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The monitor can be a vital component of the enjoyment of our games, which we are often unaware of. When it comes to gaming monitors, out of all the features you may think would make a difference, color depth and response rate are probably at the top of your list. But there’s another factor that can impact your enjoyment, and that factor is the refresh rate. So, we should talk more about “Is 60Hz good for gaming or not”.

If you are not sure about whether a 60Hz monitor is good for gaming or not, then let me tell you that 60hz is a standard ratio. If you have a monitor that supports 60hz and your graphics card supports it, you’re good to go. That’s pretty much it. The only issue is that games are often made for 60hz, so if you have a cheap monitor or one from the past, chances are it won’t work correctly. Nowadays, 75Hz is also very popular for gaming monitors. There is a visual difference between 60Hz and 120Hz, so users can decide what they want to have on their monitor.

Best Windows 10 version for gaming
Best Windows 10 version for gaming

Now, you get an idea of the refresh rate and its importance in-game. For you, it is now very important to understand which refresh rate is good for our monitor and gives you good results. So, keep reading for ‘is 60Hz good for gaming?’

Is 60hz Good for Gaming | What is the Refresh Rate?

Click here to know more about Is 60Hz good for gaming. Find out which is best refresh rate good for gaming.

Have you seen those numbers on the screen while playing a game? Those numbers show the moving effect on your game and that is the refresh rate and frame rates.

It is very important for better performance. We all know that the refresh rate of a monitor determines how smooth it will look. The higher the refresh rate, the smoother the images will appear on your screen. But there’s more to know about “Is 60Hz good for gaming”.

The refresh rate (also known as Hertz) refers to how many times per second your monitor can display an image. The lower the number, the more often it can display a new frame. If your monitor has a 60Hz refresh rate, it will display 60 frames per second (fps).

If you have a 144Hz display with a 30Hz refresh rate or a 120Hz display with a 60Hz refresh rate, you’ll see those frames as often as possible. So, this was the basic idea of refresh rate, and now we will move forward with Is 60 Hertz good for gaming.

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60Hz vs 120Hz

Click here to know more about Is 60Hz good for gaming. Find out which is best refresh rate good for gaming.

When it comes to choosing a monitor, people often wonder which of the two commonly used refresh rates is best for them. The most common screen refresh rate employed by most monitors today is 60Hz. But if you look at some recent new technologies, you may also see 120Hz being used as a standard.

What are the differences between 60Hz and 120Hz? In this article, I’ll try to shed some light on ‘is 60Hz good for gaming’.

It’s no surprise that the number one question people have about a gaming monitor is whether it has a refresh rate of 60Hz or 120Hz. The answer is not as simple as you might think, though.

There are multiple types of monitors (CRT and LCD) with their own specific refresh rates, and if you choose the wrong one, it’s likely that your motion will not look as smooth as it should be until the monitor is repaired.

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People who have used higher refresh rates than 60Hz have found a huge difference in gaming, so if you have not tried that, do not feel that 60Hz is enough.

Is 60Hz Refresh Rate Good For Gaming?

Click here to know more about Is 60Hz good for gaming. Find out which is best refresh rate good for gaming.

The 60Hz Refresh Rate is an important aspect of your gaming experience. Many people ask what a 60Hz refresh rate is and how it affects gaming, so I have created this guide to explain it to you. Do you think you’ll ever get to see a gaming monitor that refreshes at 60Hz? You might be surprised, but it’s true.

There are still many high-end ultrabooks, gaming laptops, and even HDTVs that only refresh at 30Hz. So what is the advantage of actually having a higher refresh rate? And more importantly, how good would it feel to truly play at those frames per second?

If we first talk about the price difference, there is no huge difference between 60Hz and higher-rate computers. If you have a specific budget, a 60Hz monitor will give you better space and storage.

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I think you should check your PC’s framerate capabilities first. If your graphics card is having a problem performing on 60FPS, then there is no point to get a monitor with 60Hz. A high-end graphics card is not the only solution because sometimes a higher GPU can not perform at 60Hz.

If you love to play shooting games with your keyboard and mouse then having a higher refresh rate can really make your gaming experience better.

What Refresh Rate Should I Choose?

Click here to know more about Is 60Hz good for gaming. Find out which is best refresh rate good for gaming.

When deciding how fast you want your monitor to refresh, keep in mind that not all refresh rates are created equal. There are three refresh rates that are quite common. There is 60Hz (native), 75Hz, and 144Hz.

The refresh rate you choose depends on the type of games you play and how much lag you might experience or if you prefer using your mouse for aiming instead of using the keyboard, which makes no difference with higher refresh rates anyway.

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Wrapping Up

In this article, we have discussed whether Is 60Hz good for gaming. This was all about gaming monitors and refresh rates so you can choose a better monitor for you. Having a 60Hz or more refresh rate will really give amazing results in your gaming. Follow Path of EX for more tech articles and step-by-step guides. Have a great day!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a high-fresh gaming monitor?

Yes! For a better gaming experience, look for the best 4k monitor gaming monitors. It can do wonders for gamers. You get a better screen resolution, panel type, and color accuracy. 

60 Hz vs 144 Hz: which is better? 

A 60hz monitor will be enough for you if you are looking for economical monitor options. 

Which refresh rate do you choose for your gaming monitor? 

You don’t need an extra special video card to produce 60 full HD frames per second. A 60Hz monitor is a great choice for gamers. 


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