Is Atlas Fallen Cross Platform / Crossplay / Cross-Save?

Is Atlas Fallen Crossplay / Cross-Save?

With Atlas Fallen finally out in the open, players have questions that will decide whether they purchase the game or not. Since Atlas Fallen is multiplayer, half the battle is already won. The biggest one has to be about Atlas Fallen Cross Platform and Crossplay.

Luckily, we have your doubts answered so you can take the best parts and decide if you want to venture on this crazy journey!

Is Atlas Fallen Cross Platform?

No, Atlas Fallen is not Cross-Platform.

Is Atlas Fallen Crossplay?

Atlas Fallen is cross-platform because it can be played on different platforms, which are Xbox, PC, and PS5. So you can experience you can enjoy Atlas Fallen with your friends!

Is Atlas Fallen Crossplay?

No, Crossplay is not supported in Atlas Fallen.

Unfortunately, crossplay won’t be available for Atlas Fallen, as told by the game’s publisher. As a result, players on different consoles won’t be able to play with each other.

Is Atlas Fallen Cross-Progression?

No, Atlas Fallen is not Cross-Progression as of Yet.

There is currently no official confirmation regarding cross-progression in Atlas Fallen, and adding it may be unlikely. However, it would greatly benefit players who intend to play on multiple platforms.

Is Atlas Fallen Cross-Save?

Atlas Fallen does not support Cross-Save yet.

Sadly, cross-save also seems to be a feature we might have to long for because both Crossplay and Cross-Progression are a no-no.

Wrapping Up

So luckily, we will experience the best of Atlas Fallen with Cross-Platform but seemingly, the devs have disappointed us with no Crossplay, cross-save, or Cross-Progression. Comment to let us know what you’re most excited about in the game!

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