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Bungie’s well-known Destiny video game series has now enabled cross-platform play, allowing players from various platforms to interact with one another. And if you are wondering, Is Destiny 2 Crossplay? Then scroll no further- all your doubts regarding destiny 2 and crossplay will be solved here.

Destiny, one of the most popular live-service games available, has captivated millions of people’s interest worldwide. Up to this point, players have been divided by their choice of hardware since the franchise began in 2014. But now, with Destiny 2 crossplay, you can now group up and grind through Destiny 2’s most recent content, whether you’re playing on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, or even Stadia.

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Here we are to assist you with the question: Is Destiny 2 Crossplay? Discover everything you need to know about crossplay in Destiny 2 – from how it worked to when it was released.

Is Destiny 2 Crossplay?

The answer to the question Is Destiny 2 Crossplay is a big “YES.” Players from all the platforms that Destiny 2 currently supports can join and play together.

Users of Stadia, Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and other platforms are, therefore, free to socialize with one another on Destiny 2. The eligibility requirements for joining a Fireteam are open to interpretation.

Is Destiny 2 Crossplay?

PlayStation players can team up with Stadia players, while Xbox owners can join PC players’ lobbies. Regardless of the platform, you can play Destiny 2. After getting the answer to your question, Is Destiny 2 Crossplay? You must be wondering when did this happen. Let’s see when Destiny 2 turns into a crossplay game.

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When Did Crossplay Arrive For Destiny 2?

is destiny 2 crossplay

With Season of the Lost, Destiny 2 crossplay was officially launched on August 24 after numerous hints.

In a blog post on July 29, Bungie stated, “Players on Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia can join fireteams to battle the Darkness together.” and cleared everyone’s doubt of Is Destiny Crossplay.

Players on all platforms can now connect invisibly thanks to the significant seasonal upgrade, which is the longest in Destiny history. You may simultaneously access all the content and activities because of the Destiny 2 Crossplay feature.

Benefits Of Crossplay In Destiny 2?

is destiny 2 crossplay

Crossplay enables you to welcome friends from all around. Mixed Fireteams have access to all activities, destinations, and future content. PVP is an important area that can cause some people to scratch their heads. Bungie clarified that gamers on consoles and computers wouldn’t automatically join each other in the Crucible.

Players on the PC must instead “particularly invite pals from the console to play with them in the PC Crucible pools.”

Everyone in Destiny 2 had to create a new name when crossplay was introduced. Your “Bungie Name” will now be used as your username across all platforms.

The Bungie Name stays in order even if you play on a console first and then switch to a PC.

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Wrapping Up

This was all about Is Destiny 2 Crossplay. Destiny 2 is among those RPGs that have always been our favorite since its launch, and the existence of Crossplay has indeed made it even better.

Anyway, I hope we have answered all your questions regarding Is Destiny 2 Crossplay. Feel free to ask any questions from us at Path of EX and share your views and suggestions in the comment

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1. Is Destiny 2 Crossplay?

“YES.” Players from all the platforms that Destiny 2 currently supports can join and play together.

2. Which Platforms Support Destiny Crossplay

PC, Xbox, Mac, and Switch are the leading platforms that support Destiny 2 Crossplay.


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