iPhone 14 Pro Battery Rumors | Everything You Need To Know

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Apple Event ‘Far Out’ will finally allow us to have a first look at the iPhone 14 series. I am really eager to watch the event. But as the event is getting closer, we are getting more updates. The latest one is about iPhone 14 Pro Battery Rumors. So, will iPhone 14 Pro models be getting a battery backup? This will add a robust feature to the iPhone 14 Pro models. Here is all you need to know about the iPhone 14 Pro Battery Rumors.

iPhone 14 will be launched at the Apple Event. As far as we know the iPhone 14 color variants are unofficially reported. The new iPhone 14 Plus will also have a bigger display. iPhone 14 series will have an iOS 16 operating system. iOS 16 will let you change the notification layout on your lock screen. You can also schedule your emails in Apple Mail in iOS 16. All Apple-supported devices will be getting the iOS 16 updates later this year.

iPhone 14 Pro Latest rumors
iPhone 14 Pro Latest rumors

So, what do we know about the iPhone 14 Pro battery? Here are the newest about the iPhone 14 Pro battery rumors.

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Rumors

iPhone 14 Pro Battery Rumors

Soon the launch of the iPhone 14 series will come to excite us, new features are being unveiled. iPhone 14 will supposedly have better battery life. Does this mean that it will have a larger battery? Yes, iPhone 14 Pro will have a larger battery backup. This also means that iPhone 14 Pro models will have an Always-On display. As we all know that Always-On displays can be draining. But a larger battery will be able to cover up the battery loss in iPhone 14 Pro models.

Other than a better battery, iPhone 14 Pro will bring an A16 Bionic chipset. Previously it was believed, that all iPhone 14 series models will include A16 Bionic chipset, but that isn’t true anymore. iPhone 14 Pro models will be getting a pill-shaped punch hole for the front camera and FaceID. Unlike prior rumors, iPhone 14 Pro will not be having a notch display. The Notch display would have made iPhone 14 Pro look more like its contemporary Android phones as well.

iPhone 14 Pro will still be one of the best iPhone models out there. This means that the prices of iPhone 14 Pro models will be on the higher end. iPhone 14 Pro can cost anything around $1,099. iPhone 14 Pro Max can cost around $1,199.

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iPhone 14 Pro Battery Rumors

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Wrapping Up

So, now you know all about the iPhone 14 Battery Rumors. If iPhone 14 Pro is to have an Always-On display, it will work well with the added battery backup. However, Apple does not confirm these updates. We can only wait till the event to know for ourselves. We will keep coming up with all the latest updates in tech. Keep visiting Path of EX!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will iPhone 14 Pro come out?

iPhone 14 Pro will be launched at the Apple Event ‘Far Out’ on September 7, 2022.

Does iPhone 14 Pro Max exist?

Yes, iPhone 14 series will have Pro models. The Pro models will have an A16 bionic chipset along with better battery life.

How much is the iPhone 14 cost?

iPhone 14 series has a starting price range of $749. iPhone 14 Max will be priced at $849.


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