Is ChatGPT Biased? Why did Elon Musk say it is a Woke AI?

Is ChatGPT Biased?

I’ll come straight to the point. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot. AI or Artificial Intelligence is trained with texts created by humans. Moreover, AI learns from the users’ responses too. In my opinion, questions like, ‘is ChatGPT biased?‘ or ‘is ChatGPT woke?‘ are pretty easy to answer.

AI is not one of my favorite things; that’s personal. But every new AI application creates a sensation, and I get excited too. ChatGPT caught my attention just like it did yours. Oh, 100 million users in two months! The interactive, friendly, sensitive chatbot that makes you feel good and want to believe it. Have you checked ChatGPT-4 features?

Okay, I will answer your questions. Is ChatGPT biased? I’ll say it is. But how? I’ll come to that in the subsequent paragraphs of my article. I will also discuss why Elon Musk said ChatGPT is ‘Woke AI.’

Is ChatGPT Biased?

Is ChatGPT Biased?

According to OpenAI, ChatGPT is biased. In a blog post, the company mentioned that there are glaring and subtle biases in certain queries ChatGPT answers. OpenAI writes, “In some cases, ChatGPT currently refuses outputs that it shouldn’t, and in some cases, it doesn’t refuse when it should.”

Abhishek Gupta, the founder of the Montreal AI Ethics Institute, says that the lapses in outputs are a result of ChatGPT’s broad filter that safeguards it from any unsafe content. These filters accord with OpenAI’s content policy.

Abhishek Gupta further says that a chatbot without any content filter will be worse. He says users will be exposed to the “worst of the internet.”

The CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, in a tweet, said that the company was aware of ChatGPT’s shortcomings and biases.

According to OpenAI, their language model is the largest in the world. ChatGPT has 17.5 billion parameters behind its functionality. Even filters and restrictions are included in its parameters. Yet, ChatGPT, like any other AI-based chatbot, is also dependent on people’s input; from the whole world. Naturally, ChatGPT’s functionality reflects the biases of the people.

Is ChatGPT Woke?

Is ChatGPT Biased?

The whole ‘woke AI’ thing was brought to the scene by Elon Musk. He is reportedly working on an anti-woke AI that is supposedly going to defeat ChatGPT. Elon Musk says that the language models of OpenAI are trained to be ‘woke’ because ChatGPT’s safeguards prevent offensive texts.

Musk is known to be recruiting AI experts and researchers in recent times to rival ChatGPT. Not to forget, Musk is a cofounder of OpenAI. OpenAI was founded in 2015, and Musk left it three years later.

What is Woke AI?

Is ChatGPT woke?

So, we have been talking about woke or biased AI. But what it is? Woke AI is an AI that limits its responses with a lot of filters to reflect the leftist agenda of the creator. Basically, according to Musk, ChatGPT’s safeguards are woke or biased. Why? Because these safeguards prevent the AI chatbot from making offensive (sexually and racially) and controversial remarks.

Musk tweeted this: “The danger of training AI to be woke — in other words, lie — is deadly.”

What is Closed AI?

Is ChatGPT woke?

Closed AI is an AI model that keeps its source code closed. Open-sourced AI model that can be accessed, modified, and republished by anyone on the internet. There are many open-sourced AI models. ChatGPT isn’t one of them. Musk also tweeted that initially, ChatGPT was created to be an open-sourced “counterweight to Google” and that it’s become a “closed source, maximum-profit company effectively controlled by Microsoft.”

Wrapping Up

So, is ChatGPT biased? Is ChatGPT woke? There are different opinions. But in my opinion, a closed AI has to be a bit biased. Its design and development are restricted to a specific number of people. Their biases will reflect on the AI. Whatever it may be, Elon Musk is reportedly coming up with a new AI project. We don’t know what this new project brings. AI is AI. It will continue to scare me, irrespective of whether it is biased or not.

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