Is Satellite Internet Good For Online Gaming?

Is satellite internet good for online gaming?

When the internet was in its initial stages who would have thought that there would come a time when we will receive the internet signals from satellites orbiting around the Earth. Even though we have premium internet services providers offering affordable plans, such as Xfinity internet plans. All our internet needs are covered easily and we do not have to worry about lagging speeds whether we intend on doing heavy online gaming or simply binge-watching our favorite series. 

Satellite internet is getting more common over time. Although it is highly recommended for the rural areas where there is a lack of the traditional internet connections’ infrastructure, it is getting popular in the cities as well. With the internet being so essential in our daily lives task, every individual utilizes it according to their own needs. In this everyday usage, the world has witnessed a rise in the area of online gaming. The trend of online gaming changes every day and there seems no end to it. However, is satellite internet good for online gaming? Well, we shall find out. But before we do what is satellite internet and also its compatibility with online gaming.

Satellite Internet

Satellite internet is a type of wireless internet that is broadcast from orbiting satellites. It’s not like land-based internet services like cable or DSL, which use wires to deliver data. Satellite internet is sometimes the only means to get online for many rural homes and businesses because it is the only internet service offered nationwide.

Radio waves are used to communicate with satellites orbiting the Earth, and this is how satellite internet works. Data is delivered and received via a communication network that begins with your device and continues through your modem and satellite dish, out to a satellite in orbit, and finally back to Earth to NOC (network operations centers). The data then goes back through this network, out to space, and back to your satellite dish on Earth, to reach your device.

Online Gaming

Any game that can be played via the Internet or over a computer network is considered online gaming. Most of the time, it refers to video games that are played via the Internet with several participants from all over the world. Gambling over the Internet, such as in an online casino or poker room, is often referred to as online gaming.

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular in the world of video games for a multitude of reasons. When playing a head-to-head game over the Internet, gamers can simply identify opponents with matching skill levels. Massively multiplayer games, in which dozens of players compete in a virtual world, are also available.

A high-speed Internet connection is usually required for an optimal online gaming experience. Proper gear will also be necessary, whether it’s a computer or an Internet-connected gaming device like the PlayStation or Xbox. 

Is Satellite Internet Good For Gaming?

We all agree on the same thing that the satellite internet does not have a very well reputation in the gaming community. Even though the satellite internet today has come a long way, the gamers prefer not to opt for the satellite internet because of the lagging and latency concerns; if you ask in a gamers’ world is a strike for the kill. 

It is true that some games simply won’t run on satellite internet. Fortunately, satellite internet has progressed to the point where it can now match cable speeds. Satellite connections can be as fast as 25 Mbps or as slow as 100 Mbps. A download speed of 25 Mbps is sufficient for a wide range of games.

It’s not just about the speed, though. Latency and packet loss are two drawbacks you’ll encounter when gaming on satellite internet. Therefore, when it comes to gaming satellite internet is not highly recommended. Terrestrial connections provide much reliable and high-speed connectivity when it comes to gaming. A terrestrial connection is a typical wired internet connection that employs a coaxial or fiber-optic link. It may sound complicated, but all it means is that the connection is established totally on Earth. 

When it comes to internet speed, a terrestrial connection often outperforms a satellite connection, which is beneficial if you download a lot of games.

Online Games Recommended With Satellite Internet

Star Trek OnlineWorld of Warcraft
Elder Scrolls VLeague of Legends
Stardew ValleyCivilization VI
DisintegrationThe Legend of Zelda

Online Games Not Recommended With Satellite Internet

ValorantPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4Counter-Strike
Apex LegendsFortnite

Final Verdict

Gamers in remote areas of the world, where terrestrial connectivity is either non-existent or non-existent, have fewer options for internet access. Satellite internet which is also referred to as VSAT is a viable solution for them to meet their gaming requirements. However, satellite internet will not be appropriate for all your online games, so it depends on your choice of gaming. However, it is suitable for many online games as some are recommended above. 

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