Is Match Dot Com Free to Use| Know the Answer!

Is Match Dot Com Free | Know the Answer!

With the advent of technology, the ways and methods of dating also evolved over a period of time. Online dating has become the norm of the day. Match is one of the oldest dating apps in the fray since its inception in 1995.  In this article, I’m dealing with the question: is Match dot com free? If you want to know the answer, stay connected to know. 

Online dating has altogether shifted the dynamics of dating. Like other social media platforms, it has eliminated geographical and cultural barriers. You can connect with your possible match just by swiping your fingers.

Many users are looking for an answer to the question, is match dot com free or a paid platform? I will answer this question here. To know the answer, stay around.  

Is Match Dot Com Free?

Is Match Dot Com Free | Know the Answer!

Yes, Match is a free dating platform. It allows you to have free membership with browsing and matching features. 

The users can start their journey on Match for free and enjoy the services as free members as long as they wish. However, you can upgrade to paid subscriptions to access the additional features. When it comes to Match plans, they can be categorized into three heads.

1. Free Membership Option 

A valid email address leads you to the free membership option on Match, followed by creating a profile, uploading photos, receiving emails, and sending and receiving winks without paying even a penny. The members are allowed to send the messages to their top picks. 

There are two ways to search for potential matches. One is by searching profiles on your own, and the other is by letting the app get a match for you through the site’s matching system. Millions of free membership options are available every month. According to sources, approximately 13.5 million visitors visit the Match dating platform monthly. 

2. Seven Days Free Trial

Is Match Dot Com Free | Know the Answer!

Match offers you a 7-day free trial for all those members who are curious about the site and want to explore the additional features of the Match app to get an extra push. The features you can try in a 7-day trial period include Email read notifications, first impressions, highlighted profiles, and more, in addition to all the options available for a free subscription.  

  • Email Read Notifications: This feature lets you see when matches read your messages.
  • First Impressions: This means your profile is the first to be emailed to new members. 
  • Highlighted Profile: Give your profile a unique look so you stand out. 

3. Upgrade Your Account to Snag Special Offers

You can upgrade your Match subscription and snag special offers such as discounts, deals, and free access to its most sought-after features. Keep an eye on the opportunity to avail these features at the minimal price possible. 

Some note-worthy offers include sending free messages for a weekend and saving up to 74% on a membership. 

Wrapping Up 

It has been confirmed that Match as a dating platform has certain unique and distinctive features. You can try the basic features of the app for free, you can even opt for a 7-day trial or upgrade your subscription to try the special offers offered by the app. I have comprehensively answered the question, is Match Dot Com free? You can refer to this article to know the details. 

I hope this article will be of some help to you. In case, something is missing, you can let us know by writing in the comments section. We also look forward to your valuable feedback. You can visit our website for content like this and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q 1: Is Match Dot Com free?

Ans: Yes, Match Dot Com is free.

Q 2: What features can I try during the 7-day free trial on the Match dating app? 

Ans: Email Read Notifications, First Impressions, and Highlighted Profile, in addition to all the free features, are available for those who opt for a 7-day trial on the Match dating app. 

Q 3: Can I upgrade my Match subscription? 

Ans: Yes, you can upgrade your Match dating app subscription to enjoy the unique features. 

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