Is No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled Due to Plagiarism Charges? Find Out the Truth Here

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Though the popular No Game No Life anime series from Madhouse Studio had a pretty great run since its arrival on Netflix last year, the show’s future is still uncertain. There are speculations that the No Game No Life Season 2 canceled in regards to Plagiarism Charges. But what’s the actual truth and story behind it? Find out below.

The famous 2014 anime had a rerun on Netflix in 2020 which gave a popularity boost to the show. This significantly high-rated Ikegai anime almost doubled down on its popularity which led more fans to demand a second installment for the No Game No Life franchise. 

The future of the highly acclaimed anime series has been under a dark cloud over alleged plagiarism charges. And so, in this article, we’ve tried to shed some light on whether the No Game No Life Season 2 canceled regarding plagiarism charges or there is something else behind the discontinuation of the legendary series.

Follow through with the article as we discuss the plotline and the allegations over plagiarism charges of one of the best binge-worthy anime.

No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled, Upcoming Plotlines, and Streaming Platforms

The NGNL animated series is an adaptation of a light novel and manga series published under the label of MF Bunko J. At a total of 10 volumes published between April 2012 and January 2018 by the collective publishing houses of MF Bunko J and Yen Press, the first NGNL season follows through 3 volumes of the novels. Read along the article to find out more.

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No Game No Life Season 1 Plot

Based on the works of the light novel (or LN) series by Yuu Kamiya, NGNL’s first season follows the plot of a step-sibling duo of Sora and Shiro. Jointly known as Blank, the duo remains as an undefeated team in the online gaming world.

No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled
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The plot gets interesting when a magical entity, known by Tet, comes in contact with the siblings. Claiming to be a God of gaming, he challenges the sibling duo to a match of chess, in which he ultimately loses. As a winning prize, Tet offers the duo to live in another reality where everything centers around games. 

Upon accepting the offer, both Sora and Shira find themselves in another world, called Disboard, where their adventurous journey kicks off as they set out to conquer all the 16 Disboard species in order to become Gods themselves. 

Will the Series ever Continue?

Since its release in 2014, NGNL has gone on to win many hearts with its gripping storyline in just a 12-episode run. Despite it being one of the much-awaited anime, the show makers have yet to renew the beloved series for a second installment. 

Is No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled Due to Plagiarism Charges? Find Out the Truth Here

Though fans got to see a spin-off movie by the name, No Game No Life: Zero, in 2017 by the production house of Madhouse Studio; there has been no official news and updates about a possible sequel from the Studio or show makers since the last six years. 

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Is No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled due to Plagiarism Allegations? 

There is possible speculation that the show might have been canceled due to plagiarism allegations against the artist behind the popular manga series, Yuu Kamiya. According to the reports by Anime Amino, Yuu Kamiya had been called out and exposed on social media by a user who claimed that Kamiya drew and traced characters similar to his own works.

The alleged similar sketches include main characters such as Stephanie Dora, Jibril, and Izuna. However, the report also suggested that Kamiya’s anime characters are not a 100% carbon copy of the alleged sketches rather just share a similarity to the character poses. 

No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled
Source: Monsters and Critics

Moreover, Kamiya came out to publicly apologize to the original artists on their website for executing similar details from their artworks and sketches. He even paid the artists for the claim that he allegedly traced the characters.

Even though the matter seemed to have been settled, it is still unclear whether Kamiya was sacked by the production house on account of the alleged plagiarism as there have been no official update and announcement regarding the matter.

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Is No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled or Delayed?

There is another angle that most people forget to pay attention to which is related to the NGNL’s author’s health condition. Yuu Kamiya has been dealing with underlying health problems which might just be the cause of the discontinuation of the legendary series. But whether the series is just delayed for later screening or simply put under wraps, that will get cleared only with an official announcement from the production studio of Madhouse.

What will be the Plotline for No Game No Life Season 2?

The sequel will likely pick up the plot from the siblings’ journey to conquer the 16 species of Disboard to usurp God’s throne as shown in the first season of the anime series.

Is No Game No Life Season 2 Canceled Due to Plagiarism Charges? Find Out the Truth Here

NGNL Season 2 will likely cover the events depicted in the LN series’ volumes- 4,5,7,8,9, and10 since volumes 1-3 were used as source materials for the first season and volume 6 was used to adapt the NGNL: Zero movie.

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Where Can You Stream No Game No Life?

To stream all the 12 episodes of No Game No Life Season 1, you can choose among the popular OTT platforms like Netflix, Hulu, or Crunchyroll. If you want to get the complete NGNL experience, you must watch the movie adaptation as well. And for that, there are not many options as Netflix is the only platform where you can stream the No Game No Life: Zero movie along with all the episodes of the first season.

Wrapping Up

With this, we’ve reached the end of our article. We hope you got some insight into the reasons that led to the show being discontinued. As for the No Game No Life Season 2 canceled speculations, we’d like to believe that the series has been delayed rather than discontinued. Comment down below with your thoughts on the NGNL’s sequel’s future.

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