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Smriti Razdan
Smriti Razdan
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If you are very passionate about your game and your performance, then this is useful to you. You will require a good monitor to play high-speed and loaded games. Nowadays, many retailers are offering the best gaming monitors. These monitors have G-Sync technology, which is very useful for gamers. Many factors can decide your monitor performance, like response time, refresh rate, contrast ratio, and much more. So, G-Sync is also one of the factors that can decide whether your monitor is perfect for gaming or not. So, let me show you, is G-Sync worth it or not?

G-Sync can completely eliminate the screen tear without ruining the performance of your monitor.  G-Sync is not the only technology that can help you, but yes, we can say it is the most popular one. So, if you are using G-Sync, you will be relaxed because your monitor will not have any screen tears. This reason is not enough to buy a G-Sync monitor or decide whether it is worth it or not. Because G-Sync monitors are more expensive than other monitors.

It balances the refresh rate and frame rate on the computer, but you should always check out the alternatives before deciding on anything for it. I have covered all the queries related to G-Sync and VRR technology in this article. You can also learn how to enable G-Sync step by step. So, you will come to know Is G-Sync worth it or not.

Is G-Sync Worth It? 

Click here to know about Is G-Sync worth it. Use G-Sync in your PC.

Now, you have an idea of G-Sync. This is an amazing technology for all passionate gamers. However, we have to consider whether G-Sync is worth it or not. When we think about G-Sync we have to also look for one more thing, which is VRR technology. 

Basically, G-Sync technology can improve your in-game experience, but it is not free. So, it is very important to decide whether G-Sync is worth it or another VRR technology is worth it, which is also called Free-Sync technology.

G-Sync is not free. So first, you need to know everything about it so you can decide if you want to buy it or not. G-Sync monitors are much more expensive than Free-Sync because they have proprietary hardware inside. I will explain everything about G-Sync so let us discuss what G-Sync basically does.

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What is VRR?

Click here to know about Is G-Sync worth it. Use G-Sync in your PC.

To know more about G-Sync, you need to understand what VRR is because both things are connected with each other. Before you think Is G-Sync worth it, you need to think about VRR. If you regularly play games on PC and if you have played games on non-G-Sync and non- Free-Sync monitors, then you must know about ‘screen tear’. 

Screen tear means when your displayed pictures appear in two parts on the screen. Then the top portion of the screen looks slightly off from the bottom portion of the screen. This thing happens because of the graphic card. Basically, your graphic card skips the frame rate and does not sync up with the picture which your screen displays. Whenever your frame rate and refresh rates are not synced up with each other properly, your monitor tries to draw pictures on the screen, but it fails.

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A monitor receives a new frame after that for the display. So, VRR technology is very important for your PC. It checks that your frame rates and refresh rates are synced or not and avoids screen tears for you. After understanding everything about VRR, let us move forward to whether should I get G-Sync or not.

What Does G-Sync Do?

Click here to know about Is G-Sync worth it. Use G-Sync in your PC.

G-Sync technology basically uses NVIDIA hardware. There is one scaler which is inside the monitor, which helps to control the refresh rate. When your GPU is paired with NVIDIA software it can balance the refresh rate and maintain the sync process with the frame rate so that your GPU can perform better. 

If you want to use G-Sync technology on your monitor, you do not need to purchase an expensive graphic card. You should use an NVIDIA GPU of 600- series or later than that for your monitor. The graphic card is very important when it comes to G-Sync technology. G-Sync technology is not for those, who are using an older NVIDIA card or an AMD one.

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You will be happy to read that now the upgraded G-Sync monitors are compatible with AMD cards. You need to check whether your monitor is compatible with G-Sync or not for that NVIDIA provides a list of all G-Sync, G-Sync Ultimate, and G-Sync Compatible monitors. So, I hope you have an idea now of what G-Sync is, and is G-Sync worth it.

How to Enable G-Sync?

Click here to know about Is G-Sync worth it. Use G-Sync in your PC.

Now, if you are aware of exactly what G-Sync is and what does G-Sync do, you do not need to worry about fixing it up with your monitor. Enabling G-Sync is very simple; you just need two things for it: a good G-Sync capable graphics card and another one is a G-Sync monitor. In fact, NVIDIA provides a complete guide on how to enable G-Sync on your own easily. If you are still finding trouble enabling G-Sync, I have mentioned some easy steps below. 

  1. Open your NVIDIA Control Panel first.
  1. Now click on Set up G-Sync.
  1. Now choose the Enable G-Sync option.
  1. To enable G-Sync, select the name of the monitor.
  1. Now select the Apply option.
  1. Restart your PC and you are enabled with G-Sync.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have learned Is G-Sync worth it? G-Sync helps you in many ways if you love to play games. I hope you got all your answers about G-Sync and VRR. I have covered all the answers related to G-Sync so that you can buy G-Sync without any worry. It is time to wrap up now. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is G-Sync necessary for 144hz?

There is a huge difference between 144hz monitors with G-Sync and without G-Sync technology.

What does G-Sync fix?

Basically, G-Sync looks at and balances your monitor’s refresh rate with the output of your graphic card.

Does NVIDIA have the speakers?

No, it does not have any built-in speakers.


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