAENA, which is a combination of her name and UAENA, the name of her fan club.

IU’s Age And Other Facts About The Kpop Star

IU’s age of 28 is still young. She can still accomplish more in her career and in her life. Despite her success, she has remained humble. When asked how she felt about being famous, she said that she just got lucky. She is also very grateful for the opportunity to make music and to be heard.


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