Is TikTok Down? 5 Reasons & 5 Fixes to Troubleshoot TikTok Now!

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TikTok is among the most used and popular social media platforms today. As it is an app, it does have its limitations. It may stop working or malfunction after being in use for quite some time. Most users face potential issues while using the app and stress themselves thinking, is TikTok down? Leave your stress behind, as we have got all covered.

The significant reasons for TikTok going down are many. For example, sometimes, the server does not support the app, the server crashes, and the app brings in a lot of caches that restrict the app’s smooth functioning. However, there are easy solutions to those problems which take less than a few minutes to solve the problem.

Here we have curated the reasons first and then the probable solutions. Please look at the actual reason for TikTok going down and the causes and fixes.

Why is TikTok Down | 5 Reasons for TikTok Being Down

Is TikTok Down? 5 Reasons & 5 Fixes to Troubleshoot TikTok Now!

Right now, users reported problems on TikTok, like FYP not loading and couldn’t play videos. TikTok may malfunction or give you trouble loading. I know you are really frustrated to know is TikTok down right now. Well, these problems are general and need attention like any other technical problem you face on your phone or other devices. 

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1. The TikTok Server is Not Available

While trying to launch the app, the server may not be available. It may even make certain functions and features not work correctly. The server remains down due to maintenance or some issues in the system, which causes it to crash.

2. Cache Files in TikTok

It is common for TikTok to download cache files each time the app is launched. It happens to store data in your phone. The downloading cache also helps improve the app’s performance and service. However, the cache files sometimes corrupt the system and malfunction the app with time. They also take up space and do not allow more files to download. 

3. TikTok Gets Corrupted

The TikTok app on your phone sometimes comes with corrupted software. This software disrupts the app’s performance and stops it from loading videos. Unfortunately, such software comes into your phone while you use it for a long time.

4. Interference of TikTok VPN

Sometimes, while accessing TikTok through a VPN network, you may get a “No Network” message. Hence, you may have a feeling that is TikTok down? However, the reality is something else. TikTok blocks your IP address when they notice you use the app through a private network. 

5. TikTok Stops Working After Sharing

After sharing the video on TikTok, it may not run correctly. It happens when many cache files get accumulated in the app. Here restarting the phone and opening the app may help. If the problem persists, try to uninstall and then reinstall the app. 

Is TikTok Down? Here is How You Fix it!

The TikTok app may not function properly or the way you wish to. May you worry that TikTok is down? The app may malfunction, crash, may not open. We have listed below solutions to such problems. After checking the TikTok outage on the Downdetector website, I mentioned the solutions below. You may follow them to fix TikTok, as it will help you work smoothly.

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1. Clear TikTok Cache

When TikTok is not working, it happens due to corrupted cache data. The cache memory stores data temporarily to improve the performance of the app. When TikTok is not responding, clearing the cached data fixes it. Follow the steps below to remove the TikTok cache.

1. Launch the Settings app and click on the Apps and Notifications

2. Click to view all apps

3. Locate TikTok and open it.

4. Click on Storage and cache on the TikTok page.

5. Hit the Clear cache to erase the cached data.

6. Re-launch the TikTok app.

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2. Restart the phone

Sometimes the TikTok app gets affected by a software bug. The problem occurs when the CPU is full. Here restarting the phone will close all the running apps and refresh the memory. It takes hardly two minutes to recharge.

1. Restart the phone by pressing the power button.

2. Click Restart from the menu to reboot

Note: You may force restart your phone by holding down the power button for ten seconds, as it is done on Android phones.

3. Try using TikTok after rebooting your phone.

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3. Update the TikTok 

When the TikTok version that you are using on your phone becomes outdated, the app may not function properly. Like any app on the Google Play Store, TikTok usually rolls out updates to fix bugs and introduce new features. You may visit the Google Play Store on your phone to update TikTok. Here is the process:

1. Launch Play Store and search for TikTok.

2. Update TikTok and click on it. 

3. Relaunch TikTok after installing the update to check if it fixes the issue.

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4. Check the Network

TikTok requires a stable internet connection to function correctly. Sometimes you may be out of network coverage, restricting you from seeing recent updates. First, check your internet connection, and then use the app. You may check your internet speed and get to know the amount of data your phone is consuming. When the internet speed is slow, try to connect with another wifi network or wait for some time before using TikTok.

5. Check the TikTok permissions

TikTok requires permission to work efficiently. When you do not allow TikTok to get the relevant permissions for the Camera, Microphone, Storage, and others, in your phone then you will not be able to use it. Follow the steps below and allow TikTok to function correctly.

1. Launch Settings and go to Apps and notifications.

2. Click on the option to view installed apps, then open TikTok.  

3. Click on the Permissions tab and allow all.

4. Relaunch TikTok on your phone.

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Wrapping Up

I hope this article helped solve your problems with fixing TikTok. While using the app, you may come across quite a common situation. It happens with many other apps as well. So, do not stress yourself with the thought, is TikTok down? And how to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TikTok legal all across the globe?

No. TikTok is banned in some countries. There the app may not function the way it should.

Do I need a stable internet connection for using TikTok?

Yes. It is essential to have a stable and strong internet connection or wifi to use TikTok smoothly.

Does Tiktok go down when the app is not updated?

Yes. TikTok may malfunction in your system if the app is not updated on your phone.

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