Apple’s iOS 17 Features And Rumors That Could Come True

iOS 17 Features

Everyone is anticipating the newer iOS version, i.e., iOS 17, and there are many speculations roaming before the launch of the newest operating system by Apple. The newest rendition is expected to release in the fall of 2023, and Apple users can’t wait to get their hands on the new features bundled in the iOS 17. As we can easily see, Apple has not made any announcements regarding the launch of iOS 17. This article will give you all the information about the interesting features that might be present in the new iOS 17.

Because very few facts about iOS 17 have so far surfaced, it is indeed unknown what functionality might be abandoned. Apple software updates are usually developed in-house, so information typically doesn’t splash before we’re extremely near to a launch date.

This is in contrast to Apple’s hardware updates, which usually require multiple parts suppliers and manufacturing partners, thereby increasing the risk of leaks.

iOS 17 Features, Rumors And Release Date

 iOS 17 Features

A few speculated iOS 17 rumors features have surfaced recently. Although the information on those proposals was pretty limited, one whistleblower said an upgrade of iMessage that will open in a new tab was planned for the forthcoming software update that would include new discussion forums and perhaps even Apple’s new AR-related features.

If reports are to be believed, then the newest rendition of iOS 17 is expected to release in the fall of 2023. According to Gurman’s story from last month, Apple was considering whether it should allow third-party app stores on the iPhone, maybe in readiness for the fall release of iOS 17. Numerous different rumored iOS 17 features, such as interactive widgets and call recording, might seem more like wishlist items at this point.

Interactive widgets allow users to interact with widgets without anyone ever opening an app. However, it’s unknown how many of these capabilities are in Apple’s intentions, although iPhone consumers undoubtedly ask for them constantly. It’s also difficult to say which features would have been at risk as a result of xrOS work diverting resources because we do not really understand what is definitely planned for the upcoming iOS 17 upgrade.

The source claims that even though iOS 17 might not bring about significant advancements, the upcoming iPhone’s technology may still be outstanding. The future handsets are rumored to have the same sizes as the iPhone 14 range; however, all four versions are expected to support Dynamic Island.

The phone is rumored to transition to USB-C and powerful processors as well. According to reports, Apple will present the mixed-reality headgear during this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference in June. According to the article, the gadget may be known as Reality Pro and the system software as xrOS. Certain developers have already begun creating applications for the new Apple platform.

iOS 17 Rumors Bundles With New Features

iOS 17 features

As the ceremony is coming closer, more and more information is floating and will become more available through leaks and rumors. Moreover, when the beta version is released. Here is what I have learned thus far:

1. More Lock Screen Widgets

Whenever users try to add the widgets to their iPhone lock screen, they can utilize only two big and four mini widgets on their iPhone home screen. With the launch of the new iOS 17, users anticipate that iOS 17 will allow them to add more widgets which inturns become beneficial for them. If you wish to cover a large portion of the screen with widgets, Apple might launch the feature in their new iOS 17. You can also add widgets in iOS 16 by clicking over here.

2. Interactive Widget

 iOS 17 Features

Unlike opening an app to view the same information, widgets give data in one place, which is unquestionably more valuable. We anticipate that iOS 17 will make this improvement and enable full engagement. Consider going through emails quickly, checking things off a to-do list, etc.

3. Split Screen

Split screen

Though Apple has a feature to allow users, to multitask on their iPhone devices with the help of Fast Application Switching. However, you are not capable of splitting the applications throughout the display surface, as you can easily do this on the iPad. This is all because of the large screen possessed by the Apples Tablet and the small screen of the iPhone. If rumors are to be believed, Apple may launch this feature on its upcoming iOS 17.

4. Call Recording

Call Recording

Call Recording is one of the useful features that Apple users have been demanding for a very long time. Even though numerous other methods exist to record the calls on an iPhone, it will be very beneficial if Apple brings this feature directly into their iPhone. It seems to be less optimistic that Apple will introduce this feature in their latest iOS 17 because of the different laws that need to have adhered to in different parts of the country.

5. Third-party App Store

Third-party app

According to Mark Gurman, iOS 17 will allow users to download apps outside the Apple App Store. Although it is presently possible to jailbreak your smartphone or sideload software onto iOS, an Apple-approved solution might undoubtedly be simpler and more secure. The existence of other app shops, according to Gurman, is “meant to comply with rigorous European Union standards coming in 2024.

6. Shorter Siri Phase


This will make the users glad if Apple introduces this feature.” Apple is consistently working on a method to shorten Siri’s standard listen-to phrase so that it will only hear “Siri” instead of the “Hey” prefix. Though this feature falls under the hood of iOS 17, rumors you can’t say anything.

7. iMessage Redesign

imessage redesign

Apple is reportedly developing a brand-new rendition of iMessage that will support chat rooms and augmented reality features. This variant of iMessage is reportedly designed for a headset, according to AppleInsider (maybe the upcoming Apple VR headset).

The aforementioned are some of the iOS 17 features that might come this fall in 2023.

Apple’s iOS 17 Features And Rumors

Wrapping Up

This article discusses the upcoming iOS 17 rumors and features that may come in the fall of 2023. Every Apple user is anticipating new features to arrive to access the new and advanced features. Comment down below if you find the article insightful, and share your thoughts on the Upcoming iOS 17 features and rumors that are floating before the official launch by Apple.

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