Is Samsung S9 5G Compatible? 2023 Updates Are Here

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Are you a Samsung fan? Well, I am! Cent percent Samsung fan and follower. Plus, a brand loyal too. The comfort that these Samsung Phones give in terms of their user interface and accessibility they are beyond comparison. Especially the S series. Its performance is commendable, and the market is coming up with new models with the latest specifications. Now, as we know that 5G is the new hashtag, the question arises, is Samsung S9 5G compatible?

Putting in simple words, 5G is transforming the world. We wake up, and what we see are technological advances here and there. So, 5g is the fifth generation of mobile phones or cellular networks. Undoubtedly, it is nearly a hundred times faster than 4G. Such technological advances create more opportunities for the propelling world and surging businesses.

As compared to not-so-older 4G versions of mobile phones, the latest and upcoming phones are 5G compatible. These might include access to various services and purchases. Nevertheless, the latest Samsung models are 5G compatible, let see is Samsung S9 5G compatible?

Is Samsung S9 5G Compatible?

Is Samsung S9 5G Compatible? 2022 Updates Are Here

No, the Samsung S9 is not 5g compatible. The inbuilt features of this smartphone are not capable to support 5G. In US & China, Samsung S9 has SD845, and in other countries, it has Exynos 9810. These specifications are not advanced enough to match 5G levels.

Why is Samsung S9 not 5G Compatible?

1. Samsung S9 is not 5G compatible as the model uses a snapdragon 845 chipset. These are Qualcomm snapdragon that do not possess 5G support hardware.
2. If the chipset is equipped with 5G module hardware, the user will receive OTA update for the 5G support.

Is Samsung S9 5G Compatible? 2022 Updates Are Here

3. Galaxy S9 is the flagship mobile phone launched in 2018, and so it has reached the end-of-life stage. This indicates that the device shall not receive any update.

4. The last updates for these phones for were processed last in March 2022.

Which Samsung Phones are 5G Compatible?

The following Samsung Phones are 5G compatible:

1. Samsung Galaxy M13 5G

2. Samsung Galaxy Z4 Fold

3. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 2022

Wrapping Up

So, here is the direct answer to the query is Samsung S9 5G compatible? The answer is no as the model’s specifications, primarily the chip cannot support a 5G connection. I have mentioned three latest Samsung devices that are 5G compatible. Besides, there are many more Samsung models that are compatible with the 5G technology. These devices are state-of-the -art top notch features and lightening fast 5G technology. For more updates on phones and technology, keep visiting Path of Ex.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation of mobile networks.

Why is 5G better than 4G?

5G is comparatively faster than 4G and has better network efficiency.

Are all Samsung phones 5G compatible?

Currently, the premium line of Samsung is 5G compatible.

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