Sherlock Season 5 Q/As: Is Eurus Smarter Than Sherlock?

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Smriti Razdan
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Sherlock is Mr. Smart Pants when it comes to The Science of Deduction. But is he the smartest? Out of all the three Holmes, which one is the legend? Although we cannot debate on Mycroft because he’s too lazy to move his ass which leaves us to our question, Is Eurus smarter than Sherlock? Who is the actual sociopath? Let’s take a closer look. 

As the Season 4 of Sherlock ended, Sherlockians are left with a zillion questions, if not more. The last episode of BBC Sherlock unraveled the most intriguing character of the detective series, Eurus Holmes (also referred to as East Wind & the Other One). The evil-genius sister Sherlock never knew was alive. After some shocking turn of events, anyone who watched the episode became more interested in her than in Sherlock. 

Is Eurus smarter than Sherlock? When you look at the last two episodes of BBC Sherlock Season 4, you are amazed by the smartness of Eurus. The little sister is far better than Mycroft and Sherlock. Below we have discussed how Eurus is smarter than Sherlock. 

After the impact Eurus has left on the viewers, Netflix tried to bring another show,  Enola Homes, on the same theme & it wasn’t even close to BBC Sherlock’s success. This proves, there’s only one character that can do justice being Sherlock’s sister and that is Eurus. Let’s find out how.

Is Eurus Smarter Than Sherlock and Mycroft? 

Is Eurus Smarter Than Sherlock?
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Before covering the answer, you should know that Eurus Holmes’s character is not the creation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He has, not once, mentioned this character of Sherlock’s sister in his 4 novels and 56 short stories. It was a bold move by the creators of BBC Sherlock. Because they did it with such perfection, Eurus Holmes’s character will be stuck in our minds forever. 

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Eurus Holmes, played by Sian Brooke, was the one ‘secret’ of the Mycroft. He had hidden her from the world because she had the most exceptional mind. Being the youngest one out of the three siblings, Sherlock thought she died when she was a kid. He remembers little of her from his childhood. 

The striking feature of Eurus is that her skills at deception are more gifted than that of Sherlock. We find this not once but many times in the last two episodes. If we look at their childhood. It was the 5-year-old Eugene who didn’t like to indulge with friends and ‘Kidnapped’ & ‘Killed’ a friend out of loneliness. She was so smart at such a small age that she coded the location of the kid in a poem. It took years for Mycroft to even understand the lines.

Eurus is the one who has taught Sherlock violin when she was five. Child prodigy who? As exceptional as that can be there’s more to her than this. After joining Twitter for an hour she predicted the exact locations of terrorist attacks. Can you believe that? Wait! There’s more.

Eurus has another terrifying ability, something even Sherlock can never have! She can re-program the brain of anyone she talks to. Didn’t get a word? Hold on! She is the actual Sociopath. Eurus can make anyone do anything just by talking to them for a few minutes. She can even make anyone kill somebody. She is that Good! We know this because even the smartest salesperson can convince only half the number of people they contact. So now you know who’s the real OG. 

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If that’s not enough for you to know the answer to “Is Eurus smarter than Sherlock?” Read this.

When Watson asked Mycroft about Eurus, it came as a rather shock than a surprise to everybody.  

Watson: Does Eurus have the deduction thing?
Mycroft: The deduction-thing…..hmmm
              Eurus is an era-defining genius beyond Newton

That answers your question “Is Eurus smarter than Sherlock?” precisely. Eurus is intelligent and smart beyond the skills of Sherlock and Mycroft. Although Sherlock manages to keep himself and everyone alive, if it was for her, Eurus would have engulfed the whole world and then laughed about it. 

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Is Eurus in Sherlock Season 5?

Is Eurus Smarter Than Sherlock?
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Now that the makers have introduced Eurus in the scene, they cannot continue the story without her. She has such a powerful impact on the audience, that the story of Sherlock Season 5 would almost be incomplete without her. 

When Sian Brooke was asked about replaying Eurus Holmes in BBC Sherlock Season 5, she said, “It would be great, she is a character I would love to revisit. You don’t get to play these parts every day, she’s abnormal and those sorts of parts are always great.

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The 41-year-old actress knows well how precious such a character is. I mean, one doesn’t get many chances to be Sherlock’s sister every day. 

Is Eurus Holmes (Sherlock BBC) a psychopath?

Let’s begin with the fact that Eurus killed a child when she was still a child. She is beyond clever and smart. Eurus is an evil genius who can be more dangerous than any lunatic. She got out from one of the highest security places in the world, showing all the Psychotic tendencies. 

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She is deceitful, a perfect liar, and can make anyone do anything. All of this concludes that Eurus is indeed a psychopath. 

Wrapping Up

Eurus is a freaking villain that all of us would just love to make a mess in Sherlock’s life. After reading this article, now you have all the answers to “Is Eurus smarter than Sherlock?” and if she’s gonna be in Sherlock Season 5. If you have any more questions then do comment below. We will be more than happy to answer your queries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who’s the Smartest among Sherlock, Mycroft, and Eurus? 

If we talk about their smartness and capabilities then this would be the order-
1. Eurus (evil/smart hypnotic psychopath & sociopath)
2. Sherlock (high functioning introvert and genius)
3. Moriarty (extremely smart and evil sociopath & psychopath)
4. Mycroft (owns the British government., has influence over government/military power)

Who is more intelligent: Sherlock or Mycroft Holmes?

Sherlock has admitted himself many times that Mycroft is smarter than him, but is too lazy to solve anything. Mycroft’s deduction skills are better than Sherlock’s but he would rather chill than go out to use his power. So at the end, only Sherlock is the one who takes action, which makes him the more intelligent one.

How intelligent is Jim Moriarty?

Moriarty is almost equal to Sherlock, actually, both of them are quite similar in characteristics. But the reason why Sherlock is more intelligent is that his main motive is to solve crimes while Moriarty just wants to destroy Sherlock. he will never see past him which makes Sherlock his weak point.

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