Is Xbox Shutting Down In 2024: Will This Be The End Of The “Console Wars” 

Is Xbox Shutting Down

Regarding gaming consoles, nothing comes closer to PlayStation and Xbox. But the road is foggy for one of these giants. Xbox, a rival of PlayStation for the last 20 years or so, has its fans concerned about the uncertain future. Is Xbox Shutting Down in 2024?

Why is one of the largest manufacturers of Gaming Consoles in such deep Waters? Why do people think that Xbox is shutting down? It is not strange when you think about the plummeting economy and the decrease in the number of exclusives for Xbox.

So why is it that the Xbox fanatics are concerned about Xbox shutting down in 2024, Despite the assurance from the CEO himself? Let’s jump into this guide and find out.

Is Xbox Shutting Down in 2024? Xbox Vs. PlayStation

Xbox skyrocketed with the exclusive Halo in 2001, the same year it was launched. The emergence of Xbox was nothing less than a shock to Sony’s PlayStation. But is Xbox shutting down? Is it true that Xbox is dead? 

We’re unsure if Xbox is shutting down in 2024, but Microsoft has no plans to stop making Xbox consoles anytime soon.

Xbox has always been behind PlayStation by a significant margin. For 22.5 million PS5s sold last year, Xbox could only manage 7.6 million of sales. Compared to overall sales, Xbox falls behind by nearly half of the sales of PlayStation forty-eight million to 25 million exactly. Also, the number of exclusives and new releases of Sony’s Playstation is three times the total releases of Xbox.

The hopes of all the Xbox lovers depend on the Business Update Event, as announced by Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming. According to his statement, Microsoft has no plans to stop making Xbox consoles.

Why Could 2024 Be The End Of Xbox?

Is Xbox Shutting Down

The plummeting sales and the number of exclusives are only a few problems that Xbox faces. Multiple reasons made people speculate about the end of Xbox. Some of these are as follows: 

  • Getting rid of exclusivity to cover for losses.
  • More staff to recover the cost.
  • The bad manufacturing quality of Consoles.
  • There has been less number of releases over the years.

Wrapping Up 

That’s all we have about Is Xbox Shutting Down In 2024. I hope you find it helpful, and don’t forget to share your thoughts via comments in the comment section. 

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