9 Best iOS Emulators for PC in 2022 | iPhone Emulators that Run on Windows and Mac

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iOS applications are not meant to run on Android or Windows. It is useless trying to run them on Android smartphones or Windows PCs. But developers have hacked that gap too. They have come up with iOS emulators. This article is going to be all about the best iOS emulators for PCsout there.

Not all software and applications are developed to run on all Operating Systems. Some of them are exclusive to certain systems and cannot run on others. For example, one cannot run a Safari browser on their Android smartphone. If you want to check your Operating System’s ability and run applications from another environment, you have to let emulators do that for you.

There are 9 best iOS emulators for PC in the market right now. We will go over to them one by one for you to get familiar with them before you try them.

9 Best iOS Emulators for PC 2022 [Mac and Windows]

iOS Emulators for PC

Get one of these best iOS emulators and play games like Pokemon Go, and PUB-G on your PC. It is easy to get your hand on Android emulators. But, iOS emulators are hard to find. Some of the best iOS emulators might not be easy to use; some users might find it too technical to set up these software. Here’s a list of the 9 best iOS emulators for PC.

1. Smartface

iOS Emulators for PC

Smartface is an in-browser emulator and simulator. It supports all frameworks like Java, Swift, Objective-C Kotlin, Iconic, and many more. It allows cross-platform development meaning you can develop applications for Android and iOS on windows. With this, you can connect iOS devices to your Windows PC. Its efficiency and features are the main reasons Smartface is considered one of the best iOS emulators for PC.

  • Base price: $99
  • Platform: Windows

Download Smartface

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2. Appetize.io

iOS Emulators for PC

You can upload your app to their website which is always up to date and it will be available to stream from any website. Isn’t it what you are looking for from an emulator? There aren’t many iOS emulators for PC that are easy to use; this is one of a very few. 

You get easy access to network traffic, debug logs, and video recordings on Appetize.io. You can use it for embedding apps into HTML with an iFrame.

  • Price: First 100 minutes free & $0.05/minute thereafter
  • Platform: Windows (browser-based)

Download Appetize.io

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3. Xcode

iOS Emulators for PC

The features of Xcode revolve around developing, testing, and distributing apps across all Apple devices. It comes with a multiplatform app experience where you can code and edit applications. 

The all-new Xcode 14 is even lighter and faster than its predecessor. You can now build projects 25% faster. And all of this for free! Xcode is deserving of being called the best among the best iOS emulators.

  • Platform: Mac
  • Price: Free

Download Xcode

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4. Corellium

iOS Emulators for PC

Corellium is not a new name. It was built by pioneers of the iPhone jailbreak scene. It could be tricky to find this tool owing to its usability; the people behind it don’t want it to fall into wrong hands. 

It is mostly used by enterprises, experts, and researchers. Notwithstanding, it is also regarded as a fine iOS emulator by individuals.

  • Platform: Both Windows and Mac (browser-based)
  • Price: $99/month or $295/month

Download Corellium

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5. Delta Emulator

iOS Emulators for PC

Delta is the best iOS emulator for gamers, period. Delta, unlike earlier, can be used by users without jailbreak. You can head to its official website and learn it step-by-step. 

What you get with delta is iCloud sync, full support for all iOS devices, easy cheat code saving, controller support, a multi-system environment, and native iOS frameworks.

  • Platform: Android/iOS/Windows
  • Price: Free

Download Delta Emulator

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6. TestFlight

iOS Emulators for PC

TestFlight, owned by Apple is best used for beta testing of applications. Invite users to test your apps using TestFlight. You can invite up to 10000 users. Get your apps and app clips tested by both internal and external testers. Designate up to 100 internal testers and get your apps tested in-depth before uploading to App Store. TestFlight supports apps for all iOS and macOS devices.

  • Platform: Mac
  • Price: Free

Download TestFlight

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7. Adobe AIR

iOS Emulators for PC

Known for its exceptional services, Adobe AIR is best for testing and debugging apps. You can use this iOS simulator to develop applications in an easy and simplified UI. Developing and deploying ActionScript, Flex, and HTML-based content as standalone apps is a piece of cake for the coding wizards with Adobe AIR. Adobe and Harman’s collaboration presents to you custom versions of AdobeAIR. 

  • Platform: iOS & Windows
  • Price: Free

Download Adobe AIR

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iOS Emulators for PC

PPSSPP is a free and open-source project. As users, you are most welcome to make changes and improvements to the code. You can play your PSP games here in HD. Play your mobile games on any Windows device for an enhanced experience.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: Free

Download PPSSPP

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9. Electric Mobile Studio

iOS Emulators for PC

Emulate your iPhones and iPads on your Windows system using this tool. It entices developers with its integrated WebKit and Chrome debugging features. You can also add a hotkey navigation key to map your preferred shortcuts. It is undoubtedly a very good iPhone emulator.

  • Platform: Windows
  • Price: 7 days trial & $39.99/month post-trial

Electric Mobile Studio

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Wrapping Up

iOS emulators can be hard to find. After all, iOS is a closed-source OS. Its source code is not available to the public. Until Apple develops an official iOS emulator, you have to stick to our list of best iOS emulators. Happy coding!


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