Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

Meta has announced a new subscription service on the social media platform called Meta Verified. Everybody’s wondering is Meta Verified worth it or not. Meta announced this news recently, which has raised eyebrows around, especially among influencers and content creators. 

Similar to Twitter Blue, Meta Verified offers a paid subscription service that allows its users to have a blue tick next to their name on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Earlier, it didn’t go well for Twitter Blue. It faced backlash from Celebrities, influencers, content creators, and just regular consumers. Let’s find out whether is it different from Twitter Blue or not.

In this blog, I am going to give you a detailed guide for your doubt that is Meta Verified worth it. Read the article till the end to get accurate information.

Is Meta Verified Worth it?

Is Meta Verified Worth

The answer to this question is yes, and it will depend on the impact the features of Meta Verified have on you. Meta Verified offers more than just a Blue Tick. The misconception among the masses airs that the verified accounts only are the ones that are celebrities. People think that verified accounts are searched on a great scale and may have authority. Don’t worry; I will give you all the detailed information about whether is Meta Verified worth it or not.

Features of Meta Verified on Instagram and Facebook

There is a great list of features that Meta Verified offers. You definitely need to learn about the features to find out whether is Meta Verified worth it or not. Here is a list of the features Meta Verified has to offer to its users. Here is the list of features mentioned below: 

Is Meta Verified Worth
  • To Be Verified: This is the main and the primary feature that will verify that you are the real individual that you claim to be. This feature will ensure that there will be no doubt and second thoughts about your identity. You will need to verify your account with a Government Identity while subscribing.

This feature will also be very rigid to the name you have set, and you cannot name it to any other brand or authorized company. 

  • Direct Account Support: This feature is a type of life support for your account that you have from a real-life person. This can be very helpful in case of any trouble with your Instagram and Facebook accounts. This feature can be very helpful and life-saving for content creators and influencers and save them from threats to their online accounts.  

This feature is very helpful in dealing with and covering up the bugs that Facebook and Instagram have especially Instagram.

  • Increased Visibility: Instagram and Facebook offer such services with this subscription where you can help your content in reaching a great scale of feeds and online screens. This could depend on the personal interest of the account holder, but when you choose this subscription, your content will definitely be visible on a much greater scale than before. For content creators and influencers, it is worth it because the struggle to promote the reels and videos is not unknown.

This feature definitely has great value for social media artists, content creators, and influencers. 

  • Exclusive Features: This is a service that is offered by Meta Verified in which you can get Instagram stickers and themes that are not available for non-verified accounts. There are certain features that are available on Facebook that will give extra features, like animated cartoons and stickers. 

These features are definitely going to answer your question of whether is Meta Verified worth it or not. 

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How to Apply for Meta Verified?

Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

Earlier, the verified plan on these apps only meant a blue tick and some basic extra features, such as extra reach to the content, but now it’s going to be different. It is going to provide you with many more features than only just a notable profile. If you are also willing to get this subscription plan and wondering how to apply for Meta Verified. Here is how you can do so: 

For Public Figures 

Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

If you are a public figure, a celebrity, or an influencer, then you can request a verification badge on Instagram and Facebook. Well-known and well-built brands can also request the support centers of Instagram and Facebook to do the same. Then you can wait for the response from the company. Once you get verified, you can know by seeing the blue tick next to your name. The features of Meta Verified, such as the security policies and boosting reach, will be very useful and helpful for you as it will highly impact your growth scale online.    

For Commoners

Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

If you are an individual who just wants a Meta verification subscription now, you can apply for Meta Verified once it is available in your area. When the service is in working, you will need to buy the subscriptions. The pricing for Meta Verified happens to be $14.99 per month for apps and $11.99 per month on web browsers. According to the sources, it is being tested in Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

NOTE: Those who were already having these verifications done on their accounts on Instagram and Facebook will have to pay nothing.  

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Pros of Using Meta Verified 

Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

Although the feature is asking for an amount from your pocket, it surely has beneficial factors that you will definitely find helpful. Here I am going to mention some beneficial factors you will receive. 

  • Protection From Impersonation: Once your account is verified, you need not worry about the security of your account. Meta verified has proactive account monitoring for such hackers who target accounts that has a growing range of followers. Meta has not given out any information regarding the process and how they do it. This benefit will be very assuring and relieving for influencers who are at stake of online security all the time.  
  • Ability to Remove Fake account: Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed in one of his posts that if you are paying for the Meta Verified accounts, then you will have access to report for the removal of a fake and imposter account. As Meta stated, “We know the real you.”
  • Smart work Instead of Hard work: The influencers and content creators always have worked so hard and struggled to spread the reach of their content. This feature will definitely be very helpful and stress-relieving for influencers and shorts/reel creators. They can increase their network and their online social media presence. 
  • Stickers and Stars: Meta-Verified Users and subscribers will get the benefit of using the stickers and stars online on the platforms. Majorly there are stickers on Instagram and Stars on Facebook. Every Meta verified Facebook user gets 100 stars each month to support other creators. For each star you send to your favorite creator, Facebook gives them $0.01 USD. Instagram also launched the same feature this year called Instagram Gifts. 

Although after getting all the beneficial features from Meta Verified, you would still need to follow the strict community guidelines of both applications. Working online according to the policies will cause you no blockage and will never hamper your online social media functioning. 

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Cons of Using Meta Verified

Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

Along with the benefits, there are some noticeable points that can be considered in your decision making to why you should not pay for a Meta verified plan. Here are the points mentioned below: 

  • Not For Business: Meta Verified is currently not available for brands and business pages. It is only available to individual accounts and the accounts of public figures. If you want to get your brand page to grow, it might consume some time to approve it. You will have to wait longer than usual to get the approval for the initial process for brand pages. 
  • The difference in Name: If your name on the account does not match your name on the Government ID, then it might raise an issue. Meta will only support your real name on your profile. Once your profile is verified, you will not be able to change your name, Date of Birth, or Profile picture without going through the Meta verification process again. 
  • The Blue Tick: Now as the blue tick has been made available to the common public accounts, it will lose its exclusiveness. Anybody can pay for it and buy it to be next to their name. Soon it will lose all its luster. Also, this Meta Verified Blue tick does not indicate any expertise of the person in any domain, nor does it signifies any important or authoritative position. You might not feel its need simply because you may feel it is just unnecessary waste of money. 

Is Meta Verified Worth it or Not: Final Verdict

Is Meta Verified Worth It? All You Need to Know in 2023

While thinking about whether is Meta Verified worth it and deciding whether to buy it or not, you should definitely consider these points. It will help you in seeing things more clearly. After knowing all the features of Meta Verified, I have told you how to apply for Meta Verified. This information will be helpful in your decision-making for opting for Meta Verified. 

For some of you, it might hurt your public image, and for others, it might greatly cause tremendous online growth. In the end, After knowing everything, the decision is yours to make.    

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Wrapping Up

After knowing about all the possible answers for Meta Verified worth it and its features and how to apply for Meta Verified, I hope you make a wise decision suiting you. To read more such interesting and informative blogs, keep visiting our site, Path of EX.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligibility to get Meta Verified? 

The main eligibility to get Meta Verified is that you least need to be 18 or above years of age. Only individual accounts are eligible for this Meta Verified subscription plan. 

What does Meta Verified do?

Meta verified is a paid subscription plan, that allows your online account on Facebook or Instagram to have access to the features like presence of Blue tick and additional proactive security.

Is Meta Verified available in the USA?

Yes, Meta Verified is available in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. People only above 18 years of age are eligible to apply for a Meta Verification subscription.

Does being Verified gets you more followers? 

Just a simple tick mark next to your name can make a big difference when it comes to your followers. It can be very fruitful in increasing your online social presence. The main social media platform that verifies the brand is Twitter.   

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