Is this Australia’s buffest roo?

He’s got pecs of steel and a taste for roses: meet Brutus, the buffest roo in town.

Erskine resident David Macdonald managed to capture a portrait of the nearly 2m-tall beast he says has lived nearby for at least five years.

“We only see him once a month or so if we’re lucky,” he said.

“But I have caught him at night time eating my wife’s roses that we’ve got out the front.”

Camera IconDavid Macdonald photographed this friendly kangaroo affectionately known as Brutus on August 31 along Beverston Terrace, Erskine.. Credit: David Macdonald/Supplied/Supplied

Mr Macdonald remains in awe of the kanga roo’s physique.


“He’s just so muscular, and that’s why I call him Brutus.”

The hungry roo also spends some of his days grazing on the lawn at the local park.

“I’ve walked up to within 15 metres of him, and he just looks at you and carries on eating and then just slowly hops away,” Mr Macdonald said.

“He just stands out … all the other kangaroos look small compared to him.”


The photo of Brutus comes nearly two years since the death of the iconic Roger, then considered Australia’s buffest kangaroo.

Roger died at a Northern Territory kangaroo sanctuary in December 2018 at the age of 12.

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