Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)

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The rich culture of Italians is fully embraced in their weddings. If you are getting curious, then I should probably tell you that the guests in an Italian wedding have more fun than the bride and groom themselves. Really!! How? Let’s unravel.

Any Italian wedding has more fun and laughter than you have ever heard of in your whole life. It has the best food, the best wine, some amazing traditions, and a lot of elegance. The Italian wedding traditions not only involve the bride and groom but also involve every one of the guests. But what are these traditions? How can old traditions be fun? Wait! You will have all your answers. 

The most fun Italian wedding tradition is that before the wedding night the groom is to perform a serenade under his bride’s window. To make the tradition more interesting friends and family members are called to the place while the bride is unaware of it. The motive is to wake the bride up with a romantic gesture. Isn’t it something out of a movie? But it’s pretty common for every bride-to-be in Italy. 

Just like this, there are many other Italian wedding traditions that will make your heart bloom with love. Let’s start with our article without waiting anymore. 

Italian Wedding Traditions and Customs You Don’t Know Yet

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Destination wedding in Italy

There’s no better place for love than Italy. Ohh!! The place has my heart and its weddings have me melted every time I read about them. 

Even if you are out of Italy you can still perform its super fun customs to have the same spark in your marriage. I promise you, you won’t regret any of it.

You just have to go through all these below-written Italian wedding traditions once, and you’ll also want to get married soon. 

1. Bride Cannot Look At Herself 

Before the wedding, the groom is said to stay away from his bride, especially before the wedding night. You can guess the reason, right? This tradition of not meeting before the wedding is seen among many other cultures but there’s something different to this Italian wedding tradition. 

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: AAbrides

The bride cannot even look at herself. Yes!! Shocking right??

The bride cannot even look at her reflection. She is only allowed to have a look at her reflection in the mirror even if she has to remove a glove, a shoe, or an earring. 

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Also, the bride cannot wear gold before the wedding day, as it is believed gold brings bad luck for the bride. 

2. No White For Anyone

This one is a one-of-a-kind Italian wedding tradition. No matter whether the bride is wearing white or not, no one else from the guests or family can wear white.

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Love My Dress

The bride can wear black or white according to her choice but she has to wear a veil. In Tuscany, a white wedding dress is not the fashion. In fact, it’s the opposite of it. A Tuscan bride usually wears a black wedding dress with a white hat. 

Did you expect this in the Italian wedding traditions?
Maybe not. 

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3. Groom Pays For The Bouquet

The Italians romanticize everything. Literally. From pre-wedding customs to after the wedding, everything is strategically decided. Kudos to the smart ancestors! From their homes to church, the journey of bride and groom to the aisle is full of traditions.

The last gift of a boyfriend to his girlfriend-to-be-wifey is the Bridal Bouquet.

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Good Seed Floral

What? How exactly?  

Well, the groom is to pay for the bridal bouquet. Although it is only the money that he has to pay because the bride chooses the flowers and colors she wants in her bouquet. The guy only pays. (Wait, I have heard this before somewhere)

It is the groom’s responsibility to ensure the bouquet reaches his bride. 

Kinda romantic! 

That’s not it! Italians are so much more than this. Just wait and watch!

4. Wedding Rings

The maid of honor and the best man are in the limelight throughout the wedding. They are always with the bride and groom plus they have their own roles in Italian wedding traditions. That’s exciting I tell you.

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Crocktte’s Images

Both, the maid of honor and the best man tie a ribbon across the entrance of the church hallway. It is so that everyone can know that there’s a wedding going on inside. 

But what about the rings?
Yep! Coming to it. 

To honor the couple, it is the maid of honor and the best man who buys the wedding rings. It is a common Italian wedding tradition and it still continues to this day.

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5. Strip Them For Good Luck (La Giarrettiera)

I know it sounds bizarre, but it’s fun. Hear me out. 

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: House of Elliot Lace Boots

In the 14th century, people in Europe believed a piece of a bride’s dress brings good luck. So they tried everything to get garters’ of it. (Basically stripping the bride’s dress to get a piece of cloth) With time this Italian wedding tradition evolved and it became better for the bride. 

Here’s how.

According to the now-established tradition, the groom takes the garter from the bride and throws it to the guests. Now usually brides wear garter in the legs.

Here’s the fun part, a shy bride, who doesn’t want to expose her skin, wears the garter above just above her knee so she can easily pull it down. But if the bride is not-so-shy, she can pull up the dress and the groom can remove the garter from her legs. No matter what happens this Italian wedding tradition is super fun to watch. 

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Travel Blog

But what about the groom?

Hey, no one said the groom is spared. The tie of the groom is cut into many small pieces and is put on sale there at the wedding. Crazy Customs I tell you. Anyone who wants a tie piece has to pay an amount of money to the couple and hence the custom. I am sure you didn’t expect Italian wedding traditions to be this fun.

6. Confetti in Italian Wedding Traditions

The Italian culture revolves around etiquette. As a gesture of thankfulness towards the guests, ‘Bomboniere’ is given to them for their presence at the wedding. The word means ‘wedding favors’ in Italian.

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Adobe Stock

Okay! But what’s in the Bomboniere?

Bomboniere has a present in it, usually confetti (sugar-coated almonds) covered with silk ribbons. But the number of confetti to be gifted should always be an odd number. Most probably seven. 

All of it for good luck!

7. The Groom Carries Iron

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: The Wedding Playbook

Just as the bride has to carry a sixpence coin in her shoe (In an Irish wedding), in the same way, the groom has to carry a small piece of rusted iron in an Italian wedding. But he can put it in his pockets, so there’s nothing compromising the handsome look of the groom. 

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This Italian wedding tradition is to ward off the negative energy and the evil spirits. It is said that the bride and groom can attract evil spirits because of the wedding, so it is always said to keep a little iron piece with the groom to protect him and his bride. 

8. The First Dance 

The first dance at the Italian wedding is one of the most fun experiences, as it includes not just the bride and groom but everyone else too.

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Polka Dot Wedding

Do they also do their part in the first dance? 
No. Then what?

At the first dance, guests hold colorful streamers around the bride and groom’s hands, so as to wrap them. This Italian wedding tradition is pretty common nowadays and is super fun to even watch. Imagine how fun it would be to be a part of such an interesting tradition.

9. La Tarantella

After the first dance of the bride and groom, everyone joins them and performs La Tarantella. It’s a dance that the guests perform at an Italian wedding to wish the couple happy married life ahead.

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Easy Weddings

Guests hold each other’s hands in a circle around the pair and make many concentric circles. All of this makes the day even more memorable for the couple as all of those people dance only for the bride and groom. How much fun it is for the couple to be part of such amazing Italian wedding traditions!

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10. Sunday is The Best Wedding Day

As I told you earlier, Italians are traditional people, there are a lot of superstitions associated with the Italian wedding traditions. One such superficial belief in Italians is that on Fridays evil spirits are created. Because of this common belief, no Italian wedding can be held on a Friday.

Tuesdays are also considered to be an unlucky day to marry as it is believed to cause many fights between the couple after marriage. The only best day to get married according to Italian wedding traditions is on Sunday. It is believed that marrying on Sunday will bring fertility, prosperity, and good vibes. 

Also, the best day for widow remarriage is Friday, according to Italian traditions and customs. 

11. Rice Shower on The Newly Wed

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Brenda’s Wedding Blog

The traditions don’t just end after the wedding. There are a lot more left. After the couple has been married as they are leaving the church, people shower them with rice and give them their best wishes.

It is only a symbol of best wishes to shower the bride and groom with rice right after their wedding. 

Also, rice symbolizes fertility in Greek and Chinese cultures, so it can only do good to the couple. 

12. Shatter The Glasses

Nope, the Italian wedding traditions still aren’t ending now. After the wedding, a pair of doves are released in the air. As you might already know, the dove symbolizes peace all over the world. 

Italian Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your D-Day Fun & Memorable (2021)
Source: Insider

The freedom of doves means love, peace, and happiness. Also if any tradition is somehow uncaging any bird then it is only good to perform those traditions for good.

At the end of the wedding, the couple breaks a wine glass. The more pieces it is shattered into, the better. The pieces symbolize the years this marriage endured. 

I think this tradition is only a way to tell the couple that you are now hitched forever. Just like the pieces of glass cannot be counted, your years together in the marriage cannot be counted. Ahh! Poetic! 

Wrapping Up

That was all about the Italian wedding traditions. If you want to know more about them then leave a comment below and we will be back with even more fun stuff.

Till then, share this article with your friends whom you want to get married soon.

Have a Nice Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some Italian wedding traditions ceremonies?

1. Wear no gold before the wedding
2. No glimpses before the wedding
3. The groom pays for the bouquet
4. Sunday wedding
5. Break a glass

What is Italian wedding traditional food?

The traditional Italian wedding food involves,
1. Italian Mini-Meatballs
2. Caprese Crostini
3. Seared Parmesan Risotto Cakes
4. Spinach & Radicchio Salad
5. Cacciatore Vegetables

Featured Image Credits: Destination wedding in Italy


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