iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Differences, Similarities, and More

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14

The hottest topic of the week is the new iOS 16 smartphones, iPhone 14 lineup. We see rumors, leaks, and discussions about it every now and then. iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro will be available on the market soon after the September 7 Apple event. However, the question arises, is it worth waiting for iPhone 14 or iPhone 13 is better? In this article, I have given detailed information about iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14.

iPhone 13 was launched last year. It has better features than iPhone 12. iPhone 13 is available almost everywhere. As iPhone 14 is ready to hit the market the iPhone 13’s sale saw a decline during these couple of weeks. People are confused as well as hopeful that iPhone 14 will have updated features and specs. They do not want to buy something which is going be fade away within a couple of days or weeks.

One thing is for sure when it comes to smartphones, the latest is better. However, there are many other things that are preferred over others. Let us explore the features and specs of iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Which One Is Better?

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14

Before you jump into the comparison of iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14, kindly be informed about the specs and features of iPhone 14. These are based on reliable rumors and leaks.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Models

The highlighting thing in iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 is model naming. iPhone 13 lineup has iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. There won’t be iPhone 14 mini, and iPhone 14 Plus is going to replace the expected iPhone 14, Max. This means iPhone 14 lineup will have iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: OS, Performance, and Software

Apple is expected to launch iOS 16 along with iPhone 14 lineup and other devices at the September 7th Apple Event. iPhone 14 is rumored to be using having A16 Bionic chip while iPhone 13 has an A15 Bionic chip. However, the standard iPhone 14 model may have an A15 chip like its iPhone 13. The next important thing about iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 is RAM. iPhone 14 is going to have 2GB more RAM than iPhone 13. iPhone 13 has 4GB RAM and iPhone 14 will have better and faster 6GB LPDDR5 RAM.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Display and Design

iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 look alike. The industrial design with squared-off edges, aluminum frame, and buttons is expected to be the same. However, in iPhone 14 standard model there won’t be a notch. iPhone 14 will have 6.1-inch to 6.7-inch screen sizes while iPhone 13 has 5.4-inch to 6.1-inch display sizes. The battle of iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 is at level display type, both have OLED Super Retina HDR displays. The max brightness is 800nits on both the series.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Cameras

The cameras are anticipated to be better in iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 lineup. The main camera of the iPhone 14 is expected to be 48MP. The selfie camera is also expected to have improvements like autofocus and a wider aperture.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Always-on Display

There was no feature like an always-on display in iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Though it’s unknown whether the iPhone 14 lineup will have an always-on display feature on all of its models or not. Recent CAD renders iPhone 14 Pro is going to have this feature for sure.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Battery

iPhone 14 will have improved battery backup as compared to iPhone 13. iPhone 14 has a 5G RF chip which has a lower power consumption.

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Price

iPhone 13 is affordable when we compare iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14. iPhone 13 price starts from $699 and goes up to $1,099 for iPhone 13 Pro Max’s starting price. It is expected that the price will get hiked by $100 in the iPhone 14 lineup. It will start from $799 and the starting price of the iPhone 14 Pro Max will be around $1199.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, this comparison of iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14 can be a help for you. I would confirm the specs of the iPhone 14 lineup as soon as it gets confirmed by Apple. All we have to do is wait for the Apple Event which will happen just after a few hours. I suggest you wait a day more if you are confused between iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Price and specs will get officially confirmed and I am sure iPhone 14 will be better for you. That is all for today. Keep surfing Path of Ex and stay updated.

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